Oct 22 2009Retractable Speed Bump Awards Slow Drivers


The Intelligent Bump is a speed bump that lowers itself if a driver is under a predetermined speed. It has no effect on me though because I drive a hovercar from the future.

Dubbed the Intelligent Bump, this clever system by Mexico-based Decano Industries actually retracts if you're "going slow enough", rewarding cautious drivers. These bumps are priced at an affordable $1,500 each.

"The system uses metal plates that measure the force of an impact against them. Cars going slow enough will cause the plates to lower, though any faster and the speed bump will remain where it is."

Listen, I hate speed bumps as much as the next person, but if I find out my state government is blowing $1,500 a pop for the things I'm gonna stop paying taxes. And by stop I mean never start. I'm flying under the radar, whee! Oh -- now I'm barnstorming! NNNNNNEEEEEAAAROOOOOOOM.

Hit the jump to see an animation of the bump in action that may or may not have contracted out to a kindergarten art class.

Intelligent Speed Bump Retracts For Cautious Drivers [techeblog]

Thanks to e., who once flew a plane through a chicken coop and didn't make a single hen cluck.

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Reader Comments

I've always found the trajectory speed bumps to be more fun

Since they're made in mexico, they should hire guys like this http://www.geekologie.com/2009/10/oh_wow_illegal_alien_halloween.php
to install the speed bumps.... then paint them to look like burritos.

those really steep ones infront of the pigglywigglys will get you tons of air


... id love to see a speeding car do a wheelie off one of these

it IS a good idea but ill probly be annoyed by it...

i imagine a youtube video of people on bicycles and stuff intentionally doing crap with them is imminent

Waste of money... I don't slow down for nothin!*
*except some stuff

Check out these painted "3-D" speed bumps they installed (painted) here in Philly.

why not take it a step further, make it set off an explosion if you are doing 1 mph over the limit, than it goes to your family's house and kills them, than it will kill your pets and your relatives, it will rape your sister and mother before killing them though, this would be an excellent deterrent...

1,500 huh? good to know were spending out momney on that important stuff like helping the poor, rebuilding home, and retractable speed bumps! We should get one of those nobel peace prizes they're handing out....

pinches gringos pendejos, 1500 pesos mexicanos son casi 110 dolares, que pendejos la verdad, saludos de un mexicano que se coje a las gringas que vienen de spring break!!

Everyone knows hoverboards don't work on water!

Anyone ever hit a speed dip? Yea it's like a speed bump only it's a long trench that dips down. I hit one of those bitches going behind a store before. Thought I fu(ked my car all up. Not to mention I sh*t my UnderRoos.

I can imagine a great new game with these. Stand on a retracted speed bump, and have a friend drive straight towards you at slightly over the speed limit. If these things really work, theoretically it should pop up and bounce you through the air just as the car goes underneath you. Who's up for trying it first? I'll drive.

Why is the video set to Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher"?

Oh yeah, an affordable $1500. An 80lb bag of concrete goes for under $10.

Looks like a good idea, until the first winter-frost freezes it in one of the positions and the bump is consequently broken by a 18-wheeler.
A similar concept was tried here in my town, and it didn't last the winter.

That's no speedbump...that's just some dude in a suit kneeling down in the middle of the road. Is THAT really gonna slow me down???

Bring on the speed JUMPS already!

What's a speed bum? A bum that moves really fast? Must be drinking RockStar instead of cheap alcohol.

Looks like a retractable liability lawsuit to me.

i've got an idea! how about no speed bumps EVER. its moronic, just watch where you're driving people. its like making people wear plastic aprons before serving them coffee at starbucks...

also, its not as if i'm not aware when i'm speeding, that's my judgment call, how about the right to make bad judgment calls?? plus, no cop, no stop ;)

also also, since when is a speed bump the major deterrent of semi-trucks hitting cars? what ever happened to the old fashioned stop sign?

actually they cost around $140 - $150 Dls. because the price you listed its in pesos

hey de little man, he be in de picture, he looky likea de Theo Pathetus Froma de Dragons den.

I've heard of a speedbum filled with water, so when you pass over it slowly, the water displaces out the wheel and you feel nothing. If you pass too fast, you feel the full impact. The bump itself is made of diferent hardnesses, the hardest for the slower reaction

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