Oct 2 2009Make Your Own Mario Piranha Plant Scarf


This is a Piranha Plant scarf made by craftster user enemyairship. Careful wearing one though, it might nip at your genitals!

Here's another Mario related project of mine...actually I just noticed that the only projects I've posted here are Mario inspired! I saw a project similar to this one on Ravelry and just had to have a go at it.

This is a Piranha Plant scarf that I made for my bf's younger sister. She's either a Junior or Senior in high school.

If you want to try knitting your own she has the pattern explained in the thread(!). I thought it was taking a stab at, but I'm no good with needles. I ended up mainlining a whole ball of yarn!

Hit the jump to see a picture of the scarf's maker modeling it.


Super Mario Piranha Plant Scarf [craftster]

Thanks to Elizabeth, who knitted a Birdo baby blanket and scarred the kid for life.

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Reader Comments

wow. OH LOOK AT THAT WALL!!! so cool

looks like that necklace is hungry for some Asian food

I'd hit it


It's important to some people.. some really lame people..


Could you be anymore subtle about advertising the tastiness of your junk?

sometimes at night i dream about cool stuff...but when i wake up i remember that it was other peoples ideas.. :(

@ 2...it does look like it's on it's way to finding the fortune in the fortune cookie!

looks itchy

i have that keyboard...

I want pokey, wiggler, "podobo"s linked together, and boo buddy scarfs! (btw, all from SMW, some never show in other mario games

I always loved me some sushi, and that lucky bastard plant gonna get some....

Damn she's hot. Oh, and yeah, that scarf is pretty sweet too. I'd hit both of em - AT THE SAME TIME!


Why the fu*k do people keep making mario crap about the freakng stupid retarded piranna plant, or what ever the crap it is!? who the fu&k cares abou what ever the crap those people do to make more pirrana plant crap - it's like a freking contest to see wich ones most retarded!?!

Must See!!!


Its head looks small...

SHould have put a pipe opening on the other end! Other then that, awesome!

Shame its in a general penis shape, other wise it would've been bad ass.


That's funny. I thought you liked penis.

meh.. i can crochet but not very well.. i've made a scarf but it would get narrow and then fat and i couldn't just keep it even. i don't use scarves anyway..

Aw man, if you check out her profile she made a totally awesome felt koopa shell! Total awesome.

good post....................................

Pls tell me you are still sharing this pattern cause it's not on Crafster and I email you lol I've been really wanting to make Mario set for my BF

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