Oct 13 2009It's Just So....Beautiful: Amazing Sand Art

This is the winner of the hit television series Ukraine's Got Talent, Kseniya Simonova, showing off her sand manipulating skills. And let me tell you, it's impressive. Almost as impressive as the time I made a three-bucket sandcastle at the beach before the ocean washed it away. DAMN YOU, POSEIDON, YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF ME!


Thanks to Joemo, Misa, Harriet and naas, who have all kicked sand in an opponent's face during a fistfight.

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Last time I drew my name in the sand box they asked me to leave the children's playground and never come back..... is that sand art?
Or maybe Pee-Pee-Caligraphy?


Not an original concept by any stretch but she's hot so she deserved to win in any case. Having Metallica in the soundtrack doesn't hurt either.

that is bull i got a mail order bride from the Ukraine and she cant cook or clean... and shes a man

You should've just put him back in the box, taped it up, then wrote "Return to Sender" on the box.

My cat just dropped a duce in her sandbox and you know what that means for the Ukraine. LUNCH!!!


actually not that impressed. This seems easy to do. Even if one does make a mistake it's really easy to fix.

Apocalyptica was the actual artist, Metallica cover.

There are some ugly people in Ukraine

Suck on that Russia!!!

Seriously though, she's hot.

Now THAT is talent. I get so sick of seeing works from lame untalented wannabes. Like that steampunk table. Really? That wasn't art at all. It was plumbing.

@4, really?
called apocalyptica. they played the Helsinki world championship in 2005.

and when was the last time u made sand art?

i've seen a sand art video like this soooooo long ago on ebaums world or something like that

Some people might say "Old, old old," but who cares... This is beautiful and the story is terrifically real. Thanks for posting :)

did anyone else catch that the last song playing was nothing else matters by metallica lol.

once again.... it's apocalyptica playing a metallica song.

Must See!!!


I'd give her an angry pelican!

phhtt. I sent in this tip months ago, but did GW use it? Nooooo.... Ouch. My heart...


Anyone know what the words she writes at the end translate to?

Actually, feist does this at her concerts too.
EVERYONE and their mom's do/does sand art.

more like sand fart.

naas, i believe that is the only appropriate response.

Nice work, Very nice indeed. Just one thing that bugs me...


were the people really crying? wow...

Why are people crying? It's just sand it's not like kitten blood. Well i guess that would be more funny but you get the point.

at 7:38 the song goes to whatever Metallica ripped off 'Nothing else matters' from

It is a sand movie! Imagine the hours and hours of practice, how much sand must be everywhere, how uncomfortable in beds and shoes and underwear. Also, her hands must be rough. But it pays off in the end. Cool.

Red Spectra - it's something like "you are always with us" or "you are always in our hearts", got it from When this was shown in the Guardian months ago.

I think people are overlooking the most important thing about this video.... That chick is hot.

That's amazing!

wow she has amazing talent

Gotta love 8:06-8:09


Hey thanks for the video.
i checked many websites that talks about sand art, and i found this one, its an amazing, which offers amazing sand art bottles:

I love it. It looks really amazing, and it looks like it really moved the crowd.
Also I like the Metallica, lol. Very nice.

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