Oct 22 2009Impressive: Ghostbusters Theme Multi-Track

This is a video of a curly haired (and sometimes shirtless) Matt Mulholland performing the Ghostbusters theme song by combining 14 separate tracks of him making noises. Now I know we've already seen examples of multi-tracking before, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, know what I'm saying? I'm saying there was blood on the mattress and they wouldn't give me a discount. Pay me, Marriott.


Thanks to Edd, who sleeps in the car on long road trips to save money.

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sup borja


I hope it wasn't menstrual blood

For some reason, I really want to see him do this to the Vanilla Ice Ninja Rap... which is odd because I can barely remember how it went.

i like em.
and wall-e is kicking ass. look at him go!

holler gangster

Bloody amazing! LOVED IT!

It sounds weirdly like this............ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDBkySeyiDo

intensely annoying


An A for effort he is the picture of self satisfaction. Go shorty; it's your birthday.

What an odd, odd little man.

words fail me too

I aint fraid a no ghost. Except Xandar, the spirit that haunts room 127 at the chicago hotel. I think he's the ghost of a crazed moroccan butcher.


now im gonna listen to "for the longest time" by Billy Joel to hear it done right

i suppose i could listen to "don't worry be happy" by bobby mcferrin

...but i wont

Are you guys kidding me? This is awesome! I freaking love it! Major love for this video.

He looks like a young Dave Thomas. (the actor, not the wendy's guy)

pretty good customizable multitrack

What tha fack is up with the freaking monkey!? i can honestly say that there are less than 10 people in the world that could do this.........oops. would* do this

When life gives you Zombies... Calling the Ghost Busters would probably just end bad. Unless of course you like watching scientists getting devoured by ravenous hordes.

@18 yes very cool except most all of the sounds have been significantly modified. Case and point: the banjo, the toy key obo or whatever it is above the banjo, etc. for real mash up music from and on youtube try:
or one of Kutiman's other mashups

Wow, this guy is my Dad's friend's nephew.

This guy needs to get laid, though I think this is funny and geeky and I prob would just because of that. GEEK!

@Sammams - yeah dude. I swear this country is actually 2 degrees of separation. About 4 of my friends know him.

This is 10000 times better than the weaksauce up today.

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