Oct 7 2009I'm Pirating All Her Songs Just To Spite Her: A Horribly Singing Robot


Yamaha's HRP-4C robot, best known for having pervs take pictures of its ass and modeling wedding dresses, can now sing song requests sent to it via iPhone. Impressive, Yamaha. I mean, if I DIDN'T SEE MORE IMPRESSIVE TECHNOLOGY AT CHUCK E CHEESE'S 20 YEARS AGO. Oooooh, burn! Seriously -- this thing, with fire. And while we're on the subject, somebody's dad touched my butt in the ballpit.

Hit the jump for a video of the robotic tramp singing terribly.

CEATEC: Yamaha HRP-4C robot adds singing to its arsenal [dvice]

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Reader Comments


Honestly man, the last thing we need is a robotic Brittney Spears....neither one can sing!!

what happened to Miku?!!?!?!?!


thats is by far the creepiest thing ive ever seen

I didn't watch the video out of fear. I can pretend I never saw this.

wtf is the point of making a whole body if all it does is nod its head ಠ_ಠ

you obviously forgot about robots that live on flesh.... thats why i wear my wristband WWJDTKFER so I'll never forget...
(what would jesus do to kill flesh eating robots...)

I don't think robotics was engineered with singing in mind, do no t want

@STOMPY welcome back, where's the beef?

Must See!!!


The beef? Oh, you mean my mom. She's around... give her a call on her cell and she'll come pay you a visit....

Omg those things creep me out. I hated dolls when I was little, so a doll that freakin sings and walks is to much for me to handle. Must go to therapy now.


Makes you miss the days when 'Tickle Me Elmo' was the most advanced entertainment robot.

totally creepy! TOTALLY

Good ol' tickle me elmo....

Crazy Japs...

id hit that shit... with a 02lb sledghammer lol

my fail, i ment 20lb sorry G-dub

No bots!

Nah nah nah DIE!


wow even hatsune miku on here is not that great.... i rather just listen to it without the robot instead of watching it somewhat fail..


so....is it anatomicaly correct? Bow Chika Bow Wow!

um, is that the mic stand behind her?

looks like bobby lee from madtv

Im gonna buy it, and then have some fun with it, and then pack it up all used, and then send it to GW. But not out of hate, just to prove that robots cannot fight back yet.

Why is there a shaft going up her butt?

I would hit that like a baseball


It's probably just a recording of a song too...


Sooo, what IS the difference between this and Showbiz Pizza (I mean Chuck e' Cheese). You can kind of tell the creator of this abomination forces himself on it. (just look at the stains on the blue dress) DNA does NOT lie! Unless it stands for Donna Nicky Anderson, in that case she is a complete liar and I was the one that broke up with HER!! Ok...that's not true.....

I'd totally have a threesome with that thing, along with the other sex robot from a while back.. maybe a foursie if GW wants to join. Come on man, it's not like they can say no...yet.

Omg that looked so fraeking hot

I would totally hit that, i wish she was part singing robot and part REAL DOLL
(google it if you dont know what i mean real doll)

i dont know i just really liked it and i wish i had one in my house, amazing,
AND no im not being sarcastic or anything, i really wish this doll came more realistic,


Oh My god, they are weaponizing music!
the RIFTS Rpg was right!
Run for the hills and befriend a juicer!

I'm 100% sure that's supposed to look like Hatsune Miku. It looks SORT OF like Miku, but the face is completely wrong.

Bad audio - I've heard the VOCALIOD - Miku program before, and it sounds a lot better than the video gives it credit for.


@31, @33:

It's not a recording of a song. Google VOCALOID for more information, but basically it's a singing text-to-speech.

What makes it different from the decades-old Chuck-E-Cheese animatronics is that this doesn't have to be programmed to move that way. The movements are based on the song being sung, instead of painstakingly programmed in one tiny movement at a time.

Which is why it can "sing" any song you tell it to.

This is how the Robotpocalypse begins...

Why did they make her pigeon toed? Is that supposed to be cute?

I felt sorry for miku during the dissapearance of hatsune miku but robot miku...well just read my name.


I am fond of technology this type of technology was really great i like it most.

And this will helpful me so i will definitely use it.

Lol, I thought the vocaloids were creepy enough without them being real.

She's a real life version of hatsune miku, one of the "vocaloids" which are a group of digitally created musical divas. It's a neat program that's for sure, like kursweill to the extreme, where you can choose different voices, and change the pitch and speed of how they say what you type in, so they can sing it.

Look up some YouTube videos of them, it's scary but cool. :3


The song is actually kinda cute except for the pitch, But the Miku Hatsune robot is freaky. =.=''

hello it's suppose to sond like that the song is called 'melt' and it's just crap quality, she actually is really good as in i got Vocaloid Miku AND Megurine

When oh when will Japan make a Maria Ozawa life-size/lifelike replica?
Why waste time on Miku who is actually just a virtual singer and should stay that way?

Japanese people are awesome. You would never see something like this in the United States. Now if someone in the US could make an F-150 that sang Toby Keith, that might be a big hit....

seems about as technologically sophisticated as iDog 2.0.

this is why the japanese can't make babies.

They'll create child prostitutes next, that's for sure

@53 Haven't heard of Idoloids, eh? lol They're like Realdolls, except made in Japan by "hobbyists", and some can be really sick. lol

people, people, its just a prototype, it may end up turning out really good

horrible! they're trying to kill miku! the original song that was created using her voice was great! but they made the song horrible and more robotic when they made the robot.
the point of vocaloids was to make them sound more human, not the other way around. yamaha completely retrogressed.

Creepy. very creepy. I want to throw a grenade at it or something.


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