Oct 4 2009I Would Totally Suck Those: Dino Ice Bones


These are dino bone shaped ice cube trays from design firm Fred. They come in Triceratops and T-Rex models and I would totally suck on either one. Unfortunately, I can't imagine these bones lasting too long in a drink. OR MY BED.

Need to dig up a clever party accessory? Look no further than our ice-cold fossils - these two assorted dinos will add the perfect Ice Age touch to your modern drinks.

OMG I've never wanted to choke to death on something so bad in my entire life!

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Thanks to Sarah, who allegedly cools her drinks with actual chilled dinosaur bones. I'm gonna raid your freezer!

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I don't want to be scared by my drink. I shall not purchase! Huzzah! God I type like a douche...


that is pretty damn cool

I would prefer that they were just dinosaur heads. Ice rib cages and tails look kind of odd. Pretty damn cool anyway.

I have this ice cube tray... Its rubbish when the cubes are all done and in the drink they dont look like bones more like twigs off a tree... These gadgets are far better for booze related fun http://www.unionversity.com/?p=18

mmm.....liquidized dino juice.... :d

——————/´ ¯/)
——--('(———- ¯~/'--')

I thought the tipster was Sarah Palin, who chills her drinks with her own frozen bones.

Scrollin down here gave my iPod an orgasm... My finger is tired...

WOW isnt there like a comment limit or something??

thats is a huge load of spam

THIS IS OLD... I saw it while i was in japan like 4 years ago. LAME!!!

@ 11

Wait...we let you back in?!? Holy cr*p! Who was supposed to be watching the borders? Dammit STOMPY!! Quit falling asleep!

Must See!!!


I already bought some Ice Invaders (in the shape of Space Invaders). Good times.

welcome you to choose

Cool! I love dinosaurs! I'm wanna be a paeleintologist when I grow up!

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