Oct 8 2009Genius!: Mug With A Cookie Holding Shelf


The Cookie Dunk Mug is a $22 beverage receptacle that also has a place to store cookies for dunking! Plus, the manufacturer isn't sidest and makes a left-handed version. High left-five!

There's "no need to juggle with a plate and cup and of course, you also save on the washing up afterwards."

If you're a lefty, fear not, this mug comes in right handed or left handed styles. Your left handed deformity will no longer hold you back from enjoying your hot beverage and cookies at the same time.

Wait -- did that say deformity? Because somebody just got their ass boycotted! I don't know who, but somebody. These things happen all the time, probably an oil company. Deformed and proud, baby! You too? Whoa whoa whoa, it's cool -- leave the bag on.

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Cookie Dunk Mug [techeblog]

Thanks to Sarene, who throws all her cookies in at once and lets them sink to the bottom. Me too -- I like them supersaturated!

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Reader Comments

i would totaly buy one of these...not for cookies, but to hide my stash.

Use it to store your space cakes as you sip on some yummy shroom tea....

This is genius, it's simply a must have!

I'll take 10

At first I thought you were joking about a 'left-handed mug', but then I realised the cookie compartment would've have been awkward.

But does it come in "left hand"?

No point in throwing cookies on the floor every time i need coffee!

would have*

Sometimes you just stumble upon a brilliant, simple, elegant idea — and this is one of those times.

Also, left-handers rule!

Totally using this to stash my throwing stars! Freakin' bastard ninjas won't ever be able to catch me off-guard at Starbucks again!!!

Don't laugh...they're everywhere.

I like big furkin cookies. This is of little use to me.

great idea, but one 'small' problem..... you can only fit about 3 or 4 thin cookies in there, 2 soft n chunky ones. I want one that'll hold a whole sleeve of oreos or chips ahoy


@8 yeah i know ninja'z always tryin to steelz yur coffee beans from ya, its despicable. also last nights new episode of south park is most likely the greatest episode ever. "billy mayes here able and willing to hop these two seats, come over there and beat your ass" epic...

All this time I have been duct taping my cookies to the bottom of my mug....uuggg

Cack-handedness isn't a deformity of the body. It's a brain abnormality. Tasks that are simple for healthy people can be quite challenging for the afflicted.

So try not to stare or laugh at cackies. Remember, don't think of them as spastic retards. Think of them as special.

Am I the only one who just takes a bowl of milk and lets oreos soak in it for a minute?

Do you know how many bags of cocaine I can stuff in that with a mug full of Redbull??? Sold.

@16 maybe..not really sure. how ever i do know that I'm the only one who takes a bowl of oreos licks the cream off and then puts the "cream" back in them, only to place them back in the box for people to enjoy.

Lefties kick righty ass. Gibson doesn't make left handed versions of all their guitars, Fender does, they win.

My cookies are either in the package they were sold in or in my mouth. I have no need to walk around with them on a shelf for later consumption.

Oh, thats naaaaaaaasssty

Lefties give the best hand jobs

@18, I'm never coming over to your clubhouse for cookies again.

I understand they're developing an in-vitro test for left-handedness. This will help reassure expectant mothers, or at least give them a choice.

Is it just me or have you done this one before?


Not THAT's what I call double-stuff!

@26 if you enjoy those you should try my chocolate stuffed oreos


its a lifestyle you all choose and its disgusting. you are all an afront to God and should be ashamed.

think of the children

....... and double stuffed porno hoes are even better!!!!!

Hey Dirty - all this time I thought Tool's 'Prison Sex' was about something completely different...now I know that Maynard was just hanging out at your crib "baking" cookiees.

Think I'll just stick to Jack & Coke at your place, bro. Surely, there are some things you hold sacred. Although I'm really not too sure it would make it any less likely for me to catch some kind of freaky disease. Oh well...that's why they invented plastic slip covers and antibiotics.

Left handers are the devil!

@31 You're the devil!

@31 & @32 you're both the devil

I'M the devil!

Can everyone just refer to the devil as the debil from now on? It'll make the waterboy's mama proud. Thx.

@35 first of all the debil would never blatently come out and say that he is in fact.. the debil
remember that his greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist (my greatest trick involves oreos)

@36, my greatest trick involves naked midgets and oreos

@36 I just watched that again last night. That flick slapped awesome's mama in the mouth!!!

I was just trying to take some of the heat off the debil. He gets a bad wrap...great guy, but has shitty taste in music and cheats at checkers.

Speaking of shitty taste...the debil is still kinda pissed about the last time he stopped by for some double stuft chocolate oreos and milk. Just sayin'...you may consider slaughtering a few virgins at midnight in his name to smooth things over. He's still sobbing and going on and on about how dirty he feels.

@35 I want to, but after seeing ba'man and 'piderman on youtube I'm not sure I can

*que drool

@38 true..true i just wished he brought hitler along so he could show me that trick with the pineapples, i here its a good one

You've GOT to let us know how you fit all those naked midgets into an oreo!! The guy is like David Blaine or some shit! Spooky. For your next trick can you please slather the naked midgets in bacon first? Thx.

Were you playin foozball at the time. Id's ok...da debil sdill lubs yoo no madder whad. That's just what kind of wonderful evil being he is.

these have been out for ages i got two of them already you used to get them free with big boxes of oreos (maybe only out here in the middle east but )it was a temporary thing,there really helpfull but i always end up braking the oreo trying to see how many i can cram into the gap
2 half seems to be the magic number

Left handers Rock!.......only 7-10% of the population is left handed but lefties make up more than 1/4 of professional athletes (eg 26% of MLB pitchers are lefties). Left handed men are on average 15% richer than right handed men. Rembrandt, Raphael, DaVinci, Michaelangelo, Matt Groening, Mark Twain, HG Wells, left handed. Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Oprah, Leno, Letterman, left handed. Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Fidel Castro, Gandhi, Albert Schwietzer, Neitzsche, Aristotle, left handed. Charlie Chaplin, Robert Redford, George Burns, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, left handed. Garfield, Trueman, Ford, Hoover, Regan, Bush, Clinton, Obama, left handed. Cobain, Collins, Hendrix, Starr, McCartney, left handed. Deniro, Henry Fonda, Gretta Garbo, Betty Grable, Cary Grant, Marlilyn Monroe, Steve McQueen, left handed. Babe Ruth, Ayrton Senna, Valentino Rossi, Pele, Spitz, McEnroe, left handed.
Jason Alexander, Jerry Seinfeld, Dan Ackroyd, Drew Carey, Matthew Broderick AND Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan, Jim Carrey, Matt Dillon, David Duchovney, Laurence Fishburn, Morgan Freeman, Mark Hamill, Woody Harrelson, Hugh Jackman, Val Kilmer, Ray Liotta, Christopher Lloyd, Gary Oldman, Ed Oneil, Brad Pitt AND Angelina Jolie, Richard Pryor, Keanu Reeves, Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone, David Spade, Mark Wahlberg, Bruce Willis AND Demi Moore, Drew Barrymore, Kim Bassinger, Judy Garland, Whoopie Goldberg, Nicole Kidman, Lisa Kudrow, Shit, im sick of typing, you get the picture.

I like that movie too.
"This cake tastes funny."
"Yeah, its got reefer in it."
"Whats reefer?"
"About $400 an ounce!"

@45 lol Valerie: Nicky!
Nicky: Valerie!
What are you doing?
I think I'm floating.
Why would you be floating?
Maybe it's because of this cake I ate earlier.

I really like this mug, but it lacks capacity. I'm no photoshopper...but this is how I would change it:


WOOW you guys are retarded, its not left handed, idiots. Its actually right handed because it wouldnt make sense to drink and let all your cookies fall out, so instead you turn it, thus making it a right handed cup AND THEN you take a sip. USING YOUR RITE HAND and keeping your cookies from falling out. FAIL guys

you know what i'd like to see? a face painted on the mug!
especially that BENDER robot from TV's "FUTURAMA."

Brilliant. Simply brilliant.


hah! don't really care if it's lefties or righties...yeah that's right folks your dear geeky Ciao is ambix.

anywho... this is a product that'll soon join me in my office. hrmm...I'll also glue on googly eyes, and a jazzy mustache ....hehe since it does look like a face pretty much.


This product of Mug With A Cookie Holding Shelf was really nice..

I would like to purchase one.

i've had one of these for over 5 years GW, you LOO-HOOOO-SERRRRRRR

And you can take that to the BANK. Purchased in Glasgow, Scotland in 2004.

ive seen it before!
my work has sold them for a while now...except its homer from the simpsons and his mouth is what holds the cookies etc...

@ 55

But yours was made out of haggis....

@ 52

Nice idea!


im LEFT handed.....
:[ those a-holes im with you GW. BOYCOTT THOSE BASTERDS

ok geekologie writer, now im almost positive you're a /b/tard.

Must See!!!


How about a donut hook opposite the handle. It's for lefties and righties and it's a one handed breakfast for us fat americans.

How the hell is being left handed a deformity? My god! Some people are right handed, and some are left handed... they are NOT deformed! Deal with it!

Sorry, I just got around to reading the archives and I only learned about Geekologie a few months back. What kind of world was I living in, and why did I not know about this site? Anyway...

I've had a mug similar to this for more than 2 years. Got it from an Oreo promo in Dubai.

They specifically said that the hole near the bottom IS for Oreos. This is so you won't make too much of a mess after dunking the Oreo, you won't have to use a plate/saucer for the dunked Oreo, and the mug is the only thing you'll have to wash after eating.

The mug even has a face drawn on the side with the hole and the hole serves as its mouth.

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