Oct 10 2009Gears Of War: A Steampunk Wedding Cake


This is a steampunk wedding cake created by Mike's Amazing Cakes in Seattle, WA and photographed by Libby Bulloff. I want to put my face in it so bad. I heart fondant!

Liz and Austin's steampunked wedding cake. The metallic gears, doors, rivets, and panels were all made of fondant and were entirely edible. This is probably the baddest-ass wedding cake you will ever see. Respect.

Best part: the cake tasted just as decadent as it looked! I had a slice of the lemon layer after photographing it.

Anybody else like the title I came up with? Thanks, I thought that was pretty clever myself. Gears Of War: A Steampunk Wedding Cake. Because marriage is like a war or something. Except mine. Mine was like GW genocide.

Hit the jump for a closeup.


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Thanks to Brian, who once made a steampunk out of wedding cake. Marinate on that one!

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Reader Comments


@1 I agree, that looks delicious

that looks so effin good!
i want some right now

i did kinda want to make a better point but i was just compelled to block anyone saying first!

Interesting design id nom that :D


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja went to a wedding and Baja got wasted and gave an embarrassing toast, then fell over and ruined the cake. She then stole a limo and crashed it into a lawn jockey which landed her in rehab.

@4 you made a great point, I do the same thing every chance that comes up. I'd still n0m n0m n0m that delicious looking cake though

Major nom action.

Damn..... that's cool.

@7 i'd nom on that like a big greek sausage

Very well done, it doesn't even look like you could eat it.

@ 9

Fake naas, I take it your mother didn't let you have the car this weekend huh, still grounded?

Did the cake die ?

steam punk is gay and ugly and not cool

Rotating gears will make nom faster. Or cut your tongue.

steampunk, more like gay....amiright

or more like
buttsex amiright?

Well, it's certainly better looking than that "steampunk" table.

@9 not even close. It doesn't even bother me because it's so pointlessly obvious you're just too young & stupid

@10 Jaded your uncanny preternatural ability to spot the fake is at the least, very impressive - well done! My pathetic impostor has do idea what I would & wouldn't say(with no surprise) and greek sausage is definitely NOT on the list

Not only are you right my jedi friend but only the real me can pay triumph to your success with a gesture such as http://www.sneeko.net/images/gifs1/111332223af.gif

@16 very true - that table was an insult to steampunkery

Looks nice but you know it probably tastes like shit.

All of this Steampunk shit makes me want to punch a dead baby. What is so great about this stuff?


Though I hate steam punk I'd nom the shit out of that thing.

Must See!!!


Looks good, but needs to be a little more ornate to really be steampunk. This would be waaay to plain for victorian tastes, but now Im just nitpicking.

@16. That table sucked major goat balls. Epic steampunk FAIL.

thats not a cake.. thats freaking real!! 0.0

The cake is definitely real -- made by Mike's Amazing Cakes in Seattle. You can also check out the couple who's cake on my original post about the cake from last week: http://offbeatbride.com/2009/10/steampunk-wedding-cake

So uh, what does it DO? I mean, why would a cake have gears?

From SPACED...

Duane: You know what they say about love and war.

Tim: Yes. One involves a lot of physical and psychological pain, and the other is war.

That about sums it up.

@5Daisy: are you serious? it would take longer to photoshop than it would to build. The shadows are weird because of the flash. it's more likely that it's not actually edible, but i've seen amazing cakes and good airbrushing, so i'm sure it's the real deal.

I'm still not quite sure what's up with steampunk style. but i wouldn't call it "gay". that's just immature.

Hey everyone! Mike's Amazing Cakes here. We made this cake, and I can assure you all that this is absolutely a real cake.

The narrow, gear covered sections are foam separators, but the large sections with the doors were cake, and definately edible. We have many more pictures on our website (www.mikesamazingcakes.com) and on our facebook page. Please feel free to check us out and see more of the Amazing Cakes that Mike and crew create!

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