Oct 2 2009Frightening: Conceptual Solar Powered BMW


This is a conceptual solar powered BMW. It may look like a fish, but it's not, it's a car, silly! Well, not a real car, cause it's only a concept. Like me. I ONLY EXIST YOUR INTERNET!

Created by 24-yo German designer Anne Forschner, the Lovos stands fo Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity. Each of those scales--which are replaceable and turn constantly to align with the sun--is covered with solar cells.

Now I'm no aerodynamicist, but that shit looks like it'll slow you down. AND I CAN'T DRIVE 55, know what I'm saying? It's against my law! The Geekologie law of awesome. Which, honestly, makes gravity look like a little bitch.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots of the craziness.






BMW Lovos Feeds On Solar Energy, Human Corpses

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I only exist your internet!


Also, awesome car. I would totally drive that to the moon.

Ridiculously hideous.

That is SLICK, i wants so hard.

Could you imagine road kill with this thing? Might stick to the panels LOL. Also people would be upset to be hit by this :P

I like it, and as long as the panels just adjust when you are driving so than it becomes aerodynamic, I could see this thing working. Imagine also when braking they could adjust to help slow you down also.

wow really going hog wild on the posts today arent he? Also that car is ugly as sin. id be afraid to polish it. slice my hand or something.

it looks so epically confusing @[email protected]


Ludicrous! This will be looked back on in the same light as the guys who strapped wings on and jumped off of cliffs pre-Wright bros.

Well I find the car interesting, it for sure adds ideas out there. Now I am looking at this interesting car, and I do have a question, umm where would you get in? There is no door, i guess it is like the batmobile in a way, but doesn't seem easy too get in.

Fail. Too many moving parts.

That thing is Fierce

how the HELL is this "Volutary Simplicity"? Its a car covered in solar god damn scales

Hello giant shrapnel grenade...


It is an interesting concept but not practical. Imagine how those vehicles will be vandalised. Imagine having to replace the individual solar panels. Besides all of that it looks like a fish infected with dropsy. Not sure what that is? Google it and I am sure you will agree.

It seems like it would restrict visibility somewhat when they unfurl.... Plus, everything concept either ends up looking like a neon, a scion box, or a mustang. If you put some work into it you could probably even prove it mathematically or figure out an algorithm for it...

do people even care about 'concept art'

Looks like a big random pile of crap mostly. Someone needs to paint flames on it or something.

where the devil is the door?


@11 & @21:

You have to vampire yourself through inbetween the panels to get inside, obviously.

Also, by looking at the top part of the car, if you were going down the highway, and a rock (like all the time) hits your car, it would hit a panel, causing the panel shards + the rock to hit other panels, and those panel shards + previous panel shards + the rock will hit into other panels.

And there's not really any point to having them on the tires because no matter what speed, they are rotating, and that means the panels would have to be turning 360-degrees (constantly, at the x times 1000 rpms) to follow the sun, and 50- through 120-degree angles outwards to properly position to the sun in the middle of the sky or on the horizon; Which in turn, if your driving while the sun is on the horizon, you should get to your house before no more solar energy to drive on.

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Must See!!!


They should call it the horny devil...two of the following reasons:
1: it looks like the lizard with the given name
2: it gets all excited when the source of light is near...hurr hurr hurr

just imagine the cost of a careash for that mother...

just imagine the cost of a careash for that mother...


1. No door
2. All the scales can get ripped off by a strong wind or if you drive fast
3. Useless in non-sunny weather
4. No windshield wipers
5. Tires are no good for winter conditions
Total = fail

uggly a fish


This is a complete photoshop job.You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max built a motorcycle in australia and towed it to utah to race it on the salt flats.

Looks impossible to wash. Like someone above said; If the scales can lay down when the car is driving/being washed, the concept could work, but not using solar power as the sole energy source.

Wow, i always usually ignore daisy, but this one is just too sweet to pass up, so i HAVE to say it:

Of course its fake, its a concept, rofl! pwnd

This BMW looks interesting.But i believe that those solar panels cannot power the whole car for now.

This is one concept artist that needs to get a new hobby....

A jerk-off for car-designers. Totally useless concept. Almost as useless as this great green concept idea:.
hundreds of tiny kytes fly up and pull the car - unless thereĀ“s no wind.
And again: FAIL!

It's still fun to look at. Which is a-okay by my book.

haha good car for running over people.. or better sticking them on your car with all the panels xD

i pity the fool who's wicked advanced dynamic artistic CoNcEpT gets mauled by the drooly dregs of the internet. Them all DUMB and FUGGLY. Go take your outlandish IDEA somewhere else, like Raytheon or Bose... Or BMW...? ....! Someplace where they pay smart/creative people good to come up with new stuff. Not like this drooly place. which wouldn't know a conceptual zephyr if it poked em in the eye.

hahahaha that thing needs some kelso corners!

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this looks like its been put into a blender =\

It's good to see extreme creativity hit the screen and as always the real one (if it was ever to be) would never look like this. an absolute disaster for the aero aspect as it will be using most of the energy to fight against it's own resistance.


those scales on the front ain't gonna win any euro N-Cap safety award for being pedestrian friendly.

Why not just make the roof a large flat solar panel? Since, theoretically, the roof will always be pointing skyward, there would be no need to rotate panels to face the sun. This "concept" looks like it would cause a lot of drag, aerodynamically speaking, resulting in an inefficient vehicle.

Honestly, when did concept designers forget about common sense. I noticed a post earlier, How do you get in? But furthermore, How the hell do change the tires? Especially without breaking a panel. More importantly, how the hell do you clean this thing? I tell ya it looks like it would be a bitch. Gonna be a lot of windex and god forbit you break one of those panels in the cleaning process.

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this is totally crazy looking. i would love to actually see this car in person.

Can this go under water. It looks like if you dare touch it, your gonna lose your finger.

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