Oct 25 2009For A Very Limited Time: Dino-Arm T-Shirts


Even while I write this the clock is ticking. There are only 13 hours left to order this shirt (or save the image so you can blow it up and print it yourself) before it's gone forever. And, because I'm slow, by the time this actually gets posted you'll probably have less than 12. $11 gets the shirt sent anywhere in the continental US via a combination of airplanes and ground transport vehicles. Get one for yourself and a lady-friend and then challenge her to a dino arm wrestling competition! Wow, did I really just hold your hand and walk you to second base? I think I did! (Don't forget to send a thank you)

TeeFury (will be a different shirt tomorrow, so order if you want it)

Thanks to two sledgehammers dennis, who BOOM....BOOM!

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Reader Comments

Epic. I so want one

Woot^ just realized i was first.

(sees a chick wearing such a shirt) heh, must be a cold room ;)

sigh make your own for less than 2$ and a old green t shirt

yay for boobs.

nathan says "Dinosaur arm nipples FTW"

I think Ill purchase one.

@#4 I agree the price of t-shirts licks mangy wolf ball.

I do appreciate the assist to second base though, GW

wait I take that back...I meant the price of tshirts in general...not this one. This is cheap shipped.


I'm so getting one.
Anyone wanna arm wrestle?
And by anyone I'm actually only referring to gw

Just picked one up for my mistress.


uhm, on the female shirt -they look like dinos grabbing her boobies.

i read somewhere that a T-Rex could actually beat a human in arm-wrestling.
their arms are only small compared to the rest of their body, they're actually three feet long

Why is it green?!? We all know that dinosaurs are PURPLE with green bellies!!

Pretty cool.

....'kay. Got one. :D

Mine arrived today and I am wearing it now.


Thought I'd drop a line first to say thanks for featuring my tee, and to let people know that it's available over at my redbubble page. Tees are printed on American Apparel, and come up quite well. You've also got two shades of green to choose from, if you're after a little variety ;o)

You can hit it up at: http://www.redbubble.com/people/simonsherry

Si Sherry

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