DO WANT: This Giant Freaking Treehouse

October 29, 2009


Where was this when I was growing up? Not in my backyard, that's where! I did have a Cabbage Patch Kids playhouse though, so there. And you know what? There was a wasp nest in the roof, but did that stop this future blogger from playing house? HELL NO IT DIDN'T.

Well, if you did find yourself fancying your childhood treehouse as the world's greatest, you may find yourself having to think again after getting to see the treehouse Horrace Burgess has built around Crossville in the United States state of Tennessee.

You start to appreciate the greatness of the treehouse Horrace Burgess has built when the figures are brought in. Standing at 97 feet in height, one agrees that the structure Horrace Burgess has built is the structure to beat, if you want to lay a claim to owning (or even having seen) thegreatest treehouse in the world.

Impressive, Horrace, but where's the 'No gurlz allowd' sign? And don't EVEN tell me you let females in that thing. THAT IS BREAKING THE SACRED BOND OF TREEHOUSE OWNERSHIP. Punishable by, um, letting me crash there for a week month. Come on, I'll eat your squirrel problem!

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures and the link to even more.






The Worlds Greatest TreeHouse
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Thanks to Lee and laux, who live in shrubhouses because they're afraid of heights.

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