Oct 23 2009Dirt Slingers!: Apple Ad Taking On Windows 7

This is a just-released Apple ad making fun of Microsoft's new Windows 7. I thought it was smarmy and, despite not knowing what smarmy means or if it's even a real word, spell check didn't say anything so I'm going with it. Also, enough with the dirt slinging, Apple. Geekologie is 100% composed on a PC. But Apple, if you're reading this: I'd be willing to try writing Geekologie on a high-end Macbook Pro. Just sayin' (contact me for shipping address).


Thanks to Kevin, who doesn't take sides because the likes the way fence feels on his butt.

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another smug apple ad

Trust me

I use PCs at work, and Macs at home. I think I still like the Macs better, but don't know if I'd shell out all the extra money for one.

Of course I don't like the 'Our products rule, your products drool' complex that Mac has, but after converting to Mac-ism and praying to Steve Jobs, I must honestly say that I haven't had nearly as many computer problems as I did with the three PCs I had owned previously.

And you have to admit, their ads are clever.

I'm actually just under a month (delayed LSDiesel, I know) before getting a mac book pro - and with that being my first mac ever I can only promise the world that I won't turn into an iDIOT mactard. I've said it before & I'm sticking to this simple thesis:

Apple computers are great machines, it's not the computers people should hate - but what it's douchebag culture does to the users

I've worked with PCs my whole life and because I know how to build, fix & program computers (mac ppl?) I don't have the infamous problems most PC users deal with

...sent from my kickass vaio laptop, customized & covered with anime & awesome

Hey kid, imma computa.... stop all the downloadin....help computa....

Ha! Yes.....Windows ME......

You know, the Apple ads might of been funny at first but at this point they are just plain annoying. I've bought Apple in the past but I wouldn't be caught dead living the iLife these days- it's quickly become a declaration of how big a tool you are. Besides, Win 7 is kind of turning out to be what I wish Vista would have been.

Whatever....PC ftw. I can't deal with the high smug levels that come with a mac.

You know...I never could put my finger on what I don't like about mac and I think that's it... they're smug show offs...

I'll stick with my pc and learn how to fix the problems if they arise

These adverts are rather patronising to say the least and personally I would not want a mac. I use them in University and to be honest a good old PC does the job for me. I prefer to use the PCs. Also to spend the rest of my money on manga and i would say dexter/house/south park etc boxsets but I also have a PC for that too!

Why do Apple always need to resort to playground tactics to sell stuff? If a product's good, surely it will speak for itself (if it did actually 'speak' for itself it would be seriously awesome)

Am I the only one who is actually put off buying Apple products simply because of their appalling approach to marketing?

Yes, their technology is good though not totally flawless, but why not play up to the strengths of their own products for a change? Watching this ad make me feel like I was back in school again, it's pathetic.

It's also wildly inaccurate. Windows is an operating system - that Mac ad was for a Mac computer. They should be advertising what their OS can do.

Try harder Apple.

The ads would be funny if they were true. To date, all of them were fiction.

And as for slinging mud, Apple has no room to talk. Their latest OS is so foul it deletes your user data if guest logs into your computer!

Not to mention OSX is a rip of Linux. Apple can't even write their own code!

Did I mention that the top two selling pieces of software for MAC are both MS related. One is Microsoft Office and the other lets you run Windows on your MAC.

You can't make this stuff up!!! ROFL

@7 bzzzzzbbeeeeebzzzzzzzZZzzzsssstssssszzZZZzzzzzz (I can't spell out the buzzing noise the guy makes)
@9 true that... IMO I think anyone who's not avid with new OS bugs should wait about a year before switching OSs. If you need to be ahead of your colleagues though & always get the new shit first because it makes you feel special, expect a bumpy ride of downloading patches and fixes when this rollout implementation runs into the inevitable snags that it will

I'm not a big fan of Mac, but I admit they are better with photoshop & cie

But since i'm a gamer and I like to custom my own thing, I prefer PC.

And on the publicity subject, I hate the mac ones, trying to bring down the other... But the PC one with the kid saying 'I'm seven and I'm a PC' that's adorable :D

Macs are safe and reliable and easy to use.
So are tricycles.

I'll stick with my PC instead of the "Elitists' Choice" brand.

Does the the exploiting of women as sex-objects in beer-ads stop any of you from drinking beer? Didn't think so. People hate mac just because 'it's cool' to hate what is 'cool'.

Grow up.

Macs are okay. I have PC personally which I'm happy with.

I just hate these Mac ads.

Have owned both, and still own both. Use my desktops mainly for surfing the web, checking email, and HARDCORE GAMING!!! That's right...suck it n00bs...u just got teh pwnage! Um...er...but I digress. Use the laptop for some light gaming, but mostly for work stuff when I'm out on the road. Mainly use the Mac for some light coding (and by "light" I mean minor), video editing, and home studio for music.

Bottom line...they all serve the purpose and all have their place. The mactards (I'm stealing your term, naas...b/c I like stealing, and I like your term) are only slightly more annoying than the PC gearheads (anyone remember when guys USED to brag about what was under the hoods of their CARS??!!). Look...we all get it - macs have less problems, and pcs can be suped up to hell and back again to overclock your everlovin' mind. So seriously...um...take it down a notch peebles.

BTW - on the weekends...all 5 machines are hummin' as me, the gf, and my boys pwn teh world!!!!FTW!!!!!!! or....we just rock out the 360, and watch a bunch of horror flix. Who's the best Dad in the world NOW?!?! That's right...and I'VE got the mug, the tshirt, AND the baseball cap to prove it!

I'm #1! I'm #1! I'm #1!


looks like apple be hating, HATE! HATE! HATE! HATE!

Macs are for people that hate computers, yet realize the necessity of owning and using one.

If I wanted to learn the inner-workings every time something broke, I'd take a computer science class. In the meantime I'll drop it off at the apple store and have someone else deal with it. Or at least I would if I had any problems.

Not smug, just don't like computers.

These ads are a lot like politics. Even more so when you realize that you're choosing between bad (conservative/PC) and worse (liberal/Mac). I'm sure you'll switch the parameters around due to your own values, but the point is that all four suck arse, and suck arse hard.


Have you ever gone into an Apple store and NOT wanted to punch every single person there?

@21 that was just beautiful, you are the greatest dad in the world. Please use 'mactard' at whatever regard you may need to also, some of these tweeting idiots have no idea how bad their own shit smells or how god damn stupid they sound when they talk

I want to come over on your next fun gaming night man, we'll geek out a LAN, clone some servers & mod the whole thing up proper before getting arrested for making too much noise

I work at an apple store and would totally be willing to give you the GW discount (-200$ sound good?)

1) I wouldn't cross the street to piss on Justin Long if he was on fire.

2) Used to own a Mac, in between owning PCs. I like tinkering with my stuff. Cracking the case and modding out my systems. Building them from ground up. PCs are much much easier for that.

3) Who really cares since most of the "modern" world now connects to the net through their phones or on their netbooks. PCs and Macs are both dead machines walking (well sitting there really).

Insert obligatory defense of mac - because I'm brand committed, y'all.


i hate apple so much

OH SNAP!!!! Apple got dem.

OH ya, so lets go into Macintosh history. With some of their amazing OS's.

Macintosh is a dumbed down less powerful piece of garbage. I have to use them for work and they piss me off royally. Vista has never failed me despite its reputation, and the leopard has crashed every single program on me and does so once a day.

Heh heh.

Still, I do have high hopes for Windows 7.

I use both a PC and a Mac. Can't we all just get along?

@Jim - OSX is based on Mach and developed at NeXTSTEP - it has absolutely nothing with Linux!

But you can't make this stuff up. ROFL

Apple, I love you. Bare my children you sexy son of a bitch.

@34, I agree. Who the hell cares? Use what works for you and stop whining about it. And stop whining about the ads too. Apple and Windows are both BUSINESSES, and as BUSINESSES they are trying to make MONEY.

These ads make me ashamed to be typing on a mac at this instant. It's like a freakin' plotical ad campaign. It's so odd, everything else about Mac seems so confident and stylish, like it sells itself. Then the televised commercials bring the whole company down to the level of Wal-Mart.

I'll take whatever I can load linux on and is the cheapest. Thank you PC for being more open.


words words words... cmon people, please limit your words to three a post...

In the end both sides are just hating eachother.

On a second note, I use my mac to stockpile files that have viruses because they don't affect my computer. I'm just waiting for someone to piss me off so I can unleash all 538 of them.

But for hardcore gaming mac sucks ass thats why I bought a PS3 haha.

What kind of idiot gets a Mac Apple tramp stamp? Here's hoping it's relevant when you get all old. A corporate logo? Really? You like a product that much?

Also, I hate Justin Long with a passion that burns with the fire of ten thousand suns. That dude is a world class tool.

@40 I use a PC and I am a 'faggy art fag' so :p

and now to install windows 7!

oh and @21 Blastphemer you are ledgendary

Macs are great if you've never used a computer before. Its the PC equivalent of a My-First-Calculator. Their products are needlessly overpriced, but those unfortunate enough to have fallen victim to the Mac syndrome are in denial as the prices for Apple gear needlessly increase. There are less expensive PC alternatives which preform much better than Macs.

All major businesses run on an IBM-PC framework. Mac has 10% of the market share, compared to MSoft's 80%+. Let's be serious, the Mac ads are designed for kids. So, its ironic that its the Mac people who always tell us other PC users to grow up... have you seen your own product's ad campaigns? LOL.

–adjective, smarm⋅i⋅er, smarm⋅i⋅est.
excessively or unctuously flattering, ingratiating, servile, etc.: the emcee with the smarmy welcome.

Taken shamelessly from dictionary.com

I have both a Macbook and a Mac Mini and - guess what - they are both running Windows 7 (Bootcamp). Suck that, Jobs!!!


Thanks & anytime
(trying to stick to stompy's 3-word-limit rule....sh1t...think I just broke it - sorry, stompy)

naas - you pick the game...i'll pick the wee...er...booze. No need to worry about the neighbors...I killed them all a long time ago and made the coolest furniture EVER! Ditto on the tweetards (one right back at ya), but I'll confess to thinking it can be kinda funny sometimes in the right context (aka any time I find it useful).

@30, nice stamp. iStamp? You're branded.

@24, it's about class divide and resentment, and reminiscent of tactics used by both parties in the past. Except the Mac ads appeal to our desire to be better and different, while political parties appeal to the part of us that hates the elites for being lucky and arrogant. It worked for the Dems starting with FDR (resentment of the rich), and then for the Repubs, starting with McCarthy and Nixon (communism), strengthening with Civil Rights (racism), and culminating with Reagan (religion), or possibly W (terror, anti-intellectualism).

The problem with these campaigns is the inherent hypocrisy. Apple should take note.

I still think the only reason mac is more reliable is because no one cares to make viruses for them, or has the money to. They would rather stick with their You Tube video's on how to create a virus, copy and paste it all. I think we just need to start telling everyone how to crash a mac!

seriously these commercials are nuts....

the PC ones where they pay for the people PC when they buy it instead of getting a mac makes their product seem way better...

That's funny -- I'm the exact opposite. Macs at work, PCs at home. To be more specific, Macs at work for the designer-types who only know how to operate the "on" button and Windows Server velociraptor machines to make the whole process hum along. I like them both. These commercials make me feel icky about Apple, though. I don't like smugness.


I know, right? It's true...I make people want to throw themselves from ledges.

Seriously though (ps. that's usually how you can tell a joke is coming), I'm just a level 37 human, who's 81% to level 38 = not quite a n00b, but still not l337 (like my level 84 human grandfather that can still pwn teh n00bz!!!). Now that I've found a place on the intertubez that is constantly full of as much awesome as I am....I just let me geekflag fly. Thanks GW (and all you other guys and gals who make me laugh every day). Now then....WHERE IS THE FUDGIN GEEK-O GEAR ALREADY?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean...what?

My pc is bigger and weighs more and therefore will do more damage when I slam it down on top of your wussie mac wimpbook. That's why it's better.

@43 geez chill out, it's funny

Hey Rodz - me too! I love my mac with Bootcamp. Our CEO bought it to be stylish, but as Harold^Sick pointed out, it would be practically impossible to use for our company (can you say file server? user rights?) so I ended up with a swanky imac with good ol' Windows. :-)

I did have a "real" Mac, though, back in 2000 - it was indeed my first computer and I loved it because it was so simple and easy to understand (back then I probably didn't know the difference between a file and a folder). They had better ad campaigns back then, though, too. At the time it was "set up your computer in just 3 easy steps: 1 plug it in... 2 turn it on... 3... there's no three."

Wow, hopefully someday I can be cool and pay $1900 US dollars for laptop consisting of 2GBs of DDR SDRAM, a 1.5 GHz Intel NothingCore, and software that is more aesthetic than functional, and still feel like I made a great purchase just because Apple prices it's hardware out of the majority of the current hacker market.

@59 Wow hopefully everybody could be able to pay for that someday, but for the time being I guess they will have to settle with paying only $1400 for a laptop with 4GB DDR3 RAM a 2.3 GHz intel dual core and 350GB HDD.

It's certainly not as good as a pc for the same price but still better than what you were saying.

Windows XP was awesome.

Anyone who's ever used it would know this ad would be smart to keep from ripping on it.

I'm a PC and my computer can actually play games.



Apple! Suck it!

Pretty much says it all:


Computers aren't for playing games, that's consoles you're thinking of. We're not all 14 year old basement junkies remember.

Anyway I agree, lets all get along, who cares what you choose to use? Personally I much prefer mac ... I'm by no means a light user and have built PCs in the past ... still prefer macs; its my preference. I also prefer boxer shorts, and sitting on sofa compared to wooden chairs. I don't see d**khead y-front wearers shouting "EEUGH but yours are looser, you're such a shortard, your products popular and actually looks good so that makes it bad and hatable!! And you paid 10% more for them you IDIOT!!! HAHA ROFL" (some perspective for you people, that ones for free).

Mac lovers 'generally' only express their love of their product in defence; and there's something about a minority that really pisses the majority off ... check history and social psychology.

On the subject of the ads ye, they're little cheap in that they should be boasting about their superior performance, reliability and build quality, not crapping on the competition. However its an aggressive market and these are hard times ... its a business not a religion ... no need to get so personally offended ... unless of course ... you helped build windows 7?.

Let's all get on with our days. Yours on your PC and mine on my Mac ... see, it's easy.

apples run just as slow or fast as a pc. had a mac pro in the past and got rid of it because it really wasn't any better than a pc. have a mac mini because i need rapidweaver. the mini constantly needs to be restarted. less trouble if i shut it off than letting it sleep. i have two other friends who have had the same problem, all bought from different stores. eat shit apple!

Smarmy is a great Jim Norton/Bob Kelly word

I'm actually in the market for a new computer, and I was sort of leaning in the direction of a mac, but then I watched this and decided I'll just build a PC. Smugness really doesn't "do it for me" - Plus I'll save money.

Guess I have to come up for the Mac, else no-one else will. Their stuff is generally great, sometimes a bit slow at doing things that they should do quickly (why the hell does the "super drive" take so damn long to cut DVD's?), but the stuff that's annoying and clunky on a PC is just so damn smooth on a Mac ("add new network connection"?! Kiss my arse!).

MS should have stopped developing new OS's at XP; just put out updates every so often or whatever.

Also, to the idjit somewhere above me: Mac OS is based on Unix, not Linux, Einstein.

they do have a point though.
Microsoft keeping using the same selling point. 'its not going to have the same problem as the last OS.

Macs are superior in every way. People who use Macs are smarter than people who use PCs. It's not just about technology. It's a class war issue. PC users are the Plebeian troglodytes of the computer world, slaving away in their 9 to 5 cubicles. Mac users are the Patricians, creating great film and art and music. Linux users are the barbarian hoard at the gate, planning the overthrow over governments from their mother's basements. Accept your place at the bottom, PC users. The only reason you complain about Mac prices is because you are too poor to buy one.

@5 I love how you complain about douche bags, then proceed to make one of yourself in the very next paragraph.


I used a PC until it got some sort of horrible downloaded spyware and I decided to go out the next day and buy a Mac. Thank God I did. PC's are pieces... I will never own one again.

Mac's just WORK, which is what I want. Haven't had a problem once.

Anyone with the inclination to do a few seconds of searching can fix any problems that happen on a pc.

Mac's are fine but not for the price you get them at. The pc garners a competitive price market where users can even build there own if they want. Mac's have a hard price that you are stuck with.

Mac users are fags. Simple.

I have a $400 pc laptop with firefox, gmail, and viper defense. it does everything i need. why do i need to be a poser and go buy a mac?

the iphone sucks too.

@76: I don't get it. Can't see the wood for the trees much? My Mac also has Firefox (and Safari, which is better) and gmail, it just doesn't have crappy "Viper Defense" because the Mac universe isn't inundated with viruses.

Now, I am a PC user. Always have been always will, but I by no means hate Mac or Apple.( I own an iPhone). Personally, I see it like this. PC's and Macs both have their little "niche" and group they appeal to. PC's appeal to the technically inclined, like many have said sure there are problems, but 2 mintues and google and you can fix it. PC's also appeal a ton more to gamers due to the fact that yes, you can build and customize your own for a reasonable price if you know where to shop.

Macs, are good in the business world and for those who can't (or don't feel like) learning how to operate and fix a PC. They are extremely easy to use, which can be quite appealing. But it seems to me their price tags make you pay for the appearance and style first, then pay for the device itself.

I can't say I hate apple. But i do hate when they say they are superior in every way to MSoft. (that said, i think everything else about apple is good, mp3 players, phones, everything, just not their computers)

i find this amusing because mac has no guard left. theyr sittin there with their tender arse presented to the world, moist and lubed, ready to get farked by their own vicious attempt at slander. lorl apple, pucker up, somethin new is comin to town, and it aint mac compatible...

macs iz teh pwnzords!

Apple - Best troll ever?

I use both. I like both - and yes, Windows 7 is much better than XP or Vista. However, if I had the cash, I'd like to just have an Apple with Boot Camp. Something nice about not having an Anti-Virus being my first install before downloading all the effing drivers a PC needs.

Its a shame apple SUCKS

I Don't know... I changed from a PC to a MAC. My MacBook is really solid... hasn't crashed once! Okay... some programs crash, but not the operating system! I have used Windows 7 beta... and was not impressed! It seem like a copy of Vista...

I hate Apple. All this crap they fling trying to lie to consumers. Macs DO get viruses, macs DO crash, macs actually have more hardware problems than PCs, macs rip you off, and macs start on fire (as do dells but they are just as crappy). I have the cash for a mac but why buy one when I can get better software and hardware on a PC AND I can play games. People who claim "macs just work" like the stupid commercials do nothing more than email and surf the net.

Which brings me to a point. If you're getting viruses and stuff is breaking on your PC.... 3 out of 4 times it's your fault! Let's see. How long did it take me to migrate from XP to Windows 7? Less than the time it would take to go buy a mac that's how long!

firstly I'd just like to say that this crap has got to stop, if you're not an idiot a pc will not have "problems, a computer is a computer. they are different operating systems! while you may have a differing opinion in which of the OS's you like. better let me say that mac is exclusive, you can't build a mac...you have to get it from the apple manufacturer which significantly reduces the customization. and if i hear one more "artist" say macs have better art programs I'm going to jump off of the tallest building I can find. OH yeah where's all those quad core macs?.... intel said no thanks

I'm on a Macbook Pro. It pwns stupid windows computers.

I wuv my mac book pwo! <3333

"I have a $400 pc laptop with firefox, gmail, and viper defense. it does everything i need. why do i need to be a poser and go buy a mac?"
Let me guess, you just check your mail and fart around on Facebook.

Mac is less secure than Windows. And for those who think there aren't viruses or malware for Mac OS you're living in a dream world. The tides are turning and dont expect Apple to change their policy of releasing security patches once in a Blue Moon.

well, I'm a developer and for over a month since I have a laptop running Windows 7 RTM (via TechNet). The truth I did not have a single problem. It runs just as fast or even better than Windows XP. I personally prefer a pc do not like the mac's "stick to my hardware philosophy".
oh, and sorry if my english is bad. I speak spanish :P

but i dont need a mac... i can use my pc properly.

No matter how awesome your bike may be, if its still got training wheels on, you'll always be a f**ktard.

It's really simple.

windows = suck
osx = unix greatness, gui that rules, developer resources that are awesome to the power of rad.

Fun fact: Tim Berners Lee created the F*&#ing WWW on OpenStep - The roots of OSX...and the first web server in the world -> A NeXT Cube.

*If you a competent person that speaks when they have pertinent and researched information to share...

Name me one contemporary personal computer OS that is shittier than Windows 7

Mkay so apple's ads are 100% slander? Let's see the ads Microsoft has used.


Apple ads disgust me.
After using mac's that belong to friends and at school for music composition, they really don't compare to a good quality pc at all.
Every computer has it problems that occur, you just got to know how to fix it.

Windows 7 will not be the disaster that Vista and ME are and were. Microsoft went back to its roots and got this one right. Microsoft makes great software and so does Apple, but that's not to say they don't get things wrong every once in a while. Take a look at many of the dismal reviews with speed and stability of Snow Leopard for example.

This is the thing, the only people in my life who use PC's are hardcore gamers. I understand that is their thing and what they enjoy doing and need a PC for that. I personally love my mac. I've used both and I run Microsoft Office on here too. I'm not a gamer and I really only need my computer for the absolute basics- facebook, hulu, mail (kind of as I have an andriod phone-would never get the iphone screw at&t), basic word processing and that's about it.

However I did/do work in a creative field and it really is convenient for all of us to use our Macs and do our Creative Suite work on it. The one girl in our office who had a PC (because she needed to do a lot of coding and such) always had trouble with our files etc.

Maybe this is the thing, instead of being all high on your respective horses and arguing via the internet...you should go out and actually mingle with real people, read a book or do something? It's an effing computer-WHO CARES! Everyone needs to get over themselves be it PC or Mac you favor. You like what you like and you get what best suits your needs, and if you can't see past that, then that's fairly pathetic. If you like and can afford a mac, especially in these times, get one. If you want to drop 2K on customizing your PC do it, it's your money and it's your needs.

-just an artsy girl who thinks people should take their fat arses away from their desktops, game consoles, etc and go outside to work on the rest of their bodies out every once in a while. By the way, I'm pretty sure artsy people designed the graphics for you gamers and "such" out there, so I'd stop hating those who are artistically inclined, someone has to illustrate your comic books and Anime...

Why do they call it a mac? Cause when you see it you turn 360 degrees and walk away.

360 degrees? what, walk straight back in!

Y'all don't know what you're missin out on, DOS is where its at.

@ 98

Just so you know, 360 degrees means you would be walking in the same direction you were before....

I just want say one word WINDOWS and PC'S SUCKS!!!!! the only thing that windows works is to play games, that's it! Because if I want to play a real hardcore game I use my PS3, I'm mac owner and thanks god for this, because the time I have to sacrifice myself using windows WAS THE WORST, always blue screens, reset's, frozen screens, ctrl+alt+del, and the story continues... And the apple products are expensive for one simple thing they are all useful, nice interfaces, more efficiency software, NO VIRUSES SPYWARES etc, that's only one of the main reasons.
So finally about this commercial I think apple doesn't need to talk about windows on this commercials I think is a waste of time and money, because there's no possible way to compare pc's to MAC's :).

I hate macs. To me they are more about looking cool than actually functioning.

I love how most people on here praising Macs basically say that computing isn't a big part of their lives. If you are the sort that likes to appreciate a book for its complex story opposed to its shiny cover (for example), look into Windows.

yeah, tired of the ads, they were amusing at first but at this point they're just annoying to the point of actually hating mac's and instead of a new ipod looking to get a zune :p

What struck me was that John Hodgeman kept getting younger in the ad, but not Justin Long. Wouldn't Long have been 17 when Win95 came out?

Why does it seem to me...

linux is for freeloading poor people

Free the OS!!!!

thanks ndan for gelat kau info

hahaha.. nice ads for mac defeat windows..

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