Oct 6 2009Cool!: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pizza Party


Looks legit to me.

Picture [ozozo]

Thanks to Jessica, who doesn't care if there's rat fur in the pizza, she's going.

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I am sooo there


Well yeah, free pizza is free pizza.

idk what to say to this...
but if gw says its legit, it must be.

Girls like a guy with a nice dong!

Im soooo there!!

One time in college we found a bottle of tequila we'd hidden months earlier and decided to watch the original live action TMNT movie and take a shot every time they said "pizza." BAD IDEA.

"Terrific. Where the heck is 122 1/8? "


@ 7, UUgghh I hope you weren't eating pizza also, throwing up pizza is f*cking nasty.

Wise man says, "Forgiveness is Devine, but never pay full price for a late pizza."

@10 yeah i once ate like 8 slices of pizza and shotguned a liter of coke and puked that shit up so fast it was like the exorcist...good times

hey did anyone notice that scruff mgruff basicaly had a conversation with himself? him and wonder boner are the same i think ...its in the whole dino's go to heaven bit. you can tell because he didnt change his site url thing

Mr. Pig is back! ... but where is Mr. Cow? I've always wanted to introduce the two, but they are never around at the same time. Very strange!

I'm there!

hells yeah free pizza! DO WANT

@13 he's an idiot like that

@12 been there done that.....you want real projectile puke try it again with milk

Also, if i ever saw the homeless man that made wrote this box i'd give him a beer....if he was cool we would split a 12 pack

@13 lol why is he like that? does everyone hate him?


I can drink milk up my nose, and squirt it out of my eye!!!!
I saw it on tv when I was younger, and said, "Hey, I can imitate that!"

@21 WTF!
i say WTF b/c I too saw that on TV when i was young and i can't do it! have you ever seen that Family Guy where Stewie tries to "poot" but ends up busting a blood vessel....apparently that also happens when you try to squirt milk out of your tear ducts. I am jealous!

*slips out hidden camera and records the number of pizza eating ninja turtle lovers*

this reminds me of that time i stuck a ninja turtle figure up my ass tho lol

@24 stop talkin like me yo you know i only put used condoms up there yo

"Blast! I broke a blood vessel!!!!"
I remember that episode.
(Actually I have every season of Family Guy on dvd, along with all 4 seasons and all 4 movies of Futurama too)

I'm drinking Morrisons own brand cola at this very second.
You may ask why I stated that fact. I know I'll be asking myself that same question many a year.

@ 13 It makes me sad, I wanted to talk more about stuff to, damn him and his stupid Happy tree friends, oh and btw if your reading this Scruff, I HATE THAT SHOW DAMMIT!

Oh yeah.. AND naas CALLED ME FINFIN!!! *cries*

@ 11... You spelled 'Divine' wrong...

One day i'm gonna get 3 friends together and dress up like turtles and have pizza parties in the sewers. Everyone is invited but a special invitation goes to the turtle kid because HE LIKES TURTLES!

@24, the REAL naas would never use 'lol'
This reminds me of the clone wars (aka, the geekoligie impostors waaaay back in the day) except not nearly as fun. Every time I read something scruff mcscrotum-licker writes, I just roll my eyes and wonder why he hasn't offed himself yet.

Wait a second. This says NOTHING about them being teenage. What if they are the middle age mutant ninja turtles? Those guys are wankers.

wanker twat
twat wanker

Oh My god!!! I WANNA GO!!!!!!!! Im a sexy Red Head Reporter and I think I have a Yellow Jump suit! Im so in!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was walking and some sneakers fell on his head, later the police came by and arrested him and put him in a jail where he needed to dig holes.

@32 - Dude I would NEVER defend naas like that. If you're gonna imitate me at least make a little sense... btw GW nice article.

*tackles Daisy*

"Why, hallo thar"

@36 you keep doing it wrong because LSDiesel doesn't talk like that!!! Everybody knows it even. Off yourself PLEASE!

@38 - do you honestly have nooooo life? wow man all you guys are pathetic. kill yourself, please.

FAKE! You can tell because the shadows are all wrong. Its like the scene from Dora's Adventure Island when they all start throwing up on each other.

*doesn't tackle Mr. Anderson, but tosses muffins @ him*

Why, Allo thar

@38, Thank you for being so observant. I try to distinguish myself with my broad vocabulary and just a hint of self-depricating humor. I'm glad you know you what's what. Don't listen to the other me. While our names may be the same, he doesn't have the third nipple to back it up.

@36 and 39, It's fun for a while, but pretty soon, you will get tired of it. I can see you're starting to regret ever showing your drooling face on 'round these parts so you have to masquerade around here as other people. I pity you, really I do.

And in case you hadn't noticed, naas and I are buds, and I would defend him to the death.

Wow. I need to re-read my comments to check for grammatical errors. It greatly reduces my street-cred.

Well, it's 8:30 and I'm sitting here in the sewers with my blackberry, still no sign of pizza or turtles. I did see a rat but i don't think that was master Splinter.

@42 well put Deez, well put my friend. You know I always have your back. I am also quite sure most of anyone who regularly reads our rants here (including several other much appreciated regulars, yes we love you) and as @38 clearly pointed out - - can differentiate between who we really are and someone like this dorky impostor kid

It's obvious, it's been done before & as you've said it eventually dies off as it should. I doubt anyone was fooled or even bothered looking twice. ( the 3rd nip is also helpful)

While I have his name and information and WOULD LOVE TO SHARE IT with the world (especially after all his antisemitism), I feel slightly compelled to protect this idiot & not humiliate his family by exposing this information to the world. Life will catch up to this one later on folks, maybe sooner. By the move of his own hand and the poor choices he'll make, it's inevitable

Have the turtles ever fought a sewer gator? That would make an ideal villain!


Must See!!!


@ 40, You beat me to the quote...epic

I know I know, I have a lot of catching up to do...

Ah, looks like we got some cackfags pretending to be naas, now if I can remember that epic naas thread where everyone was naas, anyone feel like digging that up?

:> Fun!

SiGee, I miss your touch....

@50 just one.... I also don't know when the dismal day was you speak of when there were 50 something naas's - but it wasn't a good day. 1 naas is bad enough, 2 or more would drive most of us naked to the cooker, and by that I mean lets go nekkid to get fried chicken kids

@50 That was one of the best threads ever.

Naas, LSDiesel, Its nice to see that you have each other backs.... in a way only gay lovers do. Its nice.

Is Shredder going? If so then we'll be there.

The way you describe it, it sound like they enjoy 'painting' maps of Hawii on each others' backs, using white protien rich 'paint'

@56 very true i can feel the comment love flowing.....also i congrats on the great plethora of Americanime........however Hawaii*

@ naas, STOMPY and LSDiesel

It's at this point I'm glad that I fly well under the radar.

BTW: WTF man! Where were you guys for a couple of days? All I seen lately were posts from finfan and scruff. All sad, sad days....

@59 Bring moar air wick. srsly.

It's a trap!!!!!

Dude, I don't care if there are ninja turtles down there...

But if you don't want to eat pizza in the bathroom why do it in the SEWER?

Is Shredder invited? That dude can slice up pie like nobody's business!!! AND...that's just with his helmet!

BTW - this whole account doppleganger thing is pretty lame. I dig most people's sense of humor on this site, hence all the hanging out here I do, but I just don't get the point of impersonating other folks around here. ???

Douchey, to say the least....and just a little bit on the other side of creepy.

How was this not included in related links?

I also don't know when the dismal day was you speak of when there were 50 something naas's - but it wasn't a good day.

@42 unless your there your too late.
@43 up your too late.

Hey, I went to one of those a few weeks ago. I woke up under a train in Florida the next morning

@65 you're not your

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