Oct 23 2009CHOO CHOO!: A Little Superconductor Train

This is some French guy making a little superconductor train out of a bunch of magnets and a cup of magic potion. I have no idea what's in the magic potion but that won't stop me from chugging a whole chalice in the hopes of floating. Plus, it even works upside down which is super cool because I've always wanted to take a nap on the ceiling. I will drool on you!


Thanks to Rich the destroyer, who destroys because he's Rich the destroyer damnit, you know who he is!

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Super. Conductor. Hehe.

Cool, GW, real cool o,o

@1: Tried to block you, but Telkom put the kibosh on me (and the rest of this country). You're a retard.

I don't see why everybody gets mad at the people who post first, I mean they are doing nothing wrong, they are just the first comment, and they let that be known by announcing it to you all, I sort of admire there courage, you know, by standing up to the 'trolls' that lurk around here.

Yea. This is witchcraft. I dare not trifle with the French no longer. They'll float through my window.... then's it's all over.

I believe the magic potion is Liquid Nitrogen.

But they definitely need to make that magic potion in beer form. Mmmm, floaty beer, like Willy Wonka's soda.

The magic potion is definitely liquid nitrogen...but it could be sparkling tanzanian baby tears. They're pretty much interchangable liquids anyway.

LMAO @ 8

I thought it was going to play like a xylophone, damn

@5 finfan........ *sigh you just don't get it, do you? You don't!? I can't believe it to be honest, but shit me not you don't have a damn clue. It's not worth explaining if you're that oblivious, sorry

Fizzy Lifting Drink!
And Naas, it's useless to try explaining to cretins that are dumb enough to defend the firsttards.


@11 couldn't agree more. it's also funny you say that because I actually had 2 more paragraphs I was going to add to that trying to explain why, ect .....but after all the caps-yelling & cursing I just thought forget it - it's wasted energy & everyone else doesn't need to see all that anyways.

I did cut the last part of my rant though, let me hit ctrl+v and see what is still copied... *paste
you've concocted in that distorted little mind of yours when saying "I admire their courage, they stand up to trolls" [email protected]?!

How in the fućk of all that fućks the unholiest of the fućking unholy kingdom do firstards 'stand up' to anyone let alone trolls???

...hehe see? wasted energy

I should clarify that the *paste part was for @5 shitstupid finfan with the dumb questions.... not to dear old @11

@4 haha. this is my first time posting as well! ...er.. 2nd time now..

@15 you were called a retard because of the first bullshit, not because you're retarded. Welcome to geekologie & please know the firstard thing will get you flamed worse than this guy http://www.dailyhaha.com/_pics/burnt_to_a_crisp.jpg

The liquid is definitely liquid nitrogen and the "track" is a bunch of high powered magnets. The bottom of the cup has the superconductor which in short repels magnetic fields below a certain temperature, which lets it float...

It would be badass if they could actually build that.


@12. That was the funniest thing I've read anywhere all week!

is it not aluminium and liguid nitrogen?

i am gaytard

@21 possibly, but I don't talk like caveman or comrade

I'm torn between @7 and @8's comments as to who's I like best. I'm going to have to lean towards @7 since it references beer.

fake! You can tell this is an MS Paint job ! The french is all wrong ! This reminds me of that movie I'm supposed to return. It was due yesterday but its still at my fu*kfriend's house. And she forgot too. I threw her appartement keys (the fu*k-friend-spare-copy's) back at her after arguing when I was really drunk the last night so now I can't get to it. I guess she must hate me for being too drunk and now she'll keep the f*****ng movie. Grrr.

I threw up from confusion when he inverted his experimental apparatus.

It always made me wonder why they dont insulate the cups with an aerogel container with a little vent for the gas to come out of. Surely it would last like forever (or a hell of a lot longer than just leaving it all just to suck the heat out of the room).
Aerogel encased frozen flying me FTW!!

It's liquid nitrogen, I've seen this done first hand years ago at the porto university!

azote liquide

If there wasn't a large chance of poisoning myself from drinking that stuff, I'd chug a gallon and live happily for the rest of my years in a magnet house.

@20 - Can't be aluminium, liquid nitrogen isn't cold enough to expose the superconducting properties of aluminium. The superconductor is a ceramic compound, but it does have some aluminium in it.

Liquid nitrogen only works for "high temperature" superconductors. i.e those that work at above 200 degrees below zero.

We have one at the university that is actually a model train body bolted to some of this ceramic, and it follows a curved track. You set it going and it will go for an hour or more.

Trust me.... I'm a gynacologist ;)

It isn't fake you dolt. They used liquid nitrogen to keep it cold enough (-180 C). Here is a much better video - that also explains it.


This must be the way Marty McFly was able to hover-board. Sweet!

thanks ndan for gelat kau info

ahhh! i LOVE liquid nitrogen! :D

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