Oct 17 2009Almost Cute, Almost: A Robot In Love

This is a little video entitled 'Robot In Love' that features a little robot named Bit Beat putting the moves on his woman. I don't want to spoil it for you, but he sadly doesn't get destroyed by a powerful burning laser in the end. Just wait for the break-up, little robot, she'll get ya.


Thanks to Oscar, who has never fallen in love with a machine because automatic coffee makers don't count. What about self-cleaning litterboxes? I need a ruling.

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Reader Comments

Haha. Wait, what?

awwwwwwwwwww :D

I would say Wshweet... except its really not... also im drunk ... OHPAH!

cute! XD

awwww NOT. are we as people not perverted enough that now we have to build horney robots! I can't wait till i have to photocopy something and find the bot sitting on the coppier acanning his nuts and bolt....gross

Human or robot their all the same.

@5 Horny robots are a essential part of the office environment, where do you tink all the toner for your copy machine comes from.


@6 sorry but if we had female robots we all know they would just bleed all over the place and that would attract bares....pshhht

@7 Hiiiyo! kudos....gross but kudos but if i walked into a room where a robot was bangin away at a copy machine i'd be pissed.....unless he did something cool like give me the thumbs up or tell me to take a picture.....or gave me sloppy seconds

Where are the firsttards?

haha i'd like to see it pew pew her!

@9 I was thinking the same thing. Don't jinx it.


yeah not real footage of the robot, they probably had it walk around but its so easy to see they digitally smoothed the movements, movies and tv series do this all the time with animatronics and large puppets.

That made me rofl. But seriously. This is fake.

that's cute.

she later on prints off a few hearts, and a few dirty pics of her circuits ;)

So cute :3

its totally CG

well of course it is, real robots don't love




Meh! As soon as I saw the copier to the left it was obvious as to how they were going to play it.

That was pretty lame. VERY obvious.

Man who knows what that thing'll do when it gets rejected! Take it out on the humans in the office, that's what! I sense pew pews in the future.

Must See!!!


Nice, I'll just sell the robot babies and I'll be rich! Rich!!

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