Oct 25 2009All Windows Start Up And Shutdown Noises

Ever wanted to hear all the Windows startup and shutdown sounds from Windows 3.1 to Vista (suck it, Windows 7, you can't play with us!) in one short 1:11 video? Well you're in luck, cause here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AYE AYE AYE!!!! Really brings back memories, doesn't it? Yeah, mostly bad ones, but still. Hey -- just be thankful you're not that guy in Momento.

Complete collection of Windows startup/shutdown sounds [dvice]

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Ahhh, Memories...


Haha finally got one.

i missed the windows 95 sound, probably never would have heard it again

this reminds me, i need to update my virtualbox. i've got msdos 6.22, msdos 7.10, windows 3.11, win95, win98se, and winxp running on virtual machines either for the hell of it, for certain games, or for those annoying websites that require IE.....

@2 Yeah, me too. Hah, get it? "Two" and "too" are homophones!! HAHA LOL LMAO ROFLCOPTER!!!

But seriously, it's been years since I've heard that sound. I first heard it when I was six, back when a 133 MHz Pentium with 1.6 GB hard drive, 32 mb RAM and 4x optical (I think) was a mighty beast that cost over $1000. Oh yeah, can't forget the 9" CRT!

Yay nostalgia.

Momento lololol.

Hey I liked that movie. Anyways...what a strange coincidence that you put this video up...I stumbled upon it just 2 days ago on YouTube.

don't you mean "memento"?

Is Momento a porn version of Memento?

Hey, what happened to Windows ME? I had that bitch OS forever and I don't even get a shout out on the video? Elitists!

Holy crap this brings back memories. Though after hearing these, realize that having startup and shutdown sounds for today's computers is retarded. Back in the day you could get a cup of coffee, shag your secretary and do a few lines of blow before the computer let you know it was ready to use; a startup sound actually served a purpose.

also where is Win 2003?

I know it's a server but, if they showed a WinNT and W2K, I think they should also show W2K3

What do you think about that?

Arrrrrr, memories~~~ back from middle school! Gosh

BTW, I don't remember both shut down sound bytes from Win 95 or 98 ... it's quite possible that I never heard them before cause they just usually crash and I have to hard boot. haha

Its 1:10, and wow your super late for this video. Ive heard it so long ago.

Ah nevermind about the 1:10/1:11 thing. It changed when i started the video XD

Uhm, what about Windows BOB? This video is LACKING!

they forgot to add windows 3000

I would gladly sacrifice my short term memory if it meant I never had to hear these sounds again!

I grew up with working with Macs, since they are cheap enough for schools. ahah!!

I've always preferred Window's though, it's much easier to work with the applications and other goods. Seeing this brought up good memories of working with the older versions, ah good times.

I think the best startup and shutdown sounds are from windows NT.

way to spell memento wrong

no ME?

ZOMG Memento is spelled wrongzorz.


-No one gives a sh*t, move on.

Haha they forgot Windows ME. Then again, as a past ME user one should just forget ME existed :X

I never even heard of the first Vista sound, and I had it for a year. The second Vista sound was a log in sound, too.

My Vista laptop doesn't sound quite like that.. What the video gives as shutdown music is startup for me, shutdown is a short tinkly thing. Maybe because I have 64-bit?

Still, I wish they had included Windows 7, it'll be a while before I'll have a chance to hear that...

I danced

...never heard some of those sounds either w/ vista, didn't even know it had a boot-up song. Doh, just found the mute button was pressed this whole time & here I thought my laptop was a mute. (it's a joke, I do audio production)

What happened to Windows ME? So, terrible that it did not deserve to be part of the video?


yeah, ME is missing with its big ass bells and giggling children

I can't believe how nostalgic the Windows 95 sound is.

wow... hearing windows 95 again makes me feel 5.

ah, fond memories of forehead to keyboard mashing.

Not sure if I would like to hear this or not. For the first time ever, I'm glad I've got Firewall at work....

I miss the good ol' first gen. pentium "CRAPPARD BELL", with a blazing 75Mhz processor, and 400MB HDD, all for the staggering low cost of $2300!! Remember when all the cool games started to require 95 in order to run.. yeah, those where the golden days.. hmph...

wow, you people getting all nostalgic about your computers makes me feel old. my first system was a tandy 1000, no hard disk, just a giant floppy, and that was just the first system i owned, i'd been using my ex-step-father's computer for a few years before that...i have very fond memories of logging onto bbs' with a 1200bps modem....i remember when it took over 15. min to look at one single picture (bmp or gif) of some horrifically plastic bimbo showing some boob. none of those pictures were ever what they were described as, either.
on another note, i still have my registered copy of tradewars2002 on one of my hdd's, and every once in awhile i like to log on to some telnet bbs and play their door games just for old times sake.the golden age was well before the pentium for me.

That's weird. I just realized my computer has the XP start-up sound, but the Vista shut down sound. I wonder that happened.


YESSSS...old school porn surfing!!!!!!!!!!FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!

Kinda reminded me of trying to describe text only rpg's (ie Zork, HHGTTG, et al) to my kids not too long ago during a WoW session. They looked at me like I with those little Whiskey Tango Foxtrot stares, and were like, "How was that even fun at all?"...with ALL sincerity. I decided to not even go in to rolling up characters with pen/paper and dice...probably would've just melted their little hard drives.

I did, however, get the little shits hooked on Pac Man. Mwuhahahahaha...vengence is mine!!! On a side note...I wonder how long they'll play before they figure out that they will NEVER level up no matter how many "xp" dots they munch??? Hey...I never said I fought geek wars fairly.

LOL, good ole Windows, cant live with it and cant live without it! LOL


that really rocks///


XP totally got the shaft. and NT totally took too much time

its sad that i love this... whats more sad is that i've coverted to mac

Yes, every one of them.

Except....not every one of them.

In fact, quite a few missing.

Math is not his strong suit.

Awesome. Where's windows 1.0 sounds??

A very moving experience -
especially as i have disabled system sounds for years. ;-)

I've got a "new" XP Pro machine at work, and I get a random door-shutting sound which is driving me crazy.
(And yes sound scheme is set to none.)

The Vista sounds are actually the ones from the beta version, and were replaced by another theme in the final release.
Not exactly accurate, but definetly not the Vista sounds you are hearing on your boxes.

I usually keep my speakers off anyway, so I never heard a lot of those noises!

Lol.. didn't know windows 98 could be up til today. ehehe

wow...that is great.i have never heard some of the sounds before

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Very funny, brings back memories.

Your girl Mary :)

Lol, wow. Just shows windows has come a long way.

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