Sep 21 2009The LEGELLO: A Fully Functional LEGO Cello


Nathan Sawaya, a man best known for building the hell out of things with LEGO blocks, has created a fully functional cello out of the modular plastic bits. No word on what it sounds like, but if I had to guess, I'd say not good. But who am I to judge? I mean, BESIDES BEING THE GREATEST LEGO MASTER EVER?! Just saying, one time I built a Star Wars set and only had a few dozen pieces left over. L3333337!

Hit the jump for several more shots, a time lapse video of the build, and a LEGO guitar, just for the halibut.




Amazing Full Scale Lego Cello Instrument [vubx]

Thanks to Nicklearse, who says, "Celllllllllo ladies".

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Reader Comments

hrmmm, not sure what to say on this one


...I'm sure it will get you lots of teh secks


That is pretty sick...

oh hell, i didnt even notice that the bow and 'string' are legos too.


I could swear that guy is "Zack, Zack, the Lego Maniac!" all grown up.

Also, not recommended for airline travel.

At least it's not another POWM post... Those are getting on here more than TOKYOFLASH...

For those that are too young too remember...

The leg is not Lego, and the bow has Lego's for a string, which would not work. Fail.

They make wooden colored blocks???


strings aren't made of lego?

Oh dear god.. I didn't think it could happen.. but.. but... but I think I feel linlove with cellos even more!!

I wonder how it sounds...

Impressive, but he needs to lose the undershirt and wear an edgier button down. I like the Jacket, Jeans, and Shoes though.

i'd like to hang that guitar in my studio (read dining room converted to amp & guitars room)

@8 comment: HAHA I was thinking the same thing.

It probably sounds like shit, but it is awesome nonetheless!

Try making a cello out of jello!

The guitar would be pretty awesome to have, the cello on the other hand..........I mean it's cool, but I wouldn't want to buy it.

my eyes hurt. It can't seem to comprehend the difference between reality and 8-bit designs. O_O

Let's HEAR This amazing thing hmm?

This is neat, but clearly not playable. Where does the "functional" myth come from, anyway? Here are a few reasons why:
- Plastic strings (all four of the same gauge!)
- Fake tuning pegs
- Jagged fingerboard
- Tailpiece would break under real string tension (unless glued)

This isn't very cool.

The harpsichord (which IS functional) beats the snot out of this

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