Sep 21 2009Not For Airline Travel: Ninja Kunai USB Drive


A dangerously metal USB drive shaped like a ninja knife, it just makes sense. The 2GB Ninja Kunai drives cost $125 and are in no way, shape or form safe for airplane travel. Or train. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't even drive anywhere with one. Because I used to keep a little pen knife on my keychain and now I push the gas with a peg. Which brings me to an important point: Pirate for hire. Now I know what you're thinking, and yes, I do bachelor parties.

Ninja Kunai USB Drive: the tech equivalent of getting a foreign language tattoo [engadget]

Thanks to Harrison, who once stabbed a foe with a traditional USB drive and lost all his data.

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Reader Comments

Too many flash drives in existence now o.0, just rip the case off a crappy one: boom a raw circuit usb, much nicer.

Only 2GB for 125$? I'd rather buy an iPod and only use it as a USB drive.

looks sharp

..that's a metaphor

Fullfilling many of your assasin/computing needs...

Believe it!!!

I hear the deafening cheer of so many white anime/anything Japanese-loving teenagers.


@2 Ditto. Way overpriced.


Sharp as a bowling ball.... thats a simile...

Stabby and Geeky... hrm...

BTW, completely off subject...

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


congratulations chica


God help him. ;)

14 - It's too late... Muahahahahaha!!!!!

@ 2 cents...All this time I thought you were a dude! No offense. I just figured that it would be waaaay more than 2 cents worth comin from a woman!

@ 4 and 10

I think thats just a pun...neither metaphor or simile. I may be wrong.

16 - The original name was Thumperchica - I changed my name in response to the language filter.

congrats! and i must agree with Ollie

- Do not run with ninja knife USB
- Actual ninjas should not us ninja knife USB because it will break in half exposing a USB drive and foil your assassination
- Do not carry ninja knife USB in your pocket if you value your Scrodum
- Pregnant women should not use ninja knife USB due to accidental c-section
- Ninja Knife will make you totally bad A$$ and women will flock to you, this will require you to decapitate their boyfriends using ninja knife

I bet of those who actually buy one of these, the only thing they've ever stabbed is the foil on the top of their tv dinner.

why not make air travel a little more fun!

click the link b/c if you don't know someone like this then your probably not him either and i feel bad for your dull life

@ $.02 must agree with the crowd. truely believed you were a guy.....probably due to your link.....but what do i know i'm not very.....Sharp HIIYOOOOO

pps minus the first p

@ $.02 and a pocket full of FAH-Q

Congratulations!! Is it going to be a Star Wars Themed wedding? the way I ALWAYS knew you were a woman.....yeah, I'm sensitive like that.

Thanks guys!!
No Star Wars theme... just booze themed =)

Great, this makes Narutards flock to Hot Topic, so I can't get my F#*@(G House of 1000 Corpses t-shirts. >:c

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