Sep 27 2009Mobile Bar: Beer Bike Totes Two Kegs, Pizza


The Beer Bike was designed and created by Hopworks Urban Brewing of Portland, Oregon, and features two kegs and taps, plus a hot pizza storage unit. Impressive, but I can't even imagine pedaling two full kegs of beer around. I mean, those bitches are heavy. Sure, I've dated three-keg girls before, BUT I NEVER OFFERED THEM RIDES ON MY HANDLEBARS, NOW DID I?! I didn't. I demanded piggybacks!

Beer Bike! [mostlyhere]

Thanks to Kevin, who built a bike with an actual mobile brewery on the back.

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FIRST! and win

Welcome back GW! It was pretty boring without you.....


I'm definitely from the Portland area and this is DEFINITELY something you would see cycling around town... okay all over really... :D

How does the beer stay cold?

3 keg girl + handlebars = epic fail

piggy back that girl aaaaaaallllllll the way home OINK!

ha! number 7. yes!!! check out my new guilty pleasure and have a laugh at

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post 7. - mandymoorehol. you are doing the lords work, continue my son. that sh!7 is hilarious!

woohoo! all we need now is a keg-sized beer blaster!


So what's this have to do with being a geek again?

I saw this photo, and before reading anything further I thought, "This has GOT to be from Portland." I was right.



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max stole a bicycle from a kid to chase after his car, and he was driving around on a girls bike with a daisy on the basket.

Even if it is real, those aren't full-sized kegs. It wouldn't way -that- much.

Simple bike knowledge suggests (read: two jumps later) the brewery is clearly on the front of the bike. @12 geeks drink

Those are half-kegs, so coupled with the fact that they're moving on wheels, that wouldn't be very hard at all to pedal around. Unless, of course, you have little girly legs.


Must See!!!

@ 17

Don't worry about @ 12, s/he's a troll. Every damn post s/he's gotta post the same damn thing.

BTW: This sure would make biking a lot more fun.

Um... yeah, hate to point out the obvious here but that is the best DUI machine I've ever seen!

He we designed and built the bike in question. Yes those are full kegs and yes it is fun to ride.

See the full story here -

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