Sep 16 2009Mine's Nicer: Dino Van Spotted At Walmart


Ignore the handicapped tag and West Virginia plate, that's not mine. Mine has like quadruple the dinosaurs. You know, to attract more kids because dinosaurs are so awesome. That said, I would still dive into the back of this thing no questions asked.

Jurassic Park [peopleofwalmart]

Thanks to Danielle, gator, Meganologie, Nick B, Greg and michael, who aren't allowed within 100 yards of a toy store.

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god i hate living in west virginia


LOL First they take a pic of me as R2D2 now they take a picture of my van! 0.o


I GOT IT and lol dude how much time would somone put in that?

While that's quite clever, his dinos are rather small. GW is right though - he has a better dino car -

clearly the van of a geekologie fan

Since when is Godzilla a dinosaur?

that website is amazing and terrifying all at the same time

Fun Fact

there are 572 dinos on this truck minus the one I broke off of it.


Is anyone suprised that this is parked right outside of a Wal-mart?.......I'm not.


Yo, Foo. This van, aight, Ima give it to ya, this van is tight. But I got a van that IS a dinosaur. See, I ride the dinosaur around, like a poney. At night time, we get intimate, but a nugga need some luv nammm sayin'?

I love the POWM site... This is awesome.

Fun Fact

Each time Fact Guy says something retarded, another dinosaur mysteriously appears on the van. Keep up the good work Fat Guy!

i live in West Virginia and it is now my purpose to find this van, because lets face it, you can never have too many dinosaurs

Saw this guy in DC.

hah, like the 500 or so dinosaurs didn't obviously show this man is handicapped, he still has a handciapp sticker....


lol, "Not allowed within 100 feet of a toy store"

Good lookin, Meganologie !

ZOMG! I'm adding "Published Geekologie Tipster" to my resumé.

PS that thing about not being allowed within 100 feet of a toy store is pure hearsay.

@8 You beat me to it!

At least the King of the Monsters is the highest point on the vehicle

That's just Ham

i came

@1...I agree with you...Sometimes I just hate living in West Virginia...

I work in Herndon Virginia, and frequently see this van; the funny thing is this is their second car! They have a full size van with EVEN MORE Dinosaurs glued to it! To actually see it in person is disturbing in a short bus way....

Wonder how long it'll take to melt them all with a blow torch :p

I knew handicapped placards were given to peope who are 'physically' disabled, and apparently now they give them to people who are 'mentally' disabled too.
That would be a lesbian dinosaur

And you gotta love this one....
Mother of the Year

I know this CAR!!! I live in Nova and see this beast driving into work. I mean, it is kind of unique, purple dinosaur car. Almost famous.

OMFG look above!! its GODZILLA <3

@10 and and 11 and 13 and 26 (26 only becuase you came when I camed..)

JIZZ IN YOUR FACE ARSEHOLES!!!! (except gizmoduck, it was a duel climax, no clear winner, double fatality...)

Is that Godzilla on the very top?

I thought this might be appropriate:

you think that's cool? you should send some investigators to SANTA CRUZ CA. for real, we got way cooler shit than that one, plus one the same style covered in trolls, and on with 3d faces. a barak obama 08 bumbersticker car, and best of all, this guy that drives around with his blow up doll in the front seat, and his whole vehicle (he has a couple different ones) totally theme-ly decorated, with crazy music going, and his broad is rigged so he can maker her dance, and i dont me bounce, i mean she GETS DOWN!!!! they do matching dances together and this fool is laughs!!!!! yea... anyways....

#8: GODZILLA IS the biggest dinosaur, duh...

The right questions are:
Where's the peak of dinosaur evolution, Barney?
And Denver, the last one?

Ohhhhhh yes!
I got to see this van!
I recognized almost all of the dinosaurs, and I got most of them xD

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