Sep 2 2009Japan To Build An Outerspace Power Plant (To Power The Robots Of The Apocalypse)


Somebody better blast a proton torpedo through this thing's auxiliary exhaust port or it's game over, man. I'm serious too -- if you don't think this thing isn't gonna be powering our metallic harbingers of death, you're delusional. So, yeah, Japan is coughing up $21 billion to have a bigass solar panel floating around in space and sending the energy back to planet urf.

[The power station] will beam enough energy back to Earth to power 294,000 homes. With no cables.

The whole deal is being put together by Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and industrial design company IGI Corp. The plan involves a gigantic solar panel floating around in space, soaking up a gigawatt of energy and beaming it to Earth without the use of cables. And they hope to have it ready to rock within four years.

Wow, you're not gonna wanna get in the way of that energy beam. Because one time I stood in front of a satellite internet dish for too long and 0101001010 10011 00001 01010010 1010 010100111 0101. Whoa, what just happened -- and why are my pants wet?

Japan to Spend $21,000,000,000 on a Power Plant in F%#king Space [gizmodo]

Thanks to Brian and Schmitty, who know the only the only good station in space is a topless service station with a Slush Puppy machine and lots of candy.

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Now this is a space shit

japan 4ever

Daisy, dont even bother waiting for your cue, just go for it.

@ 2 Brutefag

Sadly, it still won't be enough to power the flux capacitor to get Marty home.

If anyone was wondering what he typed in binary, don't worry, I got you:


Yeah so he was totally typing in random shit, but don't worry, I still got you.

"does that make me CRAAAYY-ZAAAY?!"

"does that make me CRAAAYY-ZAAAY?! "

bastards, what they NEED to devote $21B to is a giant orbitting casino.... with hookers- people hookers, not robo-hookers

"does that make me CRAAAYY-ZAAAY?!


00000100010110100001010111 00100111010110

Forget this solar powered energy source. Please click on my link in the sidebar and help save my heaving cleavage from the shackles of this shredded dress.

@6 thanks I was wondering
@9 I completely agree

But SimCity said we wouldn't have this until 2020. Liars!

Anyone else wondering how many crispy birds it'll take before they realize beaming ANYTHING through the air is a bad idea? 007's Die Another Day? Anyone?

@15 i am god, so no. if things happen like you say, it'll be raining cooked chickens. sounds like a win-win.


So much for scorching the sky... now they won't even need people farms, the matrix will be unplugged shortly.

wait wait wait... is that $71,429 per home, or am I making a mistake with the digits??

I doubt anyone's energy bills get that high.

A couple hundred thousand homes powered by a "$21 billion to have a bigass solar panel" FTW

Does it smell farts?


I actually did think of this 5 years ago, in a stupid essay titled "Technology in 50 years".

I thought it was stupid, but it's a $21 billion stupid idea!

@19 I don't think the owners of the house have to pay the cost of it
it they did, then thats just of bunch of bs


Someone convert this and tell me if you agree.


Isn't this what ends up leading to the events in The Bouncer? Oh man, if this thing is being built by the Mikado corporation. I'm so getting off this planet.

GW - better get that checked out. Delusions of robothood are hazardous to your health. And no one likes robots that drop bits. It's just messy. Virtual vacuums are *expensive.*

@TheMagician: I don't know what a "Robitic" is....



@22 no you didn't.

i found this on the interwebs:

Tesla demonstrated "the transmission of electrical energy without wires" that depends upon electrical conductivity as early as 1891. The Tesla effect (named in honor of Tesla) is a term for an application of this type of electrical conduction (that is, the movement of energy through space and matter; not just the production of voltage across a conductor). and then he licked balls.

for the dick robots:

101010101111100010100100100000111101001000101000101010010101010100000001010101010101001011111111111100000000010101001010100000101111000000101010100101010101010101001010 and then he licked balls

seems like it'll be easy to steal...thank you mitsubishi!

Ion cannon.


Well, now they jsut need the space elevator and the MS Gundam 00 :-)

So basically a large satellite/power station that beams to earth large amounts of energy. A laser. You think we trust you that much Japan? Nice try, no new Pearl Harbors for you. Go to your room!


Agradezco poder hablar de temas similares y la preocupación por nuestro ecosistema desde al reciclar les felicitamos por su trabajo, adelante.

What happens if the beam misses?

Must See!!!

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