Sep 23 2009I Want To Ride One Into Battle: Coyotes And Wolves Are Breeding, Creating 'Coywolfs'


Seen here sulking because his likeness didn't make the Three Coywolf t-shirt, is a coyote/wolf hybrid. Personally, I would have named them wolfoties, but that's because I'm awesome. Oh, wait, per Wikipedia: "Where the cross-breeding of animals is concerned, the father's species gives the first part of the offspring's name." I don't know if that has any bearing on this or not, but I'm trying to be scientific (look at my lab coat!).

New DNA evidence reveals that coyotes have bred with wolves in the the northeastern United States, turning mice-eating coyotes into much larger animals with a hunger for big prey, such as deer.

The resulting "coywolves" may, however, benefit ecosystems, since they appear to be filling niches once occupied by wolves that were eradicated by humans.

Given where these animals came from and the degree of documented genetic diversity, the researchers can tell that a few coyote females mated with male wolves north of the Great Lakes.

BOOYA -- WHO WAS RIGHT!? I just thought they should be wolfoties because it sounds sweeter, but now there's actual reason! God, am I good or what? Just saying, I also name babies. And that tune.

Coyote + wolf = new breed of predator

Thanks to fdsy, who breeds lion/panther hybrids and makes really cool armor for them.

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Reader Comments

rawr, let's breed one of those with some lycan

looks like the stray dogs around my house down in mexico.. wait... sh*t wonder little kids bloody legs keep appearing in the woods round here....

You get 'em, tiger!

Coywolf-e Ugly???

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if wolves screwing coyotes isn't a new thing. I mean hell...there's a certain roadrunner that has been screwing one particular coyote for decades. DAMN YOU ACME!!!

I like wolfoties better too GW

Why is there soooooooooooo much wolf semen on your lab coat?


Skinny legs, mangy, no ass. Still, I'd hit it. Unless it's male -- I'm no pervert.

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@4 Good one!

@ 9 & 10 FAIL, GTFO

I hope more animals start doing this!!! xD

I suspect, as one of the commentors said, inter species breeding involving coyotes is not new. I know back in the 1990s there was a coyote female who had a thing for our Labrador. She would hang around outside the dog run. He finally broke out and was gone a few days. Later that year she was back with a few pups and they would hang around for a hour or so each night. Funny how Bel never broke out to go help with the babies.

Hey, if you go with the naming convention, would they be labcotes?

I'm waiting for Mr Cow and Mr Pig to make a Cowig! Or would that be Piwig?

manbearpig should be here any day now...

My wife is always bothered by inter-species dating/mating (in the movies) such as: Bee Movie, Madagascar, Shrek & Over the Hedge.
I know there are more movies... but I'm drawing a blank right now.

"north of the Great Lakes" .. damn canadians...

maybe it was one of these what grabbed jessica simpsons career - er, I mean, dog.

i hava an ugly assed french poodle/malteese mut, and just got a 2 1/2 month old Golden Retriver b¡tch, i kinda feel sorry for Spike (poodmalt) but i am sooo going to chop his balls off before i get a breed of golden/french/malteesers, would probalby look like that golum those kids stoned to death in panama...

sounds like rape

What would it be if an elephant and a rhinoceros matted (which is science talk for did it)?


@ 23 Isn't it past your bedtime?

I always wanted to make a Crabbit. A rabbit with crab eyes and pincers = awesomeness.

look it's a cock-a-poo (not joking)

Liger anyone?

Vaginal fluids. :)

Perhaps this is the answer to the robot question.


mr.pig.. u suck that's soo lame

Wolfoties? I cried at my desk from laughing so hard. You done it again, GW!

Wait.... what?! They are saying the new breed is filling a hole wolves once filled because they have been eradicated by humans. One question: Where did the wolf it's parent made sweet hot love to come from and why is it not filling its role?! I want answers!!

Like a fem-wolf would let a coyote get with it... obviously the wolves are the daddies.


Geekologie writer, I love you.

Actually this is a little surprising considering that wolves normally consider coyotes and foxes competition and kill them on site. Of course with fewer and fewer female wolves out there that may lead male wolves to instinctively consider coyotes to be the next best thing. Kind of like the reason naas has a couple of monkeys tied up in his basement.

as you can see there is obviously a wolf in the wolfoties pelt !

i illustradet this miracle with my awesome paint sk1llZ here:

Well dear, thats also why your father mounted me, and we made you.
He considered me to be the 'next best thing'.

Im just playin

@ 40 + 41

Ah Mom, you are so funny. I'm glad you dumped Dad for our family psychiatrist.

Must See!!!


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