Sep 2 2009He's A Little Clingy: Spiderman Backpack


This $45 backpack carries a reasonable amount of stuff and makes it look like you're giving miniature Spiderman a piggyback ride. Or, if you're a real pervert like tipster Ste, like he's trying to get his spidey senses tingling from behind. Which, eeew -- that stuff that comes out of his hands is bad enough. I jest, you know I love it when you spray me with that shit, Spidey!

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Spider-Man Backpack [likecool]

Thanks to Ste and naas, who both got their Wonder Woman backpacks taken away for improper treatment.

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Nice, good place to store the unicorn jiz

♪ geee eff eesss

♪ nobody knows who you arrrre.....

♪ his name was .... ♫

sh¡t, what was his name????

Oh, great. Now if you accidentally hit a tiny person with your car on a dark road and dress them up in a spiderman costume and strap them to your back, no one will suspect a thing.

haha! fire alarm at work, good times! nothing like working on the 28th floor and being told that there's a fire on the ground floor and you can't leave. sigh. i love my job even though it tries to kill me.

@5 I feel you pain, brother. 21 stories up for me. I'm thinking of investing in one of those executive parachutes. Maybe I can have it packed in this Spiderman pack!



Nice, would that be the golden parachute, ba-dum bing! i kill me. but joking aside, i think a big moonbounce in the parking garage below my office is in order.

This should be a baby carrier....

That is Awesome!!! Spideys my hero! least until disney bought him out

If those straps were any shorter, Spidey'd be copping a feel. Aw, yeah.

is it possible to put a baby in the bag ?

GFS come out, come out where ever you are. Or are you to busy licking dog balls, or are you hung over from too much cup-o-man juice?

@ 13 why do you have a fixation on liking dog balls?

Give me a "Venom" one and I'll bike around all day and freak kids out, Ahhh!!!! It's GOT me!!!!

FAKE! This is a total photoshop job. You can tell 'cause the shadows are all wrong

Stompy! I know you can read this, just can't talk back after being bitch-slapped by GW. Sux 2bu. Let me be the first to say: His name was Stompy Stompyington.

His name was Stompy Stompyington...

RIP Stompy...

Anyone else wonder why Spiderman Underwear is a tag? Or is that just me..

He doesn't look so excited..

Is spidie trying to cop-a feel ?

Cool but I can see alot of really weirdo peeps wearing it.

If I saw someone with this one I would think they were beat as a child

hahaha i think this looks worse than naas's mother. however i love the tag "from behind" that it received from GW soon as I saw that I thought of something dirty
"if you're a real pervert like tipster Ste, like he's trying to get his spidey senses tingling from behind" looks like it..I mean it's an older lady now so imagine kids wearing that (they are much shorter and different proportions than she is so it would pretty much look like it)

@21 I think so. "Just a little... lower... YES!"

just another example on how marvel is taking over the world. now with disney pulling the strings we're gonna be bombarded with spidey. if only there was a batman one..... now that'd be awesome. 555 cigarettes Belomorkanal cigarettes

First was Gordon Shumway and now STOMPY. Next I suppose is naas, Ollie, Timbo, FAH-Q, SmokingGirl (Although, haven't heard from these two in a while), then deadbodyman, Iris, Gross J, Dishy and The Baroness and myself. Then the last ones to go are Daisy and Mr. Cow. All that will be left is Bathcaptain, RDA, Fade and the f*ckers that try to sell shoes, cigarettes, and crappy love sites. The world then explodes.

@ Regulars I did not mention......sorry, I guess you'll be gone too soon for me to notice. Feel free to add you name in the timeline list. Which group will you be?

Must See!!!

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