Sep 29 2009Good Lookin': Steampunk Arcade Machine


This is a steampunk arcade machine built from scratch by Dough Haffner, a 9 1/2 fingered carpenter (not unlike Jesus' father! No, not God. The other one). At least that's all he's lost! Because there's nothing worse than only being able to count to seven on all your fingers.

I thought I'd pass on a project I've been working on for a couple weeks. I am a Steampunk fan, to be sure...but also a fan of old horror films. I thought it would be fun to take both and combine them for a "MAME" arcade cabinet. You probably know what that is, but put simply it's an application that allows you to play arcade games (pac-man, donkey kong, etc) on a pc. By building a cabinet, you can get some of the feel and fun of the old days of playing video games at the local arcade. My cabinet combines some of the victorian elements found in steampunk with electrical mad-scientist designs from the man behind Karloff's Frankenstein lab(Strickfaden). I'm finishing up the Marquee (the machine name plate usually found at the top of a cabinet) and will post pictures of that soon....

Good looking, Doug. I don't care if you are missing a partial digit, you're alright in my book. Fun fact: I don't have a pinky toe on my right foot. Kidding, but it is broken all the time. So it's practically gone. And that, my friends, is what I blame for walking funny (but truthfully it's because one leg is longer and I stay drunk all the time).

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the impressiveness.




Steampunk MAME! [steampunkworkshop]

Thanks to Fally and jim, who don't need a steampunk arcade cabinet to have oldschool fun. They roll hoops down a dirt road with sticks!

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Reader Comments

uh, pretty?

Second, apparently? Nice cabinet.

2nd F-words

Bad ASS!

I want that but for Gauntlet.

Wish somebody would steampunk my unit.

@6 = Fail

wait, thats me.....


But i love steam punk!!! Already made some bad ass goggles and a notebook. :P But that arcade is HELLA bad ass!

Real nice Clark...Reeeeeeeaal nice.

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this is so hot that i want to splooge

wondered if every one have played this!

Quick somebody invent steampunk bacon.

That shit'll be on here within 20 minutes of creation.

nice arcade chassis, but when it comes to classic gaming nothing beats mame

can he build me one for excite bike?

looks cool, expensive, and ehhhh

i got a joy stick you can play with ... the joy stick is my penis


Dear GR,
I absolutely must have MOAR STEAMPUNK!!!!!
Steampunk Lizzy

*implodes* this fella did amazing well with the overall craftsmanship....

*agrees with 21* plz moar steampunk for us steampunk lovin geeks <3 <3 <3

Nice work. Wonder how much money he put into it though?

Awesome! Now, move that thing out of your workshop and into your bedroom!


This would look great in my living room.

no more stoopud steampunk. gaaahd!

Being a horror movie freak, myself, I have to say that this cabinet's cup of f'n awesome runneth over!!! Full tilt!

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