Sep 17 2009Cardboard Optimus Prime Costume On eBay


Well folks, Halloween is right around the corner, and you all know what that means: another night of standing in the corner a sad Ninja Turtle while you watch the Zombie Nurse of your dreams make out with a guy dressed as The Crow. :( Also, fun costumes!

A couple of years back I went slightly mad for 3 weeks and spent every evening and weekend carefully constructing an Optimus Prime costume for a summer party. Summer party came, the costume won me first prize, and hasn't seen the light of day since.

This auction is for that costume (pictured). If you've got a Fancy Dress/Halloween party coming up, this costume will impress - and not just impress Transformers geeks. The time I wore the costume easily equates to that 15 minutes of fame time we're all supposed to get - applause from the packed balcony of random pub goers, women who wouldn't normally give me a second look wanting to have their picture taken with me (the benefit of wearing a cool mask eh...) ;)

Current bidding for the cardboardbot is £11.06 (~$18) with three days remaining. Unfortunately, the costume is for pick up only because "the costume doesn't transform into a lorry and move by itself, so you'll need to come and collect". BWAHAHAHAHA! But seriously, what do you mean it doesn't transform?

eBay Auction

Thanks to Sam, who is selling a cardboard Voltron costume that will get you laid quicker than you can say, "wait, didn't I meet you in the men's room?"

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Reader Comments

"Sir, you can't park your van on the diving board!
Oh wait, thats not a van, its just a fat kid!!!
Hey there fatty, fat, fat, fatty. Want some chocolate?"

Whats so great about that damned thing that everyone has to make him out of something...

He's wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt under that, I bet it reaks of desparation and virginity!

And you know, at least once, he went commando in it...

@2, you will NOT talk about Optimus Prime like that.
@3, I totally agree

I must say, I'm an Optimus prime fanbot, but no costume worth wearing will ever be made from cardboard. Sorry.

Its bad when the guy eating lunch by himself is laughing at you

the way i rhyme it's like optimus prime shined a light down from heaven so i rolled some lucky 7's?


Damn, finally found another site to hide my ip from work so I can post....

Anyways.... I would want the transformer costumes that can actually transform, that would be cooler/geekier...

@8 They got 'em

YAY !! im the highest bidder. :)


I'd drop a gerbil in there.

And, let us not forget...

I love the girl in yellow in the background.


a sarah jessica parker lookalike?


Who cares, she has a great ass.

An optimus prime condom would have been much cooler

"the costume won me first prize"
...Why is no one else in that photo wearing a costume?

Reminds me of this clip
A Taiwanese cosplayer specialized of making himself and his girlfriend Gundam Suits
See this clip of his joining a TV show
His gundam suit appears after 5:20

The girl in yellow behind him later became his very own Megan Fox.......after a few cosmos.

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