Sep 4 2009Balls Of Steel: F-18 Hornet Buzzes Man's Head

This is a video of an F-18 Hornet buzzing some guy's head so close you can taste the jet fuel. Now I'm not saying this thing would kill you if it hit you, but it would certainly mess your hair up. Also, not to brag or nothin', but one time I let a jet land ON MY FACE. Now who's the man?!

F-18 Hornet Ultra Low High Speed Fly By [todaysbigthing]

Thanks to Matt, who once flew a prop-plane through a barn and accidentally hit a chicken.

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That's definitely not an F-18

thats a av8 harrier

Since this is a geek site... it's not an F-18... looks to be a Harrier to me.

Ya se cree el güey!

I didn't need to see it three times. I believed he was an idiot the first time.

That's no F-18.... it's a space station....

Interesting how the camera operator gets blown around but the dude standing up doesn't budge.

fk u firewall die.


I checked around its a French Mirage F1. So obviously it was going so fast because it was retreating

That is so FAKE!

His clothing hardly even moved.

Nice effect tho.

You lost me at "This is a video..."

If it was real, then the people would have fallen back or at least moved.

OK It's official, I'm outta here today.
Thanks guys.

That was extremely fake and made in AfterEffects...

yeah fake and neat and not F18

It's neither an F-18 nor a Harrier. My guess is Mig-23, looking at the wings. Harriers don't carry fuel pods on the belly.

Also, this looks real.

That guys balls are so big, it defy's physics.

Is that STOMPY?

@16. Where are you going? And will you be taking a low flying plane? And if so, can I stand under it and have someone film me trying not to piss my pants?

@ 10

I agree

not real

That's how i style my hair every morning. I be lookin GOOD.

LOL @ 12! The French are cowards!
Anyways, That guy isn't exactly wearing loose fitting clothes so there wouldn't be much to move when the jet flies over. Plus, the damn camera man pretty much has a seizure when the jet buzzes them, so how can you even attempt so see the guys clothes move? I think this is real. The guy doesn't move, hence his balls of steal. If someone can prove it to be wrong, I will retract my statement.

You guys are a bunch of tards...just because the guy has bigger balls than you and he didnt budge at all and you probably would've fell back a good 6 feet doesnt mean its fake....I've been watching it over and over and over and it looks real to me. The guy obviously has some crazy ear plugs in and probably has locked his legs as hard as possible.

Just cause you cant do it doesnt mean other people cant.....

Dassault Mirage F1, you can tell by the refueling post that sticks up in front of the cockpit.

Cmon Geek Writer get with it!

Definitely fake... The amount of ait that thing displaces when it cruises by would put anyone on their ass... this guy doesn't even get a breeze...

Clearly not an F/A-18, as others have said. I think it's a SEPECAT Jaguar. I don't know if this was faked or not; I have little trouble believing it's real. It's not widely known, but there are several Persian Gulf nations whose own Air Forces are augmented by what these days are euphemistically called "Private Military Contractors." The Jaguar is a type that such outfits are known to fly. They're older planes which are by and large no longer operated by the nations which built them, which means there are many available for purchase (and plenty of retired military pilots to fly them). They're cheap (by jet fighter standards) and not particularly sophisticated, so they're relatively easy to maintain, but they can still carry modern missiles and unguided bombs. I can't see any official Air Force personnel of any nation pulling a stunt like this, but someone else just might....

@27 - I think you're right. The intakes look round and not rectangular, which would be consistent with a Mirage F1.

Precisely Jober, the Jag has Squared intakes and a drop tail like an f4 phantom :)
The video is very real and very awesome.

that is so not real
the jetplane air - he would feel
hed fall on his ass..

still doin haikus? :)

the video would be more fun to watch if it were real.. that dude would have been knocked a block from the wind created by that.. plus the govt would be ALL over that guy for flying at that speed as low as he was.

Yep, definitely not an F18

This is absolutely a fake. The amount of force exerted downward by the wings of the aircraft is equal to the weight of the aircraft. That would be more than enough force to throw that guy around like a rag doll, there is no possible way that he could just stand there like that. It is unquestionably fake.

Yeah, going to go with Mirage F1, also.

Look at the top of the tail in the pic below. Also you can see the pylons under the wings in the video (but not the attached fuel tanks in the pic), and even the air to air refueling probe near the nose if you pause the video right:

Well I've been looking at the air intakes and comparing to different planes and i believe this is a harrier not a mirage f1 because there are cones missing from inside the air intakes in the video

the cones within the air take i cant see them in the you tube video

I got my head shaved,
By a jumbo jet.
It wasn't easy,
But nothing is, no... WHOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!

It's a harrier !!!

Who cares what plane it is, the only thing that matters (and that the Geekologie writer failed to point out) is that the plane missed!

Definitely a Mirage. Nose cone, intakes and tail give it away.
Not sure if its a fake or not, you can see the exhaust dissipate as it comes down the runway. As for the dust they're on a runway not in the middle of a field so I'd assume it'd be more dust free then ya think. Third as far as they guy not reacting it looks like the main guy is leaning into the jet a bit to prep for the fly by but the guy with the camera is probably kneeling or squatting which would put him off his center of gravity.

I've been to plenty of air shows and I've seen my share of low passes so its very much a possibility to do something like this. On the other hand standing in the path of something like that is quite another thing, but I guess being stranded in a dessert you have to find ways to entertain yourself.

Who cares what plane it is, the only thing that matters (and that the Geekologie writer failed to point out) is that - SHIT IS WIZZEAK!

Totally fizake.

I'd do him for that. Right there on the runway in the middle of the desert! Cue the jet!


You can tell because the shadows are all wrong!


1. Guy is standing ridiculously still for a guy about to get buzzed by a plane

2. Camera guy, who is closer to the ground thus creating less wind resistance, gets moved by the plane. However the guy standing up with his whole body exposed to catch the wind doesn't move.

3. The guy is only shown moving AFTER the camera is shaken around and the body is moved completely out of frame. This split second is enough to splice together footage of a real guy standing there.

If the guy moved any part of his body before the plane buzzed him I might believe it's real. To me it's a dummy that gets buzzed and when the camera shakes the guy splices in footage of a guy walking of the runway.

Can be done in Windows Movie Maker in about 5 minutes. L2splice NUB!

Not a harrier, note the lack of gear on the wingtips and the lack of more than 1 weapon rack per wing. OBVIOUSLY not an F/A-18, note the single tail fin and large intakes. It's a mirage of the F1 variant. Note the form on the head on pass is the same as the form shown in this wiki pic of the Dassault Mirage F1:

I do believe this was done with trickery of some sort (A.K.A, FAKE), the thrust or the gust of wind that follows high speed aircraft (Wake turbulence/jet wash) would have knocked him on his ass and potentially baked his face at that close of a high speed pass. His beret would have been blown off or at least moved in the air current. The fuel tank would have been just a few feet over his head so theres no getting out of dealing with the wash.

Just noticed this, look at the feet of the guy, a flat line. He's edited in. Almost looks like an old video game sprite.

Did any of you think. Maybe the plane was gliding for a little bit? Just because it's in the air doesn't mean it must be full throttle. A car rolls so why can't a plane glide?

not real. the suction force would have blown the guy 50 yards back.

"This is absolutely a fake. The amount of force exerted downward by the wings of the aircraft is equal to the weight of the aircraft. That would be more than enough force to throw that guy around like a rag doll, there is no possible way that he could just stand there like that. It is unquestionably fake."

What? you even know how wings on an aircraft work........if that were the case then external stores on wing pylons would be sheared off.....there is more downward pressure from helicopter rotor wash then a jet's wings and most people don't fly around like rag dolls from that.

And it's almost certainly a Mirage F1 and it's real(99% sure), there is more then one video of Brits and Yanks doing this sort of thing in Iraq with Harriers and F-16's

Is it just me or is he wearing a hat in the start, that disappears when the jet goes over, then reappears after the camera pans away for a minute at the end? Probably just the angle. I should show more interest in the plane... ^.^;;

Must See!!!

@12 - effin hillarious

@51- i think you're right, the only way that could work is if he walked over and picked up his hat when the camera wasn't centered on him

Also, if you didn't notice: At first he is holding a cane, which then dissapears

That's not a Harrier, not a Mig 23, and definitely not an F18. It's a Mirage F1.

its a av8b harrier II

Fake or not, that is not an F-18. It's either an AV-8B Harrier or a British Tornado.

Mirage F1 no doubt about it.

are you going to continue to post stuff from two days after they post it. I really like your website and the superficial but if your just going to regurgitate videos and post about the stupid Spencer couple well there is no point in reading anymore

Everyone's so quick to call this fake bla, bla, bla, but I wonder why you're all so blind. The guy does move before the flyover. It's almost imperceptable, almost as if he were trying to stand still (imagine that). He is also wearing a cap before, during and after the stunt. It's tight on his head and he adjusts it after being buzzed because it was probably loosened. In the military, they wear them tight.

Also, the camera guy moves because he freaked out, not because the plane moved him. Delayed reaction. Everyone saying the guy would have been forcibly moved are ignoring the fact that the camera/cameraman would have also been "thrown" back as well if the forces were that great, or do you think the extra weight of the camera held him down?

Bunch of retards making ass comments because someone has bigger balls than them. If they wanted to make a fake vid, they probably could have made more interesting stuff than this, the guy obviously wanted to show off how "badass" or brave he was, which in my mind just equals stupidity to risk your life on something stupid like this.


so I totally want to find out if this video is for reals, cause if that is possible i wanna try it...and to those of you saying its fake because of rules or regulation, when you are in the military, there is always down time where you just sit doing nothing, rules get over looked in times of great boredom...and you are thinking like americans, most of the governments around the world dont give a shit....

not a Harrier, not a Mirage, and definately not a F-18, not an F-16, not the Jaguar
maybe an A-6 Intruder- I think the tail is a bit to tall for an A-6 E, maybe a different modle though...
I dont know, I do know its moving to fast to tell what it is, even with military training for recognition of different aircraft it would be difficult, and I know the number of Jet fighters that exists...LOTS

Hello folks, this is not a F18 Hornet but a french Mirage F1 CR (Photo Recognition).
The soldier facing the jet is wearing a french uniform.
Vive la France!

My 2 cents:

- french airplane for sure : Mirage F1 CR to be exact (recon Pod under the belly)
- The guy: french legion for sure : the beret, the way he stands, and the guts he have. He wears a flak jacket and earpads, thats why his beret doesn't fly away and the clothes doesn't seems to move.

Even if it's fake the cameraman has some balls, and the pilot is not so bad either.

this guy must have pooped his pants or maybe human resources threatened him that if he didnt he would be drinking dinner out of a bendy straw (tried it.....didnt go like i imagined)


oh well thats America :D

Not a chance. I have work the starting line when jet powered dragsters and funny cars are putting on exhibition shows at the drag strip. The amount of thrust they generate knocks just about everybody on there tail, including guys that have been through it dozens or more times.

The dragsters I am talking about are also using severely de-tuned, surplus equipment burning the cheapest fuels they can. The heat thrown by the jets is all but unbearable, and that is with them being 20 feet offset and 30+ feet away. Not to mention the sand and debris that is sprayed everywhere from surfaces all around. (Yes, I realize an airstrip will have little debris...)

The video of the plane by the thrashed around cameraman may very well be real, but the 'balls of steel' guy is a second overlay track.

Good thing a fly by like that isnt even allowed in the military, its also another good thing that the sound from that would burst your eardrums, even with ear protection im guessing. Actually im not sure about my first complaint. I know in the US there is a limit as to how low you can go in a fly by, but it could be only if your going supersonic.

this is why they dont let me in the air force because they know i would want to do something like

reminded me of the movie Pushing Tin.

@71 - The jet engine's not thrusting, it's either gliding or coming in for a landing or you'd hear more than a woosh of air.


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... hey y'all, watch this!
Wow. too close to be intentional.

It's real alright... You can see the dude's pant flutter a frame after the plane passes him.

Also the time (frames) from the aircraft passing him to the camera going woozy is about consistent with the time it'd take if it were doing that speed.

About blowing the guy off his feet, that wouldn't happen if the pilot had lowered his thrust just before passing the guy (wouldn't you if you were in the cockpit and knew the effects of the jet-blast?)

About the wake of the aircraft, I don't know enough to give an opinion on that.

Now will someone change the name of the aircraft pls? :D

I bookmarked this site, Thank you for good job! Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

I bookmarked this site, Thank you for good job! Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

Yep, its probably a Mirage F1, not a Harrier or anything else in the American/British air forces. For a start it only has two large and two small underwing hardpoints, look at an operational Harrier and they have four each side.
If you look real close you can see the in-flight refuelling probe sticking up to the right front of the cockpit, just like a Mirage F1, where a Harrier's refuelling probe is on the top left engine intake and sits flush until deployed.

u mean purposly hit a chicken
once i was shooting my paintball gun at a fence and i accidentaly hit the president
and the president wasnt very happy

I bookmarked this site, Thank you for good job! Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day

this story is famous. It was definitely a Mirage F1 and the guy is from French Foreign Legion. The pilot bet he could remove the beret from the legionnaire's head (ear pads are not covering it). That's why the guy is checking his head.

I love you guys when you get all geeky about jetfighters.


definitely not an F18-- only one horizontal stabilizer.

This video saysf-18 hornet but when you click the link it says sv-8 harrier which is what it is.

Who's zoomin who

I see people saying harrier and f-18, its neither. harriers have large, round, semicircle intakes, and this jet has far too small intakes and an overall square fuselage. Additionally, it carries a belly tank, which the harrier cannot do because of its centerline landing gear and speed brake.

I think it must be a foreign jet, such as a Sepecat Jaguar. didn't get the greatest look at it but its definately not a harrier or F/A-18. its nothing American. looks to be European.

Fake Me I'm FAMOUS !!!! ;-)

uhh, he would have been knocked on his ass...hard...and deafened. it's a fake.

DEFINITELY an F4 Phantom.

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