Sep 30 2009Bad Idea: American Girl Makes Homeless Doll


You see that doll there? Her name's Gwen, and she's the latest release from the American Girl company. Plus, she's homeless. WTF!? Where's her 1991 Chicago Bull's NBA Championship shirt and mix-matched shoes?

For $95 -- more than your average homeless person would dream of spending on a rather mediocre baby substitute -- Gwen Thompson can be yours. A mixed message if ever there was one.

In the history books that come with every American Girl doll -- bringing to life these little monsters until impressionable little ones believe they are actual people -- you learn that Gwen's father walked out on the family. Her mother lost her job.

As the little kiddies learn to read about this doll as if she's a human being, one learns that, as fall turned into winter, Gwen's mom lost her grip.

Mother and daughter started bedding down in a car.

JESUS. Where's the part about her mom turning tricks in the backseat of that Buick in order to afford Gwen's dress? Just saying, those things don't grow on street lamps. And, as a guy who's no stranger to "bedding down" in the back of a car, trust me: they never really have free candy.

'Homeless' doll costs $95 (hairstyling extra) [nypost]

Thanks to Kristin, who once bought a heroin-addict doll but returned it when she found out it came with real used needles.

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Reader Comments

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she's not homeless, she's houseless

Change...can you spare a little change?....BOOM headshot!!


Does she have a tramp stamp?

does she come in a crack whore version?

Atleast it's something that is real in todays world. Unlike freakin barbie who always has a damn job and house and new car. Time to get real and show those snot nose brats that someday you may live in your pink Camaro!!

If she lives in a car, where does she go to the bathroom?


They are just going to guilt trip you into buying a house for her later!!

You fell for a marketing ploy!


WTF is this doll trying to sell ? Weird...........

what or where does this say anything that she's homeless aside the write up? Since when do homeless people look like little blonde haired white girls in pigtails & flipflops?

That's misleading, she should look more like this


I'm pretty sure that the woman who wrote that article is just as crazy as the bats that created the doll. I think she'd end every sentence in the article with the word "indoctrination" if she didn't think the government was watching her via sattelite.

USA i am dissapoint (joke not improper grammar) which is why im glad im safe from this stupidity up here in canada


Are you sure? Are you REALLY sure?

i think you forgot to add where is her shopping cart filled with teddy bears

Must See!!!

THIS IS AWESOME!! When will they come out with illegal immigrant doll?

This doll is not offensive, nor political. These dolls are history and friendship lessons.
PS - she lost her house, not her clothes you dumbasses.

omg isee all this and realise i need an american girl doll

I have 2 american girl dolls and I own the Chrissa MOVIE and both the books. They clearly state Gwen lost her HOUSE they stop and park near places with public restromms so they can wake up and be able to use the restroom.

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