Aug 7 2009You're Doing It Wrong: Dell Shipping Options


I don't even want to know how much this shipping option is, but one thing is certain: it's not worth it. Not only is the box being crushed, but it's upside down! Dude, you're getting a Dell broken computer.

Thanks to Todd, who, for actually taking the picture, receives today's unsafe driver award. Congratulations!

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First! Shazam!


I doubt this Todd lad took the photo unless he did it a few weeks ago, and posted it around everywhere else before eventually getting around to geekologie.

Yea thats how I want all my packages delivered to me!!

then again I love broken things:P

Oh come on you can tell that is completely fake! The perspective is completely wrong it's just photoshop nothing more. If you can't tell you are blind this is the wooden helicopter from Rocky 4 after the TV station says he could have beaten the current world champion. And he jumps into his helicopter. And there is a stupid crushed box sitting next to him that is also photoshopped in. FAKE!

wouldn't it have been easier for the box to go inside the cabin with the driver..?


LOL that is the greatest way to send packages, I love sending all my packages just like this. The only difference is I like to decorate mine in green paper and red ribbons. And a shot of GAS!!! HA HA HA!!!

Please ship to Bruce Wayne, thanks.

See this is a huge government ploy in order to have you pay extra money in order to continue paying for their "space" funding which is all a lie in order to have more money than the Free Masons.

I remember those commercials and i still hate that guy. hes on the same hate level as Jerad

pain is the disease
running naked will not cure
bruising of the thigh

upside down and smashed
thunderstorm on the highway
mousepad will not work

smushkin, seriously you are good man. Keep it up someday you can be writing your own blogs, you are totally on your way up. Congrats!!!

On a side note, that truck driver is happy right now, he gets to drop off that single box, he got paid to drive that one box, who is the winner here? The Driver, who is the loser? Well the person who recieves that box, and opens it up too find his dead wife, oh poor guy, go over at cry with Brad Pitt, he needs the attention anyways. Stupid girlfriend always tacking his thunder.

annnndd haiku poems are gay

FAKE! It's photoshopped.
This reminds me of a scene
in Never BAck Down.

What's up with the Daisy wannabes ?

A blond guy and a brunette girl were happily married and about to have a baby. One day, the wife started having contractions, so the husband rushed her to the hospital. He held her hand as she went through a trying birth. In the end, there were two little baby boys. The blond guy turned to his wife and angrily said, "All right, who's the other father!?!"

@ 18
thats an intravenous shot of oxytocin ryte there

it just keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps coming...

(the contractions i mean)


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max had a flashback to london in the 60's. He was at a Jimi Hendrix concert, a couple of days after the beatles released Sgt. Pepper, and amazingly Hendrix already learned some songs on the album. After a particularly violent 10 minute guitar solo, Jimi announced that Eric Clapton was in the audience that night, and when he was located Jimi asked eric to come on stage and tune guitars for him.

In other news.. Ashton Kutcher defies God's will, escapes death.

I thought fags were gay
Put your penis in a man
oh, your mom's a whore

this is how I send back all my defective Dell products. Having an 18 wheeler deliver your crappy products back for a refund never gets old!

most of the comments are about the other comments so i post this comment about comments being about other comments that no one will ever read and if you are reading this I'm sorry your god didn't have a better life for you

oh and this photo hasn't been edited by any mainstream photo editing software (confirmed by jpeg snoop)

comment on comment
my god had a better life
but i smoke chronic

jaycob tried the link
canadian cannibus
stoners is mispelled

Yes "Dell"& "broken" REALLY mean the same -- we use Dell computers at work and there is ALWAYS a problem! I'll probably end up throwing mine through the window... My boss, enjoying a cigarette walking on the sidewalk, will unfortunatly be hit by it? Coincidence...

Uh, should i also say "FAKE! It's a complete photoshop job" ?
Daisy and the Daisy wannabes posts were not enough to mind ha!

Oh MY! "Baroness" Sounds deliciously decadent.
Are you by any chance outside the USA?

is Ace ventura driving that truck?

No, it wouldn't be easier to put it in the cabin because the driver takes up half the cabin and the rest is filled with Red Bull so he can stay awake the entire trip.

Hey, at least it isn't raining!

maybe it's the last of larger payload. nimrods

although yes it's upside down and crushed


thats great.

The Unsafe Driver Award?! I'm so jealous!

Funny as the picture may be...

That is certainly not one of our available shipping options. =)

Chris Byrd
@ChrisBatDell on Twitter


I have had dell products shipped to me in the past, and I chose GROUND DELIVERY so this is obviously an option. LIES from the Dellman himself

Good morning all. I have to work today. So instead of being productive I think I will see whose around here waiting for a new post.

@39 weak, nobody should work weekends unless you server liquor, entertainment or sex. Burn the place down, burn the whole damn thing down & meet me at the bar

You don't know how many times I've tried to burn this place down. This damn building is made of glass and fire retardant material. The best I can do is a lot of smoke from the recycle bins. And now I think they are on to me.

I'm thinking if I can sneak in a garden hose overnight and leave it on. I can flood the place out. Huh? yeah? ooooh!!!!



weekends are so long
for a shut-in from AK
I could use a beer

is that a haiku
i can never tell
and i don't know how

@41 sorry I'm late to the party but is "novelty eagle heads" another one of those sex things like Coconut Seymour or Chihuahua Thunder Dewpoint?
Or do you work at a tourist trap?

first line must have five
seven syllables next time
five more at the end

ideally the last line initially appears to have nothing to do with the first two but then it reveals a clever truth about the topic and/or life. They are quite difficult to do correctly. If I was smarter I would have attached the "look it up for you on google" link for some of that dry Geekologie sarcasm but I'm not that quick. Or motivated.

I'm not sure if the photo is staged or photoshopped (sorry, getting off topic by getting back on topic) but I wouldn't be shocked to find it was real. Professional pride is truly dead.
Smushkin, your haikus (uhh, you said cooz) suck!

Has anyone noticed the front right tyre? It is clearly underinflated to around 136,000 psi, when everyone knows semi front tyres must be at least 150-175,000 psi when transporting sensitive electronic equipment. Also some of the reflective tape on the truck bed edge has flaked away, creating a hazardous transport environment for the PC.

Fourty-seven guy
why you such a hater b-tch
could we be the same

Seriously, it's like an empty auditorium in here.
It's like NYC at 0500 on new years day.
It's like Paris Hilton's skull any day of the week.
It's like Hillary Clinton's hoo-hoo.
It's like a bucket full of candy bars.

@50 God you SUCK! You are not funny. Stop trying to be! Go comment on Youtube videos or something. I hear there is clever reparte on the "Phil Anselmo is gay" posts.Fück off and DIE!

@44 Pronounced Blah Blah Blah? Nice name.

Anyway the novelty eagle head started here.

@52 Thanks for the noob pity. That was a great post and some insightful commentary. I would have added a paper bag and a can of gold or silver spraypaint. If you don't understand then you should get on your knees and thank your maker.

It reminded me of my bud Tom. One christmas, just before I moved to Alaska, he got me a beer stein from the Franklin Mint. It was Alaska themed with a few eagles painted on the side. He was serious. I love him to death but I almost screamed out loud.

"Girl, don't go away ma-ad! Girl, just go awaaay!"
It's like a beer stein full of eagles in here.

so Pew, where do you work? Or can you say? Just whisper it, no one's here, as Coconut has so cleverly pointed out.

if my boss finds out what really do in my free time I'm sure to loose my job.

As a matter of fact, my boss really likes Jalapeño's....

Uh oh, I've said too much all ready. My break is just about over, yeah that's it, I'm doing this while I'm on a break. But I'm going back to work now. my boss looking?

not here

Note: this truck doesn't have a sleeper cab.
LIkely the driver's purchase after he returned from a load. This is fairly common practice when you have a passenger and have personal items. He's obviously not delivering said package.

I know I'm a spoilsport.

The flatbed in question has already dropped-off his load and is returning empty. This is common. Many things could be in the small box, including nylon straps or even personal belongings. If you don't know what you are talking about, then shut-up. There's nothing wrong here and you should mind your own bez-way.

Dell need to invest in a bigger truck

@60 facts you know, life you haven't a clue.
My suggestion: Smoke a giant fatty, unspool a few yards of cable and install your joy module. 30-45 minutes of unprocessed, unfiltered, unstructured, unscheduled, undiluted, undulating, super happy funtime ahhh?

This is USPS at it`s best! ROFL!!


Play the short fun game mybrute. Join now! It only takes 5 minutes to play~

Actually, #60 is correct. However, knowledge never makes up for being a douchebag. Did you ever stop to consider most people already realize that and are just trying to have a laugh? I hate ruiners who ruin everything.

who was that DAISY wannabe? GW... get rid of em.

i was sitting on porch smoking the blunt when a guy in a red sweater said have you seen this shit i took a look and had a dizzle

That probably doesn't have a computer in it, just an old dell box used to transport the drivers stash of cocaine.

tahts my cuzins truck, he said he had some nylon straps in the box, he said to tell u all dont worry its not a compotter

totally fake. Dell doesn't delivery by flatbed truck...Unless Fedex is now using them


Hey dumbasses. Did you really think to question a single box being shipped on a flatbed trailer? Please. This is most likely cargo equipment, such as more straps (or chains) like the one holding the box. You should rename your site to Doofologie.

Remember: Brains are to be used to process information.

no no no. brains are used as zombie bait silly.

Must See!!

Dells are always broken lol?? Dells freaking rule. i've had mine for 6 years and it is absolutely perfect. I brought it across america in a hot car and had it in storage for a year and a half.. perfect. then you go to the Dell webpage and years worth of drivers and updates are all perfectly arranged and easy to find in seconds.. awesome customer service. and i've owned and used every kind of computer. i hope Mac guy gets one and then takes a nice bath with it. they tried to put a Mac in our office (i'm a software engineer) and i covered it with a raincoat and complained that i wouldnt be in the room with it until they took it back, lol. Macs and their users should all be floated out on a leaky raft into the middle of the sea.

I know whats inside the box:

it is not a fake, thats my buddy was making a new box to put behind my cab, to put my straps and chains for my truck. so i had to take my current box off . so i put all my straps in the box after i dropd off my load. didnt even think about someone thinking i was shipping it. tell it got all over the web. i just came across this website by accident when surfing the web.

File a claim :)

'The blond guy turned to his wife and angrily said, "All right, who's the other father!?!" ' wow, that blond daddy guy is short a synapse. everyone knows twins are born ONLY when there are two MOTHERS. maybe blond daddy is really a girlyman?

Daisy you are a giant bucket of fail! why dont you get off your fail boat and go home

LOL So.... that's why! xD

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