The TASER Shockwave system was designed to shoot any number of tasers off simultaneously, so you can shock a whole bunch of people at once. Or kill one poor bastard.

The TASER Shockwave is a modular system, letting you bunch together dozens of these TASER X26 stun guns. That oughta keep those evildoers at bay -- when they get within 25 feet of this monster, you open up a can of electro-whoopass while you sit pretty with your remote control trigger 100 meters away.

This beast is designed to "instantaneously incapacitate multiple personnel," and is designed for violent crowds and riot situations.

Really? Because this seems ridiculously expensive for something a little tear gas could do. Or a tank. You steer, I'll man the cannon!


That. Felt. AMAZING. Like love, but even better. Plus, it won't tear your heart out afterward. *sniff* Hold me, cannon.

TASER Shockwave, a stunning wall of hurt [dvice]

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That looks like it would hurt.

Riot control? Really? Cause tasers are too much fun for riot control.

They'd be shocking passing dogs and whatnot.

2nd ?

Watch the flames...

I <3 post hating ^.^

butt hurt...

sweet. i'd use it on my bro when he touches my bike

i'd use it on myself when i was being a bad boy..
i'm spent.

why is no-one flaming me for being a secondtard ? O.o

No, you drive, I want to be the cannon!!!

That's goin on my car. Roof or hood, I don't care. Daddy like.


Requisite don't taser me bro comment.

Imagine the chewbacca noises that could make that guy do! He'd be so fried, he'd lose his mind and think he was chewie

this is so [email protected]@$$!!!!!!!! i wonder how it would look ig you tasered a bunch of popcorn bags with this! or my weinner

actualy there are ways to become powerful

that would be awsome to have hooked up to a remotely activated home alarm. Dude busts into your house then WHAM.

i always thought like if you could like electrocute the sh*t out of someone that broke into your car... like if you don't enter a certain code or something like one f these babies would shoot from the seat and like shock you right inthe @$$

damn I am still obsessing over dragonkat...... hmm... looked her up on photobucket... nice stuff

we can sit here and joke, all day long, about this, but out there in the world, this is some deadly serious business. this a dangerous area denial weapon.

don't taze me bro


you're awesome


Why thank you!


good day to you sir


and to you!

This will last right up until the first time they use it and kill someone. Tasers are meant for single target use ONLY...the department that tries to use this will be sued, and they will lose.


that thing is rad to the power of SICK, literally, it would make you sick. just like eating too much pez.

totally unneeded, a waste of tax-payer money, especially when its made to be used on us.

and to jajaja - no ones flaming because flamings pretty lame, and/or no one cares

BBBZZZZZTTTTTTTT!!! ok, in all seriousness, this thing is scary!

man dude EFF that... that shhh is fake

And when you fire off all the tasers, you can detach the rear legs and fight off the attackers with a pointed stick.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie never back down where Max was in a war fight and got shot. the Dr. didn't have time to save Max's leg not his life so Max got on a horse and rode around trying to get himself killed. He ended up confusing the enemy, and allowing his side to win the battle.

lame, stink bombs are more effective....they at least melt eyes

Must See!!

I expect to see this in a game somewhere. Like when you turn the corner in Modern Warefare and PEW! It's time to get new underpants.


This non lethal weapon was designed and built by a taser manufacturer... not our government, thus, NO tax payer money has been involved...

Not a chance against my PHASER, you NWO bastards.
By the way try another 9/11 and you'll get a photon torpedo up your ass,

EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE! A Dalek with legs, where's the plunger?

zombie invasion, HERE WE COME !

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