Aug 28 2009Paper Art: Toilet Paper Roll Face Sculptures


Junior Fritz Jacquet is an artist that loves working with paper and has created a series of small masks by bending and folding empty toilet paper rolls. Good looking, Junior (we named the dog Indiana). I really think this is testament to the creativity of the human mind. It's amazing, you know? Junior here sees an empty toilet paper roll and thinks art. Me? I think, "damnit -- what hand's it gonna be this time?"

Hit the jump for a whole gallery of faces.






Toilet Paper Roll used for Sculptures [thisblogrules]

Thanks to Asbo, who has been making paper towel roll masks for even longer, so there.

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Reader Comments

let me love this dalmation please

First...Was the guy bored while taking a dump!?

I was about to be first, but didnt notice until a couple minutes after it was posted. ><


Wow...skill...skill... Useless skill, but skill nonetheless

Ive seen my artist friends make things from much weirder things.... crazy ppl you know, its all the turpentine they inhale


@2 Why the hell would you even say "first" ?? 90% of the time when you say first you end up being second or third, which in turn makes you look like the tool you are.

Firstarded firstard......

ima start saving my toilet paper roll thingies

the face in the first pic on the lower right looks like spock in a hoodie.


these look fantastic. considering that he's limited by the size and shape of his chosen material, the variation between each is wonderful to see. i do expect to see these poorly replicated by 7th graders in under-funded public schools soon, though.

talented, but creepy

it's always your left hand FYI. Hence why it is not polite to shake hands with your left hand upon meeting someone new.
All art should be made out of waste material (minus excrements) that way i would never have to clean up after myself. Just invite starving artists to come pick up all my crap.
Same concept as throwing beer cans in the front of your yard only to wake up the next morning to find that some bums had come by in the middle of the night to take them all away like dirty smelly tooth fairies.

@3 ... so you're crying not to be a firstard... lame... and pathetic... read the article... that's why it is there... if you want to be a firstard create your own page and do not share it with anyone
@7... Daisy wannabe... I bet the only good you would do is if you were grounded and made a hamburguer
@8... Comme on you said something real lame (couldnt find the post) was the best thing you've ever seem... it seems you just want to fit in...
@12... AGREE

Cool talent I wonder what could he do with ziplocs or coffee cups @[email protected]

totally look a lot like the Twilight Zone faces from that one episode... Wish I remembered the name of that one.

Watch, Rate, and leave a Comment

What do you mean by create my own page? Like a website? Well then if yes, then i already have done so, many times.
And i did read the whole post, before i remembered about the comments.

And why do you have to fix everyone else's comments, its not like it matters.


Hey all you naysayers, these are nice little sculptures --- It is really irrelevant what they were made out of except that it is interesting and proves the point that art can be made out of almost anything. Who cares if it has been done before or since? You are missing the point. Any creative endeavor inherently has merit--and suffice it to say that I doubt any one of these could be replicated exactly so they are in fact original each and every one.... Look at the colors and the patina created on each of them.......

Sarcastic remarks and mean little put downs are somebody's poor attempt at being sophisticated, so they think,-- better to shut up and go make something yourself or write something with merit. I dare you to come up with something half as worthwhile.

wait how did they make the toilet rolls that color the ones i buy are always brown is it a European brand?????

Must See!!!

thats amazing

@ 19

Artists need to be beaten down constantly or else they get out of line. Just look at what happened to Hollywood....

You could say this is crap art...

Ya know, thank you for making everything thats kind of boring to read about just that much more interesting by using Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade quotes...

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