Aug 3 2009Keychain LEGO Minifigs Hide A Bright Secret (Read: They Got LED's In Their Feet, Fool!)


These LEGO minifigs aren't just any LEGO minifigs, these 2.5" sums of beeches have keychains growing out of their domes AND A WHITE LED IN EACH FOOT. Sounds like somebody grew up under power lines. Available this fall for around $9, their torsos are sadly not interchangeable. Remember when you used to do that with your G.I. Joes? Because one time I replaced Gung Ho's torso with Lady Jaye's. It made me feel funny. Good funny. Down there. The tips of my toes, silly! Now rub them. DO IT NOW!

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LEGO Minifig With LED Feet [ohgizmo]

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I used to "play" with legos.

hahahhah dudeeeee im wastgedd,,, its my bvest friends paryt and im watching a paul mccartney dvd hahhahah im wasted

4th again

GW the Coast Guard is 219 years old patriotic....please? Dont make me man the M240 as the helo flies over your house... >_> we know where you live....


i spilled orange juice on myself

wow...... really? damn legos are kinda ghey......................

still trying to figure out the point of this...... nope none yet

WTF, what is up with people using Geekologie as a damn catalog. I'm thinking someone should do some damamge to those sites. Anyway, Light-Step Minifigs seem cool, I'm sure someone could mod them and stick a laser in there :P

@ mary

Post a pic of you with your shirt off and you would probably get more business on this waiting...............just post it already!!!!

@9 Aw, come on! Legos rock!

oh nice stereo picture

I'm calling bullshit on the interchangeable G.I. Joes. I have a lot of respect for the author of Geekologie, but I simply cannot believe that you swapped the torsos of any G.I.Joes. I recieved many beatings from my older brother for breaking that little black rubber band thing that held together the torso and the inner leg hook (especially when I broke Flint...damn). It was virtually impossible to replace that stupid thing, and once it was broken you just had to use those G.I.Joes as "casualties". All I'm saying is that is my parents couldn't even fix those things to stop their 5 year old from crying for like 15 hours, I doubt you did it on the regular just for fun!

maybe Mary has shoes for the lego dudes that still let the light shine through.

The lego keychains are cute ways to carry flashlights.

WTF is with the spam today?

GW's sleeping again. WAKE UP GW!

Spam, not Legos, are ghey.

And I want one of these things, they're adorable.

if it can't open a beer, it isn't going on my keys.

Hahaha.. Playing doctor with GI. JOE's...!

They all have that O-Ring attachment and screw in their backs.

I remember after significant "paper-cutter" battle damage, brothers Snake-Eye's and Stormshadow were both had extensive spinal damage (broken O-Ring).

I was able to create a new Hybrid, called Snakeshadow! Who lurks in the pants of evil men? Ssssnakeshaadow!

Omg those are super cute! I totally want one! .. anybody wanna buy me some? lol jk
But yeah legos and flashlights all in one! Just doesn't get anybetter than that! Wait... it could but still... super cute!

hmmmm.... nope! spam rox00000r$$$$ M4H $0XXXxxooooURU$ R3XXX!!!!!

Hey, put the LED in the mini-fig's chest for instant adorable Tony Stark.

Its Lego not Legos

you really know your Joes don't you?

So you're saying, #24, that there is no plural for Lego? Is it just like the word moose?

Yea...didn't think so.

Must See!!

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