Aug 5 2009Is This The Luckiest Man On Planet Earth?


What I wouldn't give to switch places with this guy for 30 minutes. 30 minutes!

Robotic Dinosaurs Ponder Man's Extinction [gizmodo]

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Lucky anthropologists, they have so much fun.

Hello, my name is FOOOD

look what i colored inside the lines ..

GW... i would think youd be torn

they are robots afterall

dinosaur looking robots

but robots none the less

GW you do know those dinosaurs are robotic.

You must be so torn right now.

GW - you accidentally added a 0 into your timeline...

you know what they say.

Great minds think alike.

Or is it it takes two dickheads to think one thought?

I'm so torn right now.

My favorite is the Thesaurus. zing.

Okay GW. Enough is enough. I have been an avid reader fro quite sometime, even occasionaly clicking on a "flat stomach?? Click here" ad every now and again to hopefully throw a little of the green stuff your way. But I for one have had my fill of this dinosaur fascination of yours. It's just not right. God never meant for humans to lay with dinosaurs. That is why he intelligently designed it so we would never ever EVER meet, setting us hundreds of years apart. SO please, keep your sick blasphemous fantasies to yourself, and stop being the vehicle for Satans ideology.


God did cleverly design it that us and dinos would never meet but he didn't count on the smartest of us not believing in God and for them to invent science so that one day we could meet them.

And make GW every wish come true.

but not The Superficial writer. He's just weird.



So Awesome, those are so well done.

Lame .... lame... lame... beyond lame... not even a good intro to the article.... this dinosaur thing must really make GW stupid (ER)

30 minutes...thus giving GW time to boink those dinosaurs 30 times.


Thank you, and please tip your waitress.

Who is with me in banishing #14, GoSS Jerk

JURASSIC PORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa, those dinos have such massive units they need dollys painted like rocks just to keep them upright.

GW would be sore for months

That's me. Second from the left. Do you think the stripes make my thighs look big?

So, GW really like dinos and hates robos. So what? Tired of seeing them? Stop coming here. Go make your own website or just shut up anything but complain about the GW. The person responsible for most of my life's entertaiment.

Sorry, second from my left. Second from the right in the picture.

I don't want you all to think I'm some sort of Stegasauras.

Robot dinosaurs. hmmph.
I wonder what dino meat tastes like. Is Dino bacon good? THIS is the real reason why we need to clone dinosaurs. I want dino bacon!!!

Errr...... That's what i call TOO much dino love...

@21 Pew, I recognized you from this pic:

@24 I remember that day, we lost a lot of good men that day.


Still....those lasers made you look HOT!!

Abomination!! Abomination!! Those who think that this sick and perverted liason with sexuality/dinosaurs/blog writers are doomed to a thousand millennia in the lake of burning souls!! Doom on you all!!

ROBOTIC dinosaurs G-Dub!

Don't fall for it... These are just wolves in sheeps clothing.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie The (GFS) Flintstones where Max made friends with a guy and showed him the ropes of the underground fight community, and introduced him to a teacher.

I saw this show a year ago when it was here in Vancouver. It was aamaaazziiinnnnng!


I think #10 was kidding.


OLD!!! - (

Must See!!

that's walking with dinosaurs live and i'm going to see it in wo weeks

and now the robots have dinosaurs just great

Gee I hope they put that thing that powers robots by eatin human flesh on these things they wouldnt be the end of humanity at all. although it would be fun to have world war 3 with a bunch of robotic dinosaurs. the end is nigh


STFU! They're ROBOT DINOSAURS. This means the GW secretly loves robots. Also, I'll rag on GW all I want. The last person to tell me to stop giving GW shit was Ollie Williams. Now look at us. We're buying a house together in Iowa.

@ 38

I SMELL SLUMBERPARTY!!! kind of stinks.


That reminds me. I have some floor plans to go over with you. We need to figure out where the whips/handcuffs/ball gag/dildo cabinet is going to go.


In the basement next to the butterfly fück swing.

Hey GW my friend works for this show, I'll get you tickets cause I'm smooth like warm whiskey (let me in your throat, I swear I won't burn)

They are not robots, They big puppets actually. You can look it up, Google my friends. Walking with Dinosaurs. The larger ones are driven by humans with controls for the arms and neck and shaz, and the smaller ones are humans dressed up.


STFU. Do you have to ruin everything?

Don't do it! Under their beautifully painted scales are hearts of metal and (what I interpret to be) human seeking death lazers !

I have seen walking with the dinosaurs when it was in Nashville and it was a cool ass show. Kids loved it.....I did too

God never wanted us to make clothes, DID HE? So why do YOU wear a shirt? BECAUSE GOD NEVER SAID WE DIDNT HAVE TO. Anyways im an atheist myself but...

Walking with Dinosaurs is what this show is called. It was fantastic despite the fact they are robots.

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