Aug 14 2009Impressive: This Ridiculous Star Wars House


I don't really have any more info on this house except that it's filled with virtually every single piece of Star Wars memorabilia short of Lucas's corpse. Plus, it was done in such a tasteful way that I dare say this man might actually get laid in his house -- WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT. No, seriou-- BWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! I almost had you, didn't I?

Hit the jump for more of my favorites, then hit the link to see the high-res versions and a bunch more.






Star Wars Room [dannychoo]

Thanks to Coby, who puts Princess Leia to shame in a golden bikini.

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Reader Comments

Wow. I'm jealousy. You know how many youtube videos I could make of smashing that stuff?


first!!! Also very neatooo!

now all it needs is some chewbacca cabinet.

coffee tables the best

damn! Also... damn!

does anyone else find it odd that the tv is BEHIND the couch??

When' s the party?

No more star wars!

7 - That's a print, not a tv.

This place is a showcase of obsession.

@9: if you dont like star wars, then you probably shouldn't come to a site called "geekologie"

i only saw 1 slave leia. FAKE!

Um, isn't that the arm from the Terminator series?

that makes much more sense, and maybe its just me, but a print of....??

jedi fail. he doesn't even have a lifesize replica of Han in carbornite. he is no star wars geek.

is thatthe lego falcon or a diff kind of model

14 - Fallen AT-AT in the white sand/snow?
Daisy's ass.

That rug in the last pic is fkn sweet. Almost as awesome as my bearskin rug.

@3&6 Can you spell FAIL?'s a good thing that guy has money...

Too much star wars, I have a mario collection and I almost got dumped.

Thank science my transformers collection is bigger *phew*

Where is the Wookie skin rug? All he needs is a Death Star disco ball to come out of the ceiling and he will be SICKY WOO!! I'd go to that party.

That's cool and all, but does he have the Limited Edition Chewbacca Pez dispenser – and not individual Pez – whole packs. They only made 250 of these in 1979.

@13 That's what I was thinking. It doens't look like Luke or Anakin's robotic arms did.

If I had the kind of money that dude obviously has, I could make a collection of dildo's look that good too.

@13 I was going to bring that up. How did that get in there? Unless it's Luke's robotic arm. But there was never any need for a full model of that.

@ Ollie ....a collection of dildos?


You heard me. GFS and I have quite the collection.

No sex takes place in this house unless there's another slave leia not pictured

What? No novelty eagle heads?

This is one room???????


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max bought a car, but the wrong one was delivered. When he complained, the sales guy said if you think you hate it now, wait till you drive it.


I'm kind of partial to the one with the dolphin on it.

@13 - It's probably Anakins robotic arm from episode 3. Remember, his arm was cut off in episode 2.

He must have a shit ton of money. How else is he getting laid?


It was cool until i seen the mac!!!!! I love you Bill! Come back!

I Yoda <3

Oh, yes, baby; He'll get laid. He'll get laid right there on his coffee table.... And I'll guaran-damn-tee that it'll be pretty fun.

No that's a Star Wars arm. It replaced Anakin's lost one, remember?

WOW! I mean... just... WOW! Some people have way too much money to throw away. I would have just bought the Millenium Falcon coffee table (I really like that) and stopped at that.

I shall allow him to live - because I didn't see any Jar Jars in the photos, so at least we know he is somewhat sane.

Wow I would totally live there


Grammar fail, thus post fail.


Stop advertising your shitty knock-off website, asshat.

Somehow they managed to make the place look almost classy with that amount of creepy stuff. Though why the hell does anyone need 6 R2-D2's?! Just sayin.


How else is he going to keep all of those X-Wings in working order?

No woman would ever date this guy because obviously he's only interested in spending money on himself.


Yes, because the keepers are ones who expect you to spend an ass ton of money on them rather than get a job themselves. Good call.

I don't know if this is awesome or sad. I do like his "coffee table".

@ 46

BS! It's obvious his soulmate would also love Star Wars. This would be like honey to his momma bear.

No, it is the arm from Terminator. I remember you could buy one years ago. And I know I just saw model of Anakins arm just recently and it looked nothing like it.

Impressive Most impressive

Waiting to see the dude who's apartment looks right out of star wars not someone with a clean compulsive collection. The coffee table is nice tho.

whoah... amazingly displayed.

id do it with the guy on his gaint sofa, and have him wear that cute white mask lol....he must have lots of moneyyy

Living the Dream.....

@15- I agree. No carbonite Han? Just wrong.
@46- If I were single, I'd date him.
And I have to say, I want the R2 fridge. That's effin AWESOME! It would look great next to my R2 garbage can. Then I could do my whole kitchen in Star Wars. I just need to get the Vadar toaster and cookie jar, and I'm set. Anyone know where I can get Star Wars dishes (that aren't kid's melamine ones, I mean)?

Actually, this guy is Korean. The info contained in his original post on his blog reveals that he is a graphic designer - and he's married.

Not quite the stereotype after all...

I would marry this guy on the spot! Wow. I'm in love.


I found my dream house.

fooled you! this is george lucas' house you silly gooses..... geese? silly geese? @ 44, i count 9 R2-D2's.

this guy is korean. haha I can tell by the beer in his R2. Must find where he lives.

HEY!!! That house belongs to Ol' Dirty Boba Phat - I've been there!

Not that impressive when compared to Rancho Obi-Wan:

hmmmm, dude must have a lot of time for dusting off that stuff.

I want some of this, and a little more of that please.

This is probably Lucas' pad u idiots

Rancho Obi-Wan is sick. Head of Lucasfilm Fan Relations Dept, Steve Sansweet's crib. Nothing beats that - possibly not even Lucas's pad!!!

My place is like that, but its a shrine to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles..
Date anyone (over the age of 15..)
My Michaelangelo will have you dripppping!

Why in the second picture from the bottom 4th from the left top row does it look like yoda is really giving Luke "the force" ?*drools all over keyboard* OH MY GOD.....It's like I died and gone to heaven. I hope that IS what the afterlife is like....

The OB blue beer gave away the Korean owner....BTW that beer is shyt

i believe that arm is off one of the medical droids from the first star wars film a "a new hope" i think was the name. i believe they were also the the same as the one that they show closing up the access panel on Luke's robot arm at the end of empire strikes back.

Wow. i am so incredibly jealous of this guy right now.

This is the most beautiful house I have ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!!

I mean c'mon, he's got a BEER-2-D2 for cryin out loud!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! What a pretty house. I'd totally live there if it wasn't Star Wars-filled. I appreciate the effort put into collecting all that stuff, but I don't like Star Wars.

I love the living room, its got lovely decor. Whoever owns this either had an interior decorator or a woman. I think its the second one; whoever is that much of a Star Wars fan cannot possibly have a woman that would even consider living with him.

I DON'T* think its the second one.

I'm pretty sure that picture that I linked is the arm that everyone is debating about. The stand even looks quite similar. I looked up pictures of Anakin's arm and Luke's arm and neither look anything like that.

Everything else...sure...ok, but the Millennium Falcon coffee table?

It killed me.

I must have it.

awesomee :))))))

I like the entertainment center the Best. I wonder if it is THX certified?

Just found my future husband.

This establishment belongs to Tomoaki "Nigo" Nagao, owner of Bape Clothing.

One word....

end table of R2D2 with the drink tray from the sail barge in Jedi would be sweet


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Star Wars is cool

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