Aug 11 2009How To Lose Your Job Via Facebook Status


We already saw one jackass nearly lose his job over his Facebook status, and here comes a chick that actually managed to go all the way. Congratulations -- you're an idiot moron! This is exactly why you can't be social networking friends with your coworkers. Am I right?

The Geekologie Writer is the Superficial Writer gobbles donkey balls while IWatchStuff lives up to his name.

Note to self: Don't 'friend' your boss on FB and then bitch about your job. [thenextweb]

Thanks to Allison and max, both of whom I talk smack about behind their backs.

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what a loser :P
this is why i dont post stuff on my facebook that pis ses people off




I knew i should have studied my numers gooder than i did... 5th??


awesome that you tried to lead out a bit.

HA HA HA! Good luck getting a reference out of him! As a boss with whiney little b*tch*ss workers I can say this made my day.

5th owned!!!!



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver BAck DOwn where Max got a fax saying he was fired, but then went back in time to fix it and the fax faded away.

@ 10

Who is John Galt?

Why does it look like a big black willy where her name is blanked out, it's pointing at her picture as well...

had it coming.. i hope it takes her a good 3 years to land another job. the uptight twat is taking a paycheck for granted.

typical kid, thinks they deserve money for nothing... probly gotthe job because her parents are forcing it on her. i hope she get blacklisted everywhere and learns a lesson the hard way

the worse thing that could happen is that she can find another job very easily

Why in the world would you ever add your boss as a friend on Facebook? Especially if you think he's a "pervvy wanker" ????


first!! YAY!!!


I know people myself who have been caught out over facebook. Don't add your uni lecturer as a friend, then write your status update as "too hung over to go in uni, e-mailed in sick"

OOOLD!!! honestly nothing relevant with this news....or was the boss a Robot?

Hahhaa! Awesome. There's a 10% unemployment rate and this stupid filth is whining about being paid to mess up sharpening pencils. Good luck with life you stupid fool.

Why stop there?

I hope she devolopes an eating disorder and becomes overweight and finaly gets back in shape and finds a man who breaks her heart and she starts cutting herself to releive the pain and after her psychologist raped her for the 12th time she breaks free and finds a real man she loves and they get married only to find out she can't have kids and than one day she gets pregnant but she found out she has AIDS that she got from her cheating husband and now the baby has AIDS and her parents find out about this and commit suicide and her mentally handicap brother doesn't understand so he murders her husband and she gives birth to the miracle baby only to have it die before her eyes and she go on to live a miserable lonely life... I think that should cover it...

@19 Who cares if it's old. You don't get GW's awesome comments from watching it on the news.

Note self self: Don't friend your boss at all.... facebook or not...





Good morning my lovelies. I have my boss as a FB friend, but he's a stand up guy. Well, that and I'm not stupid enough to whine about my job. Better than the alternative.

@ 27

Well thank you Ollie, you may keep you job for one more day...

I have a feeling this bird has a lot of "pervvy wankers" and "shit stuffing" in her future.

@everyone. THEY SEE ME TROLLIN, THEY HATIN, ALL THESE NERDS TRYIN TO CATCH ME ACTIN NERDY! TRY'N TA CATCH ME ACTIN NERDY TRY'N TA CATCH ME ACTIN NERDY. no but seriously this girl should go suck dog ballz for being such a dumby

first of all… I make it a point not to bitch much in my status
#1- Because nobody cares and wants to see a bunch of bitchass whining on their facebook account
#2- to avoid this kind of stupid stuff

my boss friended me on FB and to avoid awkwardness I accepted but I immediately went into my settings and SET IT TO WHERE THAT PERSON COULD NOT SEE MY STATUS. I know many don't know that you can single out people that can't see your status but its really easy. like I said I don't often bitch about my job on FB but at least IF i do I know my boss won't see it

I guess I'll have to bitch about my job the old fashioned way, at the bar.

@ everyone again. i cant believe any of you were the first sperm. that must been the special olympics of nut busts. your'are all raTARDS!

Swastika LOLin

Never add your boss on FB. Even if you are not a stupid whinny bitch, they can see when you are screwing around on Facebook instead of working.

GUYS! im not really feeling it today.... can someone else write hateful things and make fun of the nerds today? pick up the torch, some one!

in related news, i am gunna play ocarina of time on N64 after work, its been too long.

HA what a tool, she deserved that

noone cares about your job getting your shit pushed in, or your N64 (ocarina of time, nice name drop). maybe we can finally get back to reading funny, relevant comments, w/o getting bogged down with your asinine infantile poop jokes

PS- I hate you

@32 I'll meet you there in a half hour

Employment FAIL!

She was stupid, yes, but if I were her I would follow-up by forwarding this screenshot to her BOSSES boss, so he can see how this creep spends his time adding his younger employees on facebook. Plus I don't think calling her a "F-up" was very professional, even if it is true. In the end I don't think he had any grounds to fire her, and she should go after him for it.


It's on! First round's on me.


And that's why Facebook (personal life) and professional life should be kept separate.

@40 I agree that it wasn't professional, but if she was on her trial period, her boss doesn't even need a good reason to let her go. No employer would go through the pain of hiring if they were planning to fire the new person in 4 weeks. So it's assumed any reason is a good reason.

it wasnt professional of her to post this. he (the boss) mentions that shes on her trial period, and, as a perk of being the boss, he gets to fire her for being another self-entitled bitch who expects pay for no work

yay for literary references, esp ones that i get

Meetballz, if she was still in her probationary or trial period he has every right the fire her, hell, there doesn't even have to be a legit reason. He could say she pissed on the toilet seat. As long as she signed the paper she has no rights in this situation.

Hasn't anyone put that troll out of its misery? So sad troll to be so useless.

In other news, this post is funny for both her idiotic whining and complaining when her boss is a friend (what a dope), but her boss wasn't too bright either. By putting all that in writing, she now has ammunition to fight back. Maybe he really is a pervy wanker

And what the hell does being gay have anything to do with it? So you're gay? BFD. Go get ass-rammed and shut the hell up.

if hes gay, its kind of hard for him to be pervy towards her (you know, with her icky vagina and all). she can fight back all she wants, but it wont get her her job back. read the whole thing next time. fail.


Freddy C'mon, read it again. She's saying the boss had a thing for her and that's why he responds the way he does. She has no "ammunition" to fight back except what? That he used the f word in his reply? Nah cant hang a wrongful dismissal on that.

AH! AH! He's gaaaay!

who wants a body massage?

Surely it can't be legal to fire someone 'cause they said mean stuff about you on Facebook, can it?

Since when does pervy wanker mean hitting on me? Yes, it can be construed that is what she is saying but not necessarilly so.
The fact that he has to then say he is gay and that she is too thick to get it... oh and by the way you are fired. Well now she has grounds for a discrimination claim. He would have been better off to just say it and skip the whole "I'm gay" thing.
And yes, the fact that he uses the F word in her dismissal (even though its describing her performance) is at the least, a poor choice of words if not additional ammunition to prove a hostile work environment.
Crappy rules, but I didn't make them.

Bottom line is she is probably a juvenile little wanker herself and deserves to be canned, but her boss is also not too slick.


Doesn't really matter what was said. It's Facebook. Neither of them can really use that legally against one or the other. The main point is that she is under trial so now that he realizes she's a whiny bitch etc etc....well when it comes time for an explanation all he has to say is, "She just wasn't working out".

ROFL! *sigh*

Forget this work crap. Please click on my link in the sidebar and help save my heaving cleavage from this shredded dress.

that is just how dumb people are. it took me a long time considering who from work to add on my friends list but still with just friends i don't put shit like that, that would get me in trouble with someone Jesus this is why I stay away from Twitter and that attention whore update status from hell factory!

Unfortunately for this person if she was stupid enough to do this once she's stupid enough to not learn from it.

58th, ha ha ha


Apparently folks aren't understanding a probationary period. He had every rights to fire her. That's the point of a trial period. If the employee doesn't fit the job requirements and isn't doing their job correctly, the trial period ends, and the employer is not required to extend the employee into a full-time position. I think it was actually probably better in the long run to respond as he did, which will hopefully remind her and others to watch what they say on facebook when it comes to their job. It's not the first time it's caused problems.

What's even more ridiculous than getting yourself fired on FB? Firing someone on FB! She deserved to be fired, but still incredibly unprofessional to actually fire her on a social networking site! Trial period or not, he should have waited till the next time she came in to work, and fired her in person.

Still hilarious, though.

Dumb lazy idiot got what she deserved.

@44, they're called allusions.

lmao what a twit, at least she leaves with a funny story and a bad reference for (if ever lucky) her next job.


not only can all of her friends see that she got fired but she forgot the cardinal rule about bitching behind someones back... if you dont want it to be seen, dont put it in writing. moron.

@21 i LOLed so hard i peed a little

This is exactly why NONE of my coworkers are on my FB.

how do you know the boss added her? how do you know he is a creep?

are you commenting on the story or trying to project and deal with your own problems and issues through this story?

i say this because you just inserted a bunch of facts into the story that are not true and not even mentioned in the story
for example
he didnt fire her, she was a temp/trial period.
the article does not say he added any young employes to his facebook list
(it says they were on each others list-she could have added him)
how do you know he is a creep----in the article dude says hes gay, girl calls him a perv----if anything that suggests the latter is egocenteric confused,,

if he wasa perv? why would she add or accept his invitation?

did you read the story? can you think? at all? just a little maybe?

ouch.. that sucks hehe she should have flirted with her boss :p

That's why I don't add coworkers to my social sites. At least until I know them very well and consider them friends. But I would NEVER add my boss or anyone in management or HR. Dummy.

Cool, one more opening for someone that actually wants to work.

I find this funny, but still the boss was a douche, people should be able to vent about work and not worry about it. Now with people mostly on social networks, it is a place that you can vent. And this shouldn't be used for a reason too fire someone. I know she could have been termed for any reason, and hey if she sucked well than fire her. But don't fire her over facebook or what she said on facebook.
It seems odd that she had her boss as a friend, you would think they were friends. But this is a great reason too make sure too not add co-workers to facebook if you are going to talk smack.
Also just a side note, HR people have been looking at social networks to see if someone is okay to work. So I think this is also, "big brother" of jobs but I would just make sure you know that people could be looking, if you are posting things you don't want too be seen, well make sure to block people.

@ 72

You must be Kyle Doyle.

I most states in the USA, a boss can fire a person for any reason they so choose, short of race or a physical disability that doesn't interfere with their job. State with this law are called "at will" states.
The rule isn't to make sure you don't vent about your boss on FB, but to make sure you set your privacy so ONLY friends can see it (not friends of friends) and to NEVER add your boss to your network under any circumstances.
I mistakenly added one co-worker on FB, and later when I "unfriended" him, he instantly sent a pleading message wanting to know why. People on FB don't get notified when you do this, so I was stunned he monitored his friend list so closely. Either that, or I was his only one : -)

OMG! :o A completely DUMB Move!!!

LOOL!! I think everyone at least once in their lives have put this kind of things on
Facebook, myspace or at least complain about your job. But well, maybe she
Just never ever talks to her boss on FB and its so easy to forget who u have added as a
Friend… but that’s why is always good not to add people that you don’t know
Or theyre ur co-workers or BOSS! Don’t be mean to her, plus shes like.. what? 16, so
Teenagers do all kind of stupid things, and I bet a lot of the people in here are teenagers
Commenting on this post instead of working,studying or getting a job! Lol

I think its quite hilarious that individuals are stating that the boss is a douche.. If you read she called him a PERVVY WANKER. So if anyone is the douche, its her. Not to mention he's a queer, so how can a queer be a pervvy wanker to some broad?
Spare me the opinions of 'well he fired her on facebook, thats unprofessional, blah blah blah' Pffffft, Please! He can fire her for any reason unbeknownst to her, whether it be in an e-mail, over the phone, even on FB.
She was on a probation period, which is a trial to see if the trainee is qualified for that postion (obviously she's not), he doesn't have to have any reason at all to fire her, or any specific way.
Someone mentioned that using the F bomb was unprofessional, and her callin him a wanker isnt?
He just did her a favor by firing her, I mean afterall she 'hates her job' .

Yeah, I was also fired at work, or laid off, and part of it was due to harassment by some cyber-stalkers. I thought I would be nice so I accepted her friend request, and then she started obsessing over me and talking about me all the time. I might have been more lenient if she was more attractive but she was creepy. At the same time some other girls asked me to add them so I did, but one snobby ice-queen snubbed my request, so I had one co-worker stalking me and another one thinking she was better than me, and they were gossiping about me all the time. Well, I was plenty pissed, so to stop the harassment I de-friended them, but I still hated them and hated working there, so they fired me after a round of layoffs. I should have complained to corporate.

I hate Facebook and would never join. But I also love Facebook and would and do sign up under anonymous names from time to time to check up on people.
Yeah that's right, you don't need to sign up under your real name. It's like having the keys to your house, I can come and go as i please and nobody knows I was ever there. Brilliant.

omg!! i hav heard of alot of ppl gettin in2 trouble by doin this especially wen drunk so b warned ha!

Courts (at least one) have asked for content on Facebook (even those on private profiles) to be used as evidence. Yes, the world is changing..

I don't think the moral is "don't friend co-workers" but the kindergarten adage about what to do if you don't have anything nice to say.

She could sue him for that. Firing someone for something they did outside of work isn't acceptable. Nor is firing them through online means.

What the boss is overlooking is that this very ability to bitch about our jobs in a quasi-public, yet officially private way actually benefits him. It's a completely ineffective outlet for worker dissatisfaction, which, of course, is rampant, because we're all being exploited by the Capitalist system.

Yes but surely she can sue him for breach of privacy and the bad language in his comment? What he has done is unprofessional as he should have spoken to her in person ???

To be fair, Facebook should never be taken seriously, and neither should prawns :)

Oh I just read comments above and realise soeones just said that

- dam shudda read the whole thread soz :[email protected]

well, she also used bad language in her post, that spoke directly of her boss.

Here's one for you, my boss is trying to cut me from work because I posted "I have an extra shift - yay!" and people have been making up status' that i've apparently posted.. keep in mind - my boss doesn't have facebook..

This sucks.

As i understand it from a legal point of view..

If a person is sacked because they are " slagging" someone off who is there boss or so on in company, then said person is there friend on facebook, you given that person the right to see your personal information. Although his choice of words are poor not a leg to stand on.

Although ? If Person is not a friend on facebook, and you have your privacy settings on highest, meaning no-one other then your accepted friends can view your information. Loop Hole... Boss gets information ever through word of mouth, or better ! someone prints of the comments. Hands it into your boss then your sacked like this. Three Words that will save job, Data Protection Act. For a Company, to take and us your information in such a way is very much illegal. Which makes any information obtains in such a way is admissible, i.e they can't use it. The main word in case like this is, prove.. that can they prove. But more importantly what can they "legally prove".

My Clearest and most useful advice in this situation would be, Delete the comment, Regardless who has wrote on it. At disciplinary, ask to be show a paper copy of allegedly comments. If they can't produce one, Sorted no evidence, if they do. Ask Whether they are a ware that you have privacy setting on highest meaning information on facebook is cover by Data Protection Act. That by obtaining it, and printing it off they have broken the law, and as such can not be used against you.

Hope that was useful

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I've seen this one quite a few times (On Facebook a few times as well), but always makes me LOL, such a funny thing, I mean, the first thing I would of done is checked to see if I had any co-workers on Facebook before posting something like this, oh well, obviously not everyone is as smart!

What seems to be a little rant on Facebook, probably to get some stress out has caused some poor soul the hassle of trying to find a new job and probably even more stress from trying to get the job! LOL

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