Aug 4 2009Folding Bike Fits Within Circumference Of Tire


24-year old inventor Dominic Hargreaves has designed and built a bike that folds up to the size of the bike's wheels. Not as impressive as a bike that folds up into its own squeaky horn, BUT NOT EVERYONE IS THIS GENIUS.

"I couldn't find a folding bicycle I liked...I wanted something that could take a bit of punishment and that you could have fun with. So I made one myself."

Mr Hargreaves has been in contact with various manufacturers and hopes to get the bike into production soon.

Cool. I've never ridden a folding bike before because I value my safety, but I have ridden a bike with no seat before. It was good times. For both of us.

Inventor's Bike Folds Into Its Own Wheel [yahoonews]

Thanks Pete, now get your top men on a folding jetpack STAT.

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In before some child gets folded up into it.

Now this is a real bike...

How in the hell does it look unfolded?




Cool idea... but I won't be buying it.

@GFS you are teh king of research, a bonus awaits you at the end of this level

@3 That link is not a bike at all.

i wonder if he's taken it off any sweet jumps.

I'd be too scared of this thing folding while riding in and taking a limb off...

I reject it out of hand, b/c it appears he is wearing d0uche flip-flops in the picture.

I eject him from the Tribe of Men and burn his Williamsburg loft to the ground.

@9 You must be new. Welcome to Geekologie. Don't click on any of the "mybrute" links. Other things to keep in mind: Dinosaurs, robot apocalypse, Daisy.

I wonder if it's got pegs?



Don't forget about bacon!

oooo more pictures?

Looks an awful lot like THIS:

Came out over a year ago.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja agreed to meet at a restaurant dressed in biker disguises. Max came as a bicycle rider, and Baja came dressed like a motorcycle rider.


No, seriously.

This bike won't see production any time soon, and the prototype isn't even a real bike.

1) The cranks don't work. It is supposed to pump oil through the frame to drive the wheel, but that's something that even the major manufacturers and a lot of engineers haven't figured out how to implement efficiently:

2) There are no brakes -- The disc hubs have no calipers. Cable brakes won't like being folded. Hydraulic brakes might work, but it's still not good to fold the tubes. A coaster brake would work, but you'd first need working cranks.

It's neat to see it fold up tight and roll, and I would love nothing more than a folding bike just like this, but it's not going to be a reality for some time until they solve #1.

I still won't be impressed until it can be folded small enough to fit into my pocket. But since I'm 19 feet tall I guess it already would.

I don't think Brompton has anything to be worried about (BROMPTONS RULE!)

Must See!!


you may be fooling GFS but you cant fool GOD !

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