Aug 21 2009Creepy: An Edward Cullen Shower Curtain


Because it's a well known fact vampires are pervbags that like to stare at you while you piss, here's a custom Edward Cullen shower curtain. It was handpainted by Etsy seller CustomShowerCurtains and will set you back a cool 75 bones. Now, you may be wondering why I'm posting a Twilight shower curtain in the first place. And the answer to that, my friends, is for the womens. Apparently they love this shit. Also, shoes and cooking. DO I KNOW THEM OR WHAT?!

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Thanks to Jay, who caught Bella watching him projectile vomit after a long night of drinking.

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Super creepy. And Tri-tardy. It's Friday for god's sake! Post something fun!

Yes I meant tri-tardy. Like a trifecta of tard.

The sad thing'll probably sell...

I bet the would like to get sucked by that vamp

Aw GW you let me down.

Plus the WOMEN do not like this twilame stuff.

Tweens do.

Plus #2 is rite its friday have something fun!

Oh How I love it when a man face is staring at me while I sit on the throne, Just when I thought taking a dump was awkward enough.

god dammit, until geekologie I've been oblivious to anything twilight but since yesterday morning I'm beginning to think GW wears a glittery dress. While I've NEVER complained about anything GW ever in my life.................I'm not about to start.

GW is clearly calling out for help, I'm going to work on getting him some biker chicks - I know STOMPY will help me

I just googled 'blown out eyeballs' to reset the mood over here

What we need is some "Twilight" toilet paper.

I think Twilight ( has replaced Tokyoflash...

@6 minus the shower curtain, does being a steel dragon have anything to do with taking a dump being awkward?

GW if you need a Women i can help.

Today is irritating me. Stupid link.

Everything I've heard about Twighlight has been through geekologie. And probably after the 2nd twilight post i joind the hate'em club, I'm glad y dont have a teenage daughter, i'd probably beat the crap outa her up if she came home with anything related to sh.t like that shower curtain. LOL

@8 no we don't

I like the cut of your jib..... I'm glad I don't have a teenage daughter also.... so much out there to piss me off as a father I wouldn't know what to do...

i still love you GW

I still love GW too, just can't stand what little I know about twatlight


Aren't most of twilight's fans still taking baths anyways?

You know why guys hate Twilight so much? It's because Edward doesn't act like a guy at all; he's a girls-fantasy character. Women must feel the same way about the girls in porno movies; they don't act even remotely like real girls. Now that I think about it, the girls in a lot of movies and books don't act much like real girls. So maybe women get used to being portrayed as male-fantasy objects.

Any porno girl would be rejected by her peers in real life, called a slut. Just like guys reject pussy Edward.

There are plenty of uxorious guys (it's a mommy thing), just like there are plenty of "dirty" gals (re:daddy). But they're careful to keep it private.


Are you intoxicated sir? Not that that's a bad thing, but the quality of your post seems to be subpar compared to your usual observations.


Uxorious is a hella good word. Just saying.


I think your kind of right, but the other reason people hate it so much is that it is made out to be some great thing that it's not.

I just hate that.

Also i dont think bad of girls that do prono. Plus some of those chicks are cute.

To each their own

I've been desperately trying to find one just like this with Jack Nicholson's face from the shining on it. Way more famous. and way more rad.


@23: The girl-characters in porno don't display normal motives. They're pathological. Normal girls wouldn't trust them, especially around their boyfriends.

@22: Yeah, I like uxorious 'cause it implies the guy is choosing the situation. It's not the same as pussy-whipped. It's a like being into the dominatrix.


No I get what your saying, but if a girl is confident in herself it shouldn't matter.

I mean thats how I am.

holy crap O_O i dont think eve *I* would get that bc it's just his disembodied head floating there, watching me shave my legs. O_O

For kids trainning .... The Michael Jackson style =oO

No. GW's right. Some women do like this bullshit. They're usually gothy and or fat and ugly, but either way...

@ 21

We started on the Tequila a couple of articles back, i guess i'm getting a philosophical tequila buzz today. sh.t

@ BRUTEFAGS go f*ck the shower curtain


If the title wasn't there to inform me otherwise, I would have sworn that was a shower curtain featuring that annoying little pansy prettyboy turd Tom Brady.

Well, at least this is some way to get that disgusting creeper to take a shower. Be careful not to slip on all of the gel that will be sludging onto the ground!

Unfortunately, I know many women 20-45 who are not goth, ugly nor fat who like this crap.

I'm a woman and I hate Twilight.

Haha that's just as bad as this wall sticker! Women can now have a creepy shadow bf watching them sleep at night.

I want to have intercourse with Pepper.

I don't think I like the color........oh!...and I hate Robert Pattinson, yeah......of course I don't really know him, ya know, in a literal sense.

@ 37

Agreed Pepper is cute, but Pepper whats up with the nb's?

I'm a girl and I think that's just effin creepy a bit scary actually.
and just fyi not all girls like cooking you know.

I think that everyone is taking this way too seriously. Instead picking on GW why not try laughing at how some Twihard is so nuts she would want some dude's face painted on her shower curtain!

Besides, how can we turn on the man who brought us the Periodic Table of Video Game Characters.

Pew Pew GW. Pew Pew.

That's not Edward Cullen...That's only some stupid Hufflepuff student two years above Harry. In addition to being a Hufflepuff prefect, he is the house Quidditch captain and Seeker.

In short, it's a British magician curtain...twitards :))

i like Twilight so thanks, GW. you DO know what the ladies like.

Must See!

Holy hell! I would rather have a shower curtain with Freddie or Jason's face on it.
I like Twilight but this is just f*cking stupid.

People be on the look out for Twilight condoms! Oh yes, now every man can feel make their woman feel like shes being ravaged by a sparkly vampire. xD

No more Twilight, please. No one cares.

I like Twilight, but I think this is just ridiculas, its creepy having a face on your shower thank you.

I would like to see a Twilight/Blade mash up

special 'mom jean' high waist , but they have assorted designs that suck up

It's not creepy, it's actually creative IMHO.

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