Aug 29 2009Bokeh Filter Turns Light Blurs Into Shapes


The Bokeh filter is a $10 physical filter for your camera that turns out of focus light blurs in the background into shapes like hearts and stars and spirals (separate filter required for each). It works by magic. But not black magic, because you don't want to eff with that shit unless you absolutely have to.

One of the fastest growing fads in modern photography is bokeh shapes. Bokeh shapes are shapes of light in the blurred background of photos. These shapes are achieved by using a bokeh filter over the camera lens. Bokeh is a photography term derived from the Japanese word for blurred. Bokeh refers to the unfocused background in a photo.

The Bokeh Filter is a simple filter that clips onto the end of your lens. This filter blocks out pieces of light that cause the bokeh (blur) in your images to take the shape of the filter.

Neato. Now if they could just create a camera filter that makes my face look like Brad Pitt's, maybe I wouldn't be losing so many Facebook friends. I'M A MONSTER! Truck, monster truck. VROOM VROOM, I AM CRUSHING YOUR CAR!

Hit the jump for a video of the filter in action, directly from a camera.

Product Site

Thanks to hubbache, who once Photoshopped a light blur in a Disney cartoon to look like a penis. For shame, hubbache.

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Reader Comments

I always saw the bokeh as a secondary effect. Manipulating that effect would be amateurish, in my opinion.

2nddd byeeee

DIY Haha.

Thats cool you know, Id like one of these just for fun!

Awesome, I used to do that with the filters for laser pointers but they were too small. This is much better! Oh wait, you should be able to use this filter with laser pointers then! Rad to the power of Sweet!


that's neat, I wonder if they have them in spiral shape :B

@1 STFU. Are you the photography police?


wait so does this work for like eyes too cuz i wanna have eyes that look like stop signs

this filter came out like 2 years ago. ooohhhh ahhhh.


GW, all of your tips are from StumbleUpon.

If this is really an effect that excites you, you might look into getting a lensbaby
Same idea, but the aperture is more inbuilt in the lens.
check out the photo gallery, and select creative aperture kit under accessories.
Worship the chimp!

That's either a neat idea or a complete waste of money. I can't decide.


the lensbaby is a selective focus lens.


@1 STFU. Are you the photography police? @1 STFU. Are you the photography police?

Butthurt little bitch.

I WANT ONE. Haha and I'm not even a photographer.

for those interested in photography i found out a DIY of the Bokeh filter...

i'm going to try it as soon i have a little free time...

doh! number 3 posted the same link LMAO. fail!

Wow, that is pretty cool.

I have recently started my fascination with all things bokeh!!!
It is a very cool effect and have used it quite extensively in my family photos.

In my research on the subject i have also found a clever little site
for all amateur photographers out there like me with a sense of humour that made me smile :))))

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