Aug 13 2009Batman Would Be Proud Cramped: Guy Builds Mini-Tumbler Out Of Go Kart


Want your own Batman Tumbler but can't afford to hire Morgan Freeman to build you a full-size one? Well fear not, intrepid crime fighter, because some guy on eBay is selling $30 plans to build one out of a go kart. Of course, if you don't want to pay, I'll tell you how to make one for free.

Step 1: Steal a go kart.
Step 2: Add a bunch of spray painted sheet metal.
Step C: Multiply your chances of getting tetanus and lockjaw by four score.
Step 4: Subtract any street cred you may have accumulated over the years.
Step 5: Divide by Robin. And by divide by I mean have intercourse with in the back.
Step 6: Safety first -- make sure to wrap your junk in a costume (I guess this should have been Step 5).
Step G: Get tested.

Hit the jump for a video of a finished Dangermobile in action.

Mini-Tumbler Is Perfect For Taking Down Children in Joker Halloween Costumes [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

That's pretty damn cool right there I tell ya

BULL! I made this for him and he took credit!


It's cool in theory, but its just not nearly as bad ass on that scale, especially when there is a little head poking out the top.

Hey that's what she said.

Happy Be-lated birthday GW. I want you inside me.


Riddle me this Batman...

lol want a ride!!!

somthing tells me this guy is a pedobear


I'm hoping GW did us one good in return for all those sweet birthday wishes yesterday by banning the troll, I don't like skipping over that many comments when someone throws it food

thats lame. the tumbler i built has the option to turn into a mini bat-motorcycle and then self destruct the remains of the vehicle.

Not only is it cool, but if you wreck it; instant decapitation, so you wont even feel a thing.

Holy Midgets Batman!

That's sheet metal? I could have swore it was paper mache.

Oh, my, god.
Can totally imaging Batman jumping out to push it backwards.
"Hold on Evil-Do'er, i call time out while i slowly make my pathetic getaway"

And with a drunken Robin on can you lose!!!

Wait, I thought 'Step 1' was 'Cut a hole in the box.'


That's step two. Step one is procure box.

@18. No, step 1 is definitely "Cut a hole in the box."

You should already have a box when you start the steps. So procuring a box would be step 0.

Bwahahahaha that's funny GW...I needed that

This would look very bad if the boy wasn't actually his son...

He screams DADDY! when he nabs him away in the kart haha

Question: What is ugly, stupid and fat?

Answer: The moron I work with and the-one-who-makes-big-trouble-out-of-nowhere

I think it looks sweet until he gets in it...

@22 add lazy and nosy and it's the guy I work with too!

How redneck are you if you have a kitchen table in your front yard living off a dirt road?

Do you guys smell that wonderful smell outside today? Smells like sweaty men and pigskins. Just 5 more weeks and I won't be bored on a Sunday for 17 more.

The picture looks pretty sweet. Can't see the vid, but from what you all are saying it will only deflate the awesomeness of the picture. Oh well.


@12 - Mine turns into a novelty eagle head!

@24... I wonder how those stupid morons get such good jobs ... My hypotesis is that since they can't stand themselves they bother others so that they don't think about their stupid existances

@9 i was thinking the exact same. Also ! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY GW. I'm sorry i missed it -_- I THINK I'M GONNA SUICIDE D:

That looks like crap!! Seriously!

That's lame. Tumbler that sounds like a lawnmower, great. You just spent weeks of your lame existence building something nobody wants...nice work.

You forgot:
Step H: ???
Step I: PROFIT!!!

He should have left a hole in the floor so he can flinstone it in reverse,
(and now is maybe not the time to make a joke about a portable orphan)

@33 - one of my favorite episodes.

king of the park right there.

" the thing is with this, i dont have reverse, so if i get into a spot where i cant reverse i have to push it back"

no you dont dude, its a tumbler. just drive through it. but remeber to duck.

I'm pretty sure with the way Hollywood is raping comic book movies that this will be Batman's ride in the third movie.

haha love the random "Now I don't have a ___ on this, so I just have to ____"

He also couldn't be bothered to take down the annoying loud windchimes or refilm where he doesn't have to keep getting out of the go kart to push it every 3 seconds.

nice plans buddy.. lol

What? No reverse? And no weapons? Booo

I w't know

i would really pad out the top bit, one wrong turn and that kid is gonna be decapitated

Man... if I knew that I was going to get this much crap for building this, I would have kept it to myself.

suks cause it doesnt go fast

do you have instructions on how to make that batman kart???

would you make one for me? if so how much would i have to pay?

one word comes to mind..... Tweaker!

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