Aug 7 2009Bark Translator Tells What Your Dog Wants


The Bowlingual Voice bark translator translates a dog's barks into words a human can understand. Words like, "I'm about to pee on the carpet!"

Developed by Takara Tomy, a Japanese toy company, this little gadget is supposed to translate your dog's feelings into words you can understand (while making your dog look like something out of a sci-fi movie). The gadget can tell you if your dog is sad, joyful, alert to danger, needy, happy or frustrated.

The £129 ($215) gadget can be placed on the dog's collar and includes a receiver which would translate the dogs' barks. The translated bark is displayed on the receiver which also plays in audio phrases like 'I feel sad' or 'Leave me alone', the toy will hit the Japanese market on August 27th.

I question how well the device actually works, but what's $215 to pretend you're your Doctor Dolittle? Read: buy a stethoscope and rectal thermometer and call it a day.

Bowlingual Voice Can Help You Talk To Your Dog!

Thanks to Trevor, who once had a conversation with a mounted dear head when they were both on peyote.

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Does it work on humans that bark???

I thought that was a good idea. Then I figured out my dog would tell everyone what I do at home when I'm alone.

My dogs don't make any noise when they're about to pee on the carpet. They just do it. This thing will do me no good.

I would be more impressed if someone came up with human to bark translator.

A ventriloquist cowboy walks into town and he sees this Indian sitting on the side of the road with his dog, horse, and sheep. The cowboy walks up to the Indian and says, "Hey, that's a cool dog. Mind if I speak to him."

The Indian looks up at the cowboy and says, ""

But the cowboy turns to the dog anyway and he says, "Hey dog. How's it going?"

The dog answers (via the cowboys ventriloquism), "Doin' all right. Thanks for asking."

"Is this your owner?", the cowboy asks.


"Well, how's he treating you?"

The dog answers, "Real good. He walks me, he feeds me great food, he takes me to the lake to play."

The Indian is amazed at this point, and then the cowboy asks if he can talk to his horse.

Again the Indian says, ""

But the cowboy turns to the horse and says, "Hey horse. How's it going?"

The horse replies, "I 'm doing good."

"Is this your owner?", says the cowboy.

"Sure is," answers the horse.

"Well how's he treating you?"

"Pretty good. Thanks for asking. He rides me regularly, he brushes me down, and keeps me in a nice warm barn with all the hay and straw I'd ever want."

The Indian is totally amazed, so when the cowboy turns to the sheep, the Indian is clearly worried.

The cowboy asks, "Mind if I talk to your sheep?"

To which the Indian answers, "SHEEP LIE!"

I get enough crap from my GF without having to listen to my stupid dog complaining as well. FML

Ifi could program the handheld to give the dog electric shocks when he thinks about pissing on the carpet... i'll take 2 (one for the dog, one for my GF)

woah. its about time this was invented.

OLD. There's a Meowlingual too.

My dog would swear all the time with one of these, the wife & I use foul fuĉking language on a daily basis

I wonder what Paris Hilton's chihuahua would have to say..

i don't have a dog but that wouldn't stop me from strapping that thing on and barking at my living room walls.

But who's gonna translate what the dog's saying from Japanese?

Would it work if I put in on Max, my stuffed dinosaur? No, wait, maybe not a good idea. Max lies!

That's a scam if I ever saw one!

Dug the dog


I'm excited.
I'm ready to play.
I love you!
Great... Let's go!
I'm on top of the world.
Look at me!
I want to help you!
Show me more!
I feel great!
I'm ok- how are you?
I miss you.
I feel sad.
Remember me?
Please don't forget me!
Please take me out of here! Frustrated:
This is too much!
I want some fun!
Please play with me!
Please be quiet!
Please listen to me.
You can't beat me!
I don't like it.
Leave me alone.
That's bad!
Just try it! Needy:
Please play with me some more!
Spend more time with me.
We need some quality time together.
Let's play more together.
I need a friend.

"I just met you and I love you!"

Anyone who owns a dog and actually like, you know, loves it, will tell you this device is worthless.

I know what my dogs are thinking/gonna do, I don't need some worthless gimick to tell me.

@20: It took this long for someone to mention "UP"? If I can give a doberman pincher a high, squeaky voice, then it's a deal!

I wonder if it tells you when they're in the mood to go out and eat catsh*t, that'd be nice to know beforehand.

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If I got one my dog would just keep begging me not to beat him anymore... whats the point in that?

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"Get this effing thing off of me!"

Also- the bud light Superbowl Commercial:

"Suasages! Sausages! Sausages... Sausages" I can hear the dog yelp a loud "F*ck You!!" as I kick it across the room.

@28 shut up right there

@29 you shut up too, there is nothing cool about you


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"(while making your dog look like something out of a sci-fi Pixar movie)"

Fixed that for ya.

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you spelled "deer" wrong


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max had a friend that said "No more yankie my wankie. The Donger need food".

Come on! How this could work! It's probably a random sentence who is showed on the recepter.... Good way to make the owner becomes crazy IMHO, ...Anyway, if you have a dog, and take care a minimum of it, you shouldn't need that...

...wait... My dog just pee on the sofa...WTF!! ... ok i want one!

What, no steak jokes?

Its spelled DEER not DEAR ROFL!

Is there one that lets you know when your dog wants to hump your leg? How about when it want's to drag its ass across the carpet?

That one in the photo looks like it should be reading: I will devour your soul and consume your flesh. Have a great day!

Must See!!'d be in japanese though, right?

Now if I could just get a little translator to strap on the translator that would translate the translated barks from Japanese to English, I'd be good.

very nice..

I tried it on a husky. It said "Take this f'n thing off me before I bite your balls off"

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