Jul 7 2009Laser LightLane Creates Your Own Bike Lane

You know what I hate about bicycling? All the pedaling. I have tiny chicken legs and can't even pedal my Big Wheels to the mailbox without running out of steam and crashing into the azaleas. But for your hardier folk, the LightLane is a little laser system that attaches to your bike and provides you with a laser-line bike lane wherever you go. Clever idea. Now are you thinking what I'm thinking? If you answered, "no officer, I was not swerving, I was following the bike lane," you are!


Thanks to Rogefgv, Romeo and Mandy, who ride those bikes with the giant ass wheel in the front and the little tiny one in the back. Because they're oldschool killas.

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CRA blocking my video!

That would freak my dog out!

Thats lame, so you can take the bike lane with you wherever you go. Crash into cars "Hey he was in MY bike lane!"

why can't the laser burn through cement?

hmmm, great for night, but wtf about the day time? If I saw a bike trying to pew pew pew me I'd lay into it pretty hard.

That reminds me, where is pew pew pew these days?

I have been awakened!?!?!

I have lazers on my bike. Except its a motorcycle. And my lazers don't draw pretty pictures on the ground. It's to blind my opponents during death matches.

Pew Pew Pew!!!!!

(I was on vacation STOMPY, thanks for thinking of me.)

hmmmm, I didn't saying pew pew pew in a mirror three times, oh wait, what if you name IS pew and by saying what I thought was your name (pew pew pew) i actually said yours three times, does this mean you're gonna kill me and have sex with my mom?

It's a pewcycle!

Because if you aren't already the biggest dork, wearing spandex and pulvarizing your nuts into cancerous mince meat, there's this invention to deal the final blow to any remaining self esteem you may have had. But, as once famously said: "Its a great way to stay in shape!"


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@9 I won't kill you. I'd need to see a pic of your mom before I can answer the second question.

Well, looks like you'll have to wait till GFS is done with her before you can get your sloppy seconds in... as for my mom's pic....



ohhhh i want!

I gonna install lasers on my car to draw a square around with the text "Don't cross this line you motherf*cking-bast*rd-bikers or I will hit you because this is MY area" on the ground.

I'd hit that.............WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER!!

And by sledgehammer, I mean my penis. I would install those lasers on my balls to make sure I was lined up with your mama's mouth. I like to be accurate.


The lasers should at least be strong enough to permanently etch the bike lane into the pavement.

Looks like a poor man's Battlestar Galactica launch tube...



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene int he movie Never Back Down where Max explained to Baja that he has methusela syndrome which is a glandular problem that causes him to age quicker than his real age.

I see alot of dead cats in that guys future...

that's clever...one way to prevent many bicyclers from being pummeled in the head by car mirrors.

In addition, this looks fun riding around in a rave party. ;D

Great..another way those smug pricks who ride in MY CAR LANE and shoot me that self-righteous smirk after I flick a lit cigarette butt at them.

Check This Out!!


Why don't bicyclers just use the side walk!! Unless, you can commit to 55 miles an hour on your bike you should stay off the road!

Its actually illegal in most place to ride a bike on the sidewalk, which is made for pedestrians.

@ 29

It may be illegal in communist China where you are from, but I live in the good U S of A, baby!

I want one for my Vespa! It would need a Scooter not a bike icon, but other than that it's perfect. This might help to remind people I am entitled to my own lane and NO they should not try to share it at 65 mph!

I dislike the fact that they didn't put Geekologie in the press page. Sigh. When will these people learn?

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