Jul 15 2009Awesome: These Garage Door Covers


Style Your Garage covers are printed tarps made to attach to your garage door to make it appear your garage is something it's not. For example, this one makes it look like you're running a rotisserie chicken business. But the fun doesn't stop there! Hit the jump to see a bunch of my other favorites, then head to the site to see a ton more. They all retail for about $275 and were made for one piece garage doors, but can be modified (read: cut) to fit on sectionals. And speaking of sectionals, my new couch has a chaise. Ladies? First to make me a sandwich can sit on it (until I'm full, then it's dishes time for you)!

Hit it to see some other cool ones.










Product Site

Thanks to Pete, who bought the stripper one and broke his garage door trying to get to them. That's just sad, Pete. But, to your credit, I would have done the same.

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Reader Comments

MMMmmm, chicken, do I dare say it? FIRST, i said it.

I have one on my garage. It's a tie fighter interceptor. So geeky.

HA those are fućkin great, DO LIKE ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶

The strippers & the beer ones rule

@1, yes you said it, now go chock

I painted my neighbors garage door to look like it was open and their kid had hung themself inside. He was so upset he ran to his child and knocked himself out on the closed door...

I really want the alligator one!!! If only because it made me jump a little.

yo my got! these is soo cool idea! it was funny to make it a sticker then STICK IT. how to fool people!!! i am taking a look for this big feet, sexy girl, chickens, and thes biig bier. sticking this ones in the ass!

@ STOMPY, so he opened the garage door, proceeded to run into the house full steam, then ran right into the closet door? effin impressive

umm, it just so happens that the only black guy is the guy breaking outta prison

I had one made that looked like I had a cage full of Raptors in my garage. It's weird though. Every night since I put it up a creepy looking van would pull into my driveway and stay there for 2 hours. I would hear the song "Let's get it on" coming from the van and then it would start to sway back and forth. The licence plate said "GW STUD" on it. I had a feeling of who it might be, so I put a large fake robot with red laser eyes in the drive way and I haven't seen the van since. Well, I take that back. I still see the van drive by real slow once in a while, but when I push the button that triggers the red laser eyes on my fake robot, I speeds off.

I'm going to submit an idea & see if they'll customize something for me, have to have one of these because it's just that kind of neighborhood. Granted it's not going to look as good as the pics do, I'm sending these



He is a whitey, just has his face covered in dirt.

http://www.visualwalkthroughs.com/doom3/deltalabs2a/4.jpg for halloween

http://www.visualwalkthroughs.com/doom3/deltalabs2a/45.jpg for every other day


Yeah, the white hands really show their prejudice.

@9 FAIL. Actually he's white, (look at his hands); his face is dirty... Damn, that is the dumbest one of all. Sucker can dig his way out but his HANDS aren't dirty?! But his face IS? Was he using his FACE to dig? Wait, that makes sense, since I was doing that to your mother last night. SKADOOSH!

...um yeah.....and why does it have to be a WHITE alligator, huh?

What, a black alligator can't get a job being a garage poster?

This is just another example of the garage poster man keeping the black man down.

Where's Al Sharpton?! I demand a giant black foot garage poster!

I totoally agreee!!!

Why a light coloured beer and not a nice bock or at least an amber! And whats with that chicken? Are you trying to say that since you have posters for black ppl all they get is fried chicken?

ah, I found the problem. Nevermind Rev Sharpton, you can't help this racist company. They're European.
He can only help the racists in America.

What's in the alligators mouth? I can't make it out.

Shouldn't there be a dead mobster in the meat-packing one?

hrm....do they come with a garage full of zombies with tophats?

@20 looks like a red collar, same one neighbor's dog was wearing XD

Gosh I want to have like a 5 car garage so I can show off all of em!!!

Its like Poke mon or my philosophy on STD's! I Gotta Catch them all!

Id like to have one thats a 3d optical illusion. you can also have these with images that would scare burglars off or something.

love the chicken, plane, alligator and the meat ones.
what is the second one supposed to be?


This is a complete photohop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max was chasing a road runner. He painted a pucture of a tunnel on a solid wall, and the road runner ran through it, but when he tried to follow he slammed into it proving a part of the heisenberg uncertainty principle.

Nice, I want some of this and some of that

Good idea! I wish I could see some of them panned out though. To get the full scope of it...............beer and boobies.

@ 9

Thanks for your post, that will teach these honkeys where they stand. Damn you all white people, because apparently you are devils.

@6 ....what? speak english

@ #25 - conehead

The second one is like a 5 billion dollars of gold ingots.

now i'm thinking of starting a rotisserie chicken biz. the sign is taken care of. mmmmmmmmmm. i have a space next to my garage.


ok..seen a bunch, been to every search engine...Where do you buy them..anyone have a website

@Joe: You can make out the link on the last one:

Does anyone know where these can be purchased in the US? If so please email to [email protected]



I would sure like to find out where to buy these. Please send me any information you can.

Their site looks gret but beware of the actual product you purchase. We purchased the elephant and what we recevied is so dark that it's hard to see. It bears no resemblance to what was advertised and now style-your-garage.com will not respond to our complaints.


I have this link posted on my car site. I think its really cool!

When we finally buy our own home, I am seriously thinking of getting one of these to hang on it. Great advertising!

Thanks for the cool stuff and the great site!

This is the Manufacturer's site for those:


I really had to search to find it. Enjoy!


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