Jul 6 2009Another Day, Another Retro iPhone Case

gameboy iphone 1.jpg

Last week it was an exceptionally made oldschool Playstation iPhone case, and this week, a Game Boy.

"You will love it, and your friends will be jealous because you are so much cooler." said German designer Toastkawaii wildly exaggerating in her product description.

$15 will take one home, and another $10 will take me. Now I don't know about you, but I'm digging this one more than the fancy Playstation. This one's got a nice kindergarten arts and crafts feel to it.

Hit the jump for another shot.

gameboy iphone 2.jpg

Game Boy iPhone Pouch Won't Make You Cooler [iphonesavior]

Thanks to Michael, who keeps his iPhone in the freezer because he's not right in the head.

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Reader Comments

do not want.....ever


I like the design, but it seems like it would make it more of a hassle to have to take your phone in an out of that thing as needed. On the other hand, it may look like it wasn't professionally made, but at least it costs about 20x the amount it would cost to purchase the felt and make it yourself. It's a good thing I'm lazy

What kind of German designer has the name "Toastkawaii?"

P.S. Daisy still sucks.

this is actually pretty cool. I just wonder if the case scratches the screen?

I have a flip case that I like. I could tally make this though and put it on the front of my flip.

as a matter of fact, I could just print this out on sticker paper.....

This one isn't nearly as good as the playstation cover. Where are the "Start" and "Select" buttons? This is just not very good. It's too plain and simple. The playstation case is far superior to this.

You shouldn't own an iphone in the first place, methinks they sucks monkeys ballsweat...

Why dont they make condoms like that? Actually never I could use it as one, but the texture might not be to my liking. OR YOUR MOMS. 5th

piss-poor, uninventive twoddle

not bad but way too simple
the playstation was soo much better

this is a penis sleeve.

And with the new overheat feature of the 3gs this will provide excellent kindling when lighting your crotch on fire.


it was a gameboy pocket. After the original but before the color.

Meh, i give it a C+
fight my brute!

Take you home for $10...hmmm, how about a fiver and 3 loonies? :)

Lick my balls.

The above comment is directed at no one in particular.


..then why post it dude? Eh?

SW, tell the owners to hire me to take the place of GW. Today. ..and I want his girlfriend, and his shoes, and iphone. It's getting pathetic around here, and it's not.. ...oh wait, yeah, it *is* me. NevArmind!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was trying to watch TV and a weird army guy gave him a watch that Max's dad hid up his ass in Viet Nam for years, and that the weird guy hid up his ass for many years. When Max got the watch he smelled it and said it smells like watch-303.

@ 20

God, I hate you so much......

haha, i think it is really funny, how people respond to my case. (yes, i'm the one who did this!) and i think, it's more than ridiculous to discuss about my etsy name. ^^ it's not my "designer" name or something because i don't claim myself to be a "designer". i do this for fun, and i never pretend any of my work to be better than the work of others. i adore the playstation case :)

the pictures there are old pictures, right now, the case looks a bit different with black instead of white yarn on the cross etc.

and i didn't put too many details in it, because it should have more the "kindergarten"-look. i'm not professional and i will never be :)

so.... it's no problem, if you don't like it. i think, it's a cool thing and i first did it for myself and after getting a good response, i put it up on etsy. and i sold some of them... so, life is good. :)

oh, and the felt won't "scratch" or something, because inside, there's black, white or grey fabrics.

thank you for posting it and adding the link, by the way.


similar thing selling for 99 cents on ebay

pretty cute but notthing new really!

It's kinda cute but kinda juvenile. my backflip case is way better and actually a useful iphone case. it's looks cool too. www.backflipcase.com.

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