Jun 17 2009Zappity Zap!: Police Will Tase Your Grandma

Just in case you were wondering, the police will tase your 72-year old grandma. You hear that, members of the geriatric species? YOU ARE NOT EXEMPT FROM THE ZAPPERY! Also, does the officer really yell "TASERED!" as he's doing it? Because that's awesome. I'm gonna start doing that.



Thanks to Watch-303, alex, double dragon, The Naked Wizard and Beth, who would have torn the electrodes out and flown off on their jetpacks like superheroes.

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zZZzzzzZZZAAAAAPPPPPPP!!! Woa, those teeth on the ground are smoking

to be be certain our streets are safer...

to be certain our streets are safer...

tase and confused

Saw it on TV...


This is completely unacceptable. That cop needs to lose his job. Worse. He should be arrested and tried on public endangerment, unlawful use of force, something.

...on the lighter side, "Don't taze me sonny!" was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the title.

Oh no!! watch out she's gonna open a hard-candy in a movie theatre! bzzzzt... This lady isn't really posing any threat to the officer, the issue is that officers are trained to use the taser in any situation where they're too incompetent to detain somebody normally... he didn't really need to throw around & taser grandma to detain her.

wth provoked him, seriously, one second chillin and then, "put your hands behind your back"
also what a lazy peice of shit, like you can't overpower an old lady to put on handcuffs so instead you put her life in danger by tazering her.
f**kin pig, (i only hate the lazy, cranky, get back at the world cuz they were teased in highschool cops)

I'd taze an unruly septagenarian.

That trooper seems to have a patience disorder or something. Someone probably pulled a prank on him that morning by taking videos of themselves wiping their extremely dirty socks and underwear all over his toiletries, then showing it to him right before he goes on duty.

Texas cops are awesome. This was on the news for about a week or so........

i tased your mom... last night.. in the butt



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck down where Jake notices fellow student Max Cooperman (Evan Peters) getting beaten up on campus. Jake rushes to Max's aid, only to discover that the "bullying" he disrupted was actually a street-kickboxing match. Everybody present, including Max, demands that the astonished Jake leave.

Seriously? This is f*cked up. Mr. Badass Cop couldn't get handcuffs on a 72 year old woman? Wow, I hope his grandma finds out and whoops his ass something fierce.


F\_/CK the PO-LEECE!!

What a lazy (grand)mother-fccker.

Little tip: If someone with a gun, badge and tazer says "Back Up!"... just back up, k?

when her heart gives out, i bet i know who's going to jail for murrrrrder.

America F**K yeah !

She got lucky he didn't take the gun instead.

She deserved it. Old people think they're better then everyone else just because they're old....

I guess I'm not getting my $7 birthday check this year.

@21 good point. it's not like we're going to get to re-live THEIR lives, so why listen to them? they just vote for bush, and must be eliminated with robots.

Stupid woman fail. ZAP ZAP ZAP win.


How did you know my grandma is 72? Creepy!

What is wrong with you people. Quit being ageist and treating older people different than anyone else.

If people didn't resist lawful commands, then there would be no reason for tasers. She wanted to get back into her vehicle and drive away, the cop, who was doing his job to the letter, told her to stop. She refused. He warned her. She ignored the warning. He tased her. He could of tried to manhandle her into cuffs, but the taser is easier and does the job better. If he forcefully handcuffed her, she would have kept resisting. After the tasing, she stopped resisting.

Looking at the way she moves and talks, she was probably drunk. Any drunk driver, no matter their age, deserves a lot more than just a tasing.

I'm sure the cop could of picked her up and slammed her on the ground to detain her. I think the tazzer is a much easier less painful (in the long run) way to take her down. It's not like he can pillow fight her to the finish, or use a giant marshmallow to force her to the ground or shoot her with clouds. Just saying, I'd rather be tazzed than wrestled to the ground and have a knee shoved into the back of my head.

I agree 100% with those of you who say she deserved it, and should get absolutely no special treatment for being a lady or older. Do what the officer says and there wouldn't have been a problem. It was her choice to resist and be a beotch. She got what she deserved.

I hope this guy gets put in jail for this. I mean seriously its a 72 year old woman. Ok fine write on the ticket refused to sign but I mean honestly did he have to tase her?? Can you really call yourself a man after you tasered an old lady? What the hell is she going to do?

I've heard plenty of stories of old people pulling out guns and shit; older women, not as much but still. Although the tasing might not have fully been necessary to what we see in the video, we don't know what actually happened before, we don't know why he pulled her over blah blah blah. Justified? Maybe.

If this is the way the law is enforced, soon you will have no law left...


Gross mis-use of power on the cop's behalf, unless granny pulled a knife on him. Super pathetic.

This woman was being totally belligerent towards an OFFICER OF THE LAW! Disobeying command after command. She even refused to co-operate with him when we went to handcuff her.

The LAW is NOT OPTIONAL. If you have a problem with law enforcement the time to deal with it is NOT when you get pulled over.

Sad to see that a woman of her age has no respect for the LAW. Her children will probably end up doing worse and getting worse than she did.

That cop needs to go on http://BreakupMakeup.com after his wife dumps him for being an asshole

is this you, GW?

old bitch had it coming.
i may not agree with cops all the time but That old women is a citizen and is under the same laws as any other citizen. No matter how old you are, you listen to police or fact the consequences.

What a surprise this happened in a retard state

Dude.... that sucks ass.


Why is it, every time a person who does not listen to the police, resists arrest and gets subdued; someone screams "unaccebtable!!". if she FOLLOWED the officers directions this would not have happened. --cry babies-- you're part of the problem not the solution.

I agree that she shouldn't be exempt from the law, but that yokel cop didn't even try to stop her, he just wanted an excuse to taser someone and went through the motions to get the situation to where it was escalated enough to use the taser according to the Redneck Cop Field Guide

I love how people always root for the snotty and arrogant folkers like they're all sweet and innocent and they coudn't do anything to prevent from being tased.

Did you heat that old lady say "I dare you"? Don't act like she's Aunt Bea..when you know she's more like Agnes Skinner.

obviously he was in danger....

ouch, i think the cop opted for the taser instead of wrestling her to the ground (think broken hip, arm and ribs). oldness is no excuse for resisting arrest.

in other news, she sounds like chun li getting knocked out when she first gets tazed.

OOOOOHHHHHHHHH OOOOOhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.....


yep she resisted he stopped her in the most easy and least violent way, she deserved it. if the law is to exist it must be upheld. fighting police does not help you get out of something the best way to get out of a problem is to take it up in court.

I love post's like this only because it reveals the Rush Limbaugh, Bill Orielly Loving, Bush voting, Idiotic pseudo patriotic losers. F this and most other cops. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This pig most likely either beats his wife and rapes his kids, or the other way around. That, and his dad never hugged him enough and his uncle hugged him a little TOO much.


I think that cop deserve a good swift kick in the nuts. Using a taser was completely unnecessary. What if she had a pace-maker! It could have killed her.Its not like she was a 20-30 year old street fighter, All he had to do was cuff her (it wouldn't be that difficult), put her in the squad car, let her clam down, and talk to her when she has settled down. But instead, he is lazy and choses the simple way out, a taser.
Sure, TASER [the company] says it is non-lethal, but how many people have died from being tasered? The current believe statistic is 413+ ! Now, these devices are tested on young fit people, not old one.

also, i think Kraig (#26) is probably a cop.

That's an advert for the Euthanazer-Lazer 5000!
I have 3!

I swear. You can't leave for a couple minutes to go get some lunch, only to come back to find some good ole fashion tazer posts with some cop bashing.

There's already like 50 posts, so nothing I say seems as relavent anymore.


#1. I love watching people get tazed.

#2. Whoever is getting tazed, always deserves it. Even if its just a little.

Every situation you've seen someone get tazed. Put yourself in that exact scenario. I bet the majority of you (with common sense) would have avoided being tazed.

Wait, so you're happy to invade other countries by force but get upset when a coffin dodger gets a bit of a shock?

I think she deserved it.
Had plenty of opportunities to be handcuffed peacefully.
In fact might not have been arrested if it wasn't for her attitude.

Its her own damn fault for attempting to get back in the car. I have no sympathy for the lady. She was being really uncooperative. You don't get off the hook just because you are an old lady. The rules still apply to her. Having a taser pointed at me would be a pretty good indication that I will get zapped if I don't stay put. Who just decides to walk away from the police? You can't do that!

Whatever happened to the good 'ole days when a cop would have shoved his nightstick up her orifice instead?!

Bitch is just lucky patrol cars have cameras mounted.

F#%ing pigs, wow that guy must be a real Pansie to actually have to resort to tazoring a 72 year old woman, who wasn't doing anything... he's either a huge douchebag or a real wimp

that cop needs to like..learn close combat or something? weird...

ps - they are trained to yell 'taser' before they hit the person...like if any of the other officers are touching her as well and things like that.

Golly...she looked like a real menace. The officer must have felt pretty threatened by her apple sauce breath and the offensive odor of bengay.

This guy deserves to get a cattle prod shoved up his ass.

You gotta love idiots, looking at you #47:

"I love post's like this only because it reveals the Rush Limbaugh, Bill Orielly Loving, Bush voting, Idiotic pseudo patriotic losers. F this and most other cops. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This pig most likely either beats his wife and rapes his kids, or the other way around. That, and his dad never hugged him enough and his uncle hugged him a little TOO much. "

Rush and Bill both preach for smaller government and you then say "Absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Yes, it does. But that wont stop you voting liberal, expanding government and living of other people's hard work will it?

Sure sounds like she's having fun to me. WHOOOO! WOOOO!!!

Grandma looked like a christmas tree with all that juice flowing in her.

You can talk all the smack you want to about this officer, and I am in no way sticking up for him. But you have to admit one thing to yourself.

If you had any common sense. You would know to keep your mouth shut and obey an officers commands when pulled over. Even the brave idiots who start off mouthing off and causing trouble know to shut up and do what the officer says when the tazer (or heaven forbid, the gun) comes out of the holster.

Some people get tazed for simply not having any common sense, maybe they are drunk, insane, drugged out. But for that they deserve it. At least there is such a thing as a tazer, or these people would be getting shot. And weather or not tazers are considered leathal or non-leathal. Guns are definately considered leathal. No question.

Shoulda followed up the tazing with a quick teabagging for good measure

I agree with 27 and others. He had to detain her, this is only part of what actually happened and just in it she was resisted arrest alone. When you resist arrest the officers are permitted to use force, however, she is elderly. Using an arm bar or similar, could have very likely caused damage to her, and throwing her to the ground like a younger suspect could have broken a hip or something, no joke. Tazer at least her body tenses and falls a more natural way to the ground and she stops resisting. It is designed and constantly altered to be nonlethal and accommodating amount of force. Everyone crying over tasers yet look at how many people use invisible fences...

I heard the grandson decapitated the cop 2 nights later.

I notice at about 39 seconds the lady tries an end run around the cop to his right side which essentially puts her into oncoming freeway traffic. The cop grabs the lady and moves toward the side of the road, away from traffic, before opting to use the taser.

The question then becomes, if he attempts to subdue her and while resisting arrest she slips free and gets clipped by a car going 80mph, then what?

You guessed it, more teabagging.

The law is ABSOLUTELY optional. If it wasn't we wouldn't need people to enforce it, there wouldn't be corrupt cops and everyone would be punished for any crime they ever committed (no one would have to be "caught").

You really think he would have shot her if he didn't have a tazer on his belt? I think his judgment of necessary force would be better than than, despite the fact he thought that the tazer was the minimum he could get away with here.

Well shit, the old lady was a bitch, but still.

@66. I hope we never have to find out.

I have enough common sense to know that if I'm pulled over, I don't want to put any added stress to an officer's situaton.

"Yes sir, officer. No sir, officer. Whatever you say, officer. Please don't teabag me officer"

If I have a problem, I'll take it up in court. Which I have, and won. You always lose on the side of the road.

Unfortunately many cops are retarded rednecks who have basic skills in eating donuts and being aggro. If that cop had any skills in people management or crisis handling like a professional police officer, there's no way he would have had to use the taser. Being able to deal with angry or difficult people is a job requirement for cops, and those who can only pull the taser shouldn't be on the job...

@68. But they are and you need to remember that when you get pulled over, or you might get tazed.

I love how he says "Get on the ground" after she falls because of the taser, like she has a choice

To reiterate: F\_/CK the PO-LEECE!!

I'd just JMT the cop and make him tazer himself in the nuts. Repeatedly. Until I got bored. Which would take a long, long time.

(JMT=Jedi Mind Trick, you rabbit hoarding whore).

If you watch the videos with the interviews she refused to sign a traffic ticket (she was going 20 over in a work zone) which means you go to jail. She got out of the car, kept walking into traffic and smart talking the officer. I'm sorry that everyone thinks that just because you're old you can do whatever the heck you want, but that's not true. Laws are laws, there were workmen in the work zone she was speeding in - she was wrong. Protocol calls for him to have tazered her much sooner considering what she was saying and the fact that she kept trying to walk away so the officer was definitely in the right in this one.

In an ironic twist of fate the shock of being shot at by the tased caused the old lady's heart to stop. Thankfully the jolt of electricity started it back up.

Herop COP ? Keeping the streets safe FROM little old ladies.

Considering she refused the standard SuperTrooper "breathalizer" - the officer clearly had no other alternative than to tazer her teeth out and then try again (off camera).

I cant believe this crap. Yes, she was being belligerent - but for Christs sake give me an f***ing break. I've seen Pygmy Jerboas with bigger balls than this cop.

disgusting. i'll never have respect for those pigs.


I love the idiots who are like "f**k the pigs/police". You wouldn't have one damned problem with them (the good ones, the corrupt ones can go to hell, although there isn't THAT many that one might think) if you morons didn't f((king break the law. Get a f**king grip on reality. They're there to enforce the law.

The cop could have easily overpowered her, physically. With little effort he pushes her right off her balance at one point and it is obvious he could have just pushed her face into the back of the truck and handcuffed her no problem, no falling down, no risk of breaking a hip. Why should he do any real police work when he can push a button and get back to the station before all the donuts are gone?

That said, it is still pretty funny to watch the pushy loud-mouthed cow get zapped...

What a lazy cop. He could have man handled her. Tazing was not necessary or provoked at all. Clearly.

Appropriate punishment is to fry his ass and his fat boss that said that was just action. So lame. People are really stupid.

You can't say she deserved it because you don't know what she was pulled over for. What if it was an expired registration? That's a ticket at the worst. I can't really say whether she deserved it or no without knowing the reason for detaining her.

The part that makes me a little bit sick is when she's laying on the ground after being tased, and he's screaming at her to put her hands behind her back. She very clearly says "I'm trying, and I can't!" more than once, and he shoots her with it again. That cop has issues.

I have mixed feelings on this.

Bitch got owned.


Yes, he may have pulled her over for an expired licence plate, but the thing is, in the land of cops, when you pull someone over, theres this little voice in your radio called dispatch. And what happens when you give dispatch the person's license plate, they can tell you information about them. They can also tell you if they have a warrant.

Although I must have missed the second tasing and the "I'm trying" that is pretty bad but still, we'll never know the full story.

did that officer really feel soooo threatened by that grandma, that he had to taser her? i do say though that is one bold ass grandma.

wow... that was wrong, he could of just forced her to get her cuffed if needed... its not like he couldn't handle an old lady... I hope she is alright and her family presses charged against that moronic ape in a cop suit

Old people can be assholes, she got what she deserved

This is another example of police brutality.
Cops should take a psychology class before policing the streets. They should not rely on force was answer to all conflicts.

Another nice reminder that I laugh every time a cop get killed.

What a worthless piece of sh*t.

That cop should be gutted.
God, I hate police.

It should be a requirement that if a cop is going to carry and use a taser, he must have already been tasered himself. wtf, man. that cop needs to be fired and have his balls tasered.

Tasers were supposed to be a substitute for using a gun. Cops use them as a substitute for training and dialog. Old ladies and 8-year-olds getting tasered. Just sad.

Bill Maher had a great line about this: "Did she call you a pussy? Because any cop who has to taser a 72-year-old woman for calling him names is a pussy."

better idea, taser his nuts and dikc to see if he calls for him mommy.

cops need to not just obey/enforce the laws. They need to be trained and learn to apply the most "reasonable" method at the time of action, not necessarily the "correct action by the book." One methodology doesn't apply to all various situation. It's a common sense in any successful entity, whether it's a business or court of laws....otherwise we are no better than terrorists.

Too much risk is associated with tasering an old person, regardless of if it'll be a good lessen or not.

I agree, she deserves a punishment for doing something to get pulled over in the first place, and not being cooperative. But officer's decision was drawn too hasty. There were many "better" and "reasonable" ways. The right to punish here lies in a courtroom, not in his hand/taser.

oh wait, most cops wanna be in this country are uneducated republican fukcs......my bad, i forgot that it's impossible to teach these guys to cope with "change" for the better. good luck taking that GED

Hell yeah, people should get tazed REGARDLESS of their age! Laws are simple... you listen to authority or you get tazed. They should start giving tazers to preschool teachers so they can taze the snot out of those out of control kindergarden hooligans. And what if a cop pulls over someone with a crying baby? If he orders that baby to shut up and he doesn't listen... tazer those rosy little cheeks! Senile old people who can't remember their own names? A good tazering will probably jog their memory. There's nothing that can't be solved without some good old fashioned tazering.

she totally deserved it,!!!

Old mama deserves it! never lay your wrinkly old hands on a cop!


Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:


The game takes less than 5 minutes to play!

Freaking unbelievable. What did she do?? All she wanted to do was to get back into her car, what provoked being tazed?! When she gets tazed, he's all like "get on the ground!" ...isn't that what happens when you get tazed, you fall down??

Some cops get so full of themselves sometimes *sigh*. What has this world come to?

She was resisting an officer. Did she deserve to be tased? mabey not but in the end she would have been charged with something for not following his orders. Listen to an officer when he tells you to do something because the law is on his side.

I believe that if a cop threatens to taser you, regardless of age, the last words you want to say are "I dare you."

I bet her panties were sopping wet after having a real man take care of her. Yeah!


whats with this cop bashing goin' on 'ere? i live in a big city, and i tell you, i appreciate the cops being around. i don't always like them, but i always appreciate the fact they are there. next time someone decides to break into your house, steal your car, or abduct you and hold you for ransom, make all efforts to NOT call the cops. ..."i dare you."

She was obviously afraid and just throught she could walk off and use her age as defence. The fact that he threw her about 5 feet so he had enough distance to tase her shows he should have had no trouble in putting the cuffs on. Hell.. she probably doesn't even know what he meant when he said he was going to tase her.

Whats that disrespectful po po saying? He's gonna rape me?? I'm getting back in my car.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZApppppp. Ahh you mean electrocute me....

I'm sure she starts screaming I'm on fire!!!!

The only thing missing from the vid is a peoples elbow.

Electricity FTW!. Useful central nervous system FAIL!

That cop should of aimed the taser off a little so it only looked like it hit her. Then scream "your being tased" over and over. When the old lady says I don't feel anything he could yell... You must be on CRACK!!! Then he can start hitting her with really weak fake blows with his PR24(Baton). When she starts bitching that it doesn't hurt. He Yells that's she's a deranged deadly nutcase on PCP!!! Then he draws his weapon and empties the first 14 rounds of his .45 just slightly missing her. The entire time she will be jumping up and down like a deranged lunatic adding to her menacing look on the video tape. At that point he fires his last round Dead center mass. and takes out the Deadly PCP Addict.

Biggest. Pussy. Ever.

@26 Exactly, age doesnt mean you get different treatment. if this was a 18yr old gansta wanabe you would all be cheering.
silly billys!

WTF!! omg, did that really just happen? Thats horrible! Yep. cops are complete assholes. This proves it!

@khazar: you're a d!ck
@everyone who made a joke: you're a d!ck
@police: you're f---ing d!cks

@spoon: age doesn't matter? ok then, lemme bend ur granny over and get her in the dirt road while you watch on the sidelines with a gag in ur mouth. You actually think an 18yr old gangsta punk is the same as a 78yr old woman?

that's ok, when your country goes to sh!t and there's a bus waiting for you outside because the government will "take care of the situation" i'll be long gone in the forest while you're waiting to get in to FIMA camps... have fun @ssh0les

@spoon: age doesn't matter? ok then, lemme bend ur granny over and get her in the dirt road while you watch on the sidelines with a gag in ur mouth. You actually think an 18yr old gangsta punk is the same as a 78yr old woman?

that's ok, when your country goes to sh!t and there's a bus waiting for you outside because the government will "take care of the situation" i'll be long gone in the forest while you're waiting to get in to FIMA camps... have fun @ssh0les

I don't know what to think here.

1. She's an old lady so it's really F'ed up.
2. She must have been driving 20 under the limit while in the fast lane, so it was deserved.
3. If you watch the whole video all she had to do was to sign a freaking ticket, and she wouldn't.
5. This is yet another example of why old people shouldn't be allowed to drive.
6. If the cop would have used physical force, he might have broken her hip or something, and then she would have sued. I'd rather she be tased than have a hip broken... wouldn't you?

I like robots!

Wow. Tazing a frigging 72 year old. The cop is to damn lazy to put the cuffs on her, so he gets all pew pew on her ass. Lazy bitch.

Bah, she deserved it. Now, don't get me wrong, I hate a dirty cop as much as the next guy, but the only thing that makes this even remotely controversial is the fact that the woman was ederly.

If the person was young, say in their 20's or 30's, this wouldn't even be a story. EVERYONE would be saying, "she deserved it".

Wrestling an elderly person = broken bones, period. Trust me, I've done it.

ZZzzzzaPP! I'd do the same, freaking walkind dead!


I hope he gets killed.

Both should be arrested for making a bad S&M sex video...I bet the cop uses his taser after hours to pleasure himself in the bathroom..and the old woman screaming...Oooohhh, Ooohhh...sounds like she enjoyed it...probably the most action she's seen in a long time...sick people!

I hope most of the "unacceptable" comments are coming from people who just read the title and didn't watch the video, because if you think someone who resists 4 different commands from a police officer is in the right, then there's something really really wrong with you.

@34 seconds in he tells her to put her hands behind her back to handcuff her and even grabs 1 arm, she resists and tries to squirm away and says "I'm getting back in my car" two times.

Tasing her was the simplest safest way to subdue her as force would've probably broke a bone and then you all would've been saying "why didn't he just tase her instead of breaking her hip".

The funny is with him saying "Tasered". I kept expecting Rob Riggle from "Then Hangover" to start shouting "In the face! In the face".

Moral: Don't resist cops.

This is not a question of wether the cop had the right to tazer her, it is the fact that to tazer her was a horrible decision and it displays the current attitude that tazers will solve all problems. Most of the danger when being tazered is your uncontrolled movement when you fall. To say that using physical force would put her in more danger is wrong because of this fact. Especially considering the hand to hand detaining training officers are given.


How can you say something like that. That is just so damn insensitive. Just a terrible thing to say.

i, just.
make a comment.

I wached this over and over again and I still get a good laugh out of it every time she gets tazed.

I get your point. I do feel that he would have taken the old lady down manually instead of shooting her with a gun if he didn't have the electrical intermediate option. Just cause something is "non lethal" doesn't mean it doesn't have other consequences. Tazing as the Go To solution is really upsetting. Fighting in court is definitely the way to go. But it's shit like this that makes people hate cops.

I don't think people are suggesting that the lady wasn't wrong. It seems pretty obvious she was being a belligerent old bat. The main criticism here is the cops way of dealing with it. We treat old people like they are young (take away their privileges, patronize them, belittle them), but an 8 year old would have to go a lot farther than she did to get tazed. Old people aren't saints or always right, but they do deserve some respect. Yes, more than young people.

I love the idiots that are like "if you break the law, you gonna git punished." Most people break the law every day somehow, littering, ignoring copyright, jay walking, or for those lazy asshole whole make these comments, speeding, etc.. It only matters if it is enforced, and that requires both observation and action on the part of the enforcer. Most enforcers make poor action judgments. So yeah, fuhck the police.


Well put. And even without the uncontrolled movement a rigid body is more likely to break a bone than a flaccid one. Though in reality most people resisting arrest are going to be quite tense.

If the goof had behaved as a human, and showed some empathy, and worked the situation from that angle, using the Andy Griffith approach instead of being an ass and a control freak, none of this would likely have happened.

Seems most all you people are just sheep waiting to be ordered around like a slave or something. Baaaaaaaah. Baaaaaaahhh.

Right, nobody knows what happened before, and I think age does not grant any privileges beyond experience, but pointing a gun, of electricity or bullets or fire, to a woman, and shoot it, is completely medieval, brutal and unacceptable.
If a law tells me that my gradma was shot by a f*cking adult man LEGALLY, no matter what, I grab a baseball f*cking bat and rush into whataver did it.
Laws and rules must serve the good, once a law is not working for good, it must be altered, put down, or in last case, ignored.
If this police officer had anything in his chicken mind, he would have ignored that he COULD shoot the granny, being a cop, and be a man instead, solve the problem like a man, not a f*cking law obeying piece of shi*.
The world is forgeting things like honor, kindness, respect.
Nothing justifies that woman being shot, unless she was attacking somebody.


How can you say something like that. That is just so damn insensitive. Just a terrible thing to say.

"to a woman, and shoot it, is completely medieval, brutal and unacceptable."

Right he should have wrestled her to the ground and force her brittle bones behind her back. That would have been the best thing to do because there is no chance of him falling on her when doing that and breaking her hip or him breaking her arm while he forces it behind her back.

The stupid old lady who had a farking taser in her face and was warned 3 times. What did she expect was going to happen? If a cop puts a taser in your face and tells you to do something DO IT. It's not that hard. Seriously. NOT THAT HARD. All he asked her to do was to TAKE A STEP BACK. NOT THAT FARKING HARD. ONE SIMPLE STEP AND SHE DOESN'T GET TASED. He asked her to take a step back for a very good reason; he was so close to the road and all it would take is a well timed push from the old lady and he is dead.

The old lady got what she deserved and hopefully she will take one step back next time a cop asks. Seriously, I can stress it enough, just listen to the cop and you don't get tased.


How can you say something like that. That is just so damn insensitive. Just a terrible thing to say.


Because nobody reads these comments. And robots are awesome!



I'm not sure what 10001110101 meand but I but it has to do with my mom.... just a guess

Maybe the next time the popo tells her to do something she'll listen! But really tazing an old lady is pretty low, like he could'nt have just cuffed and stuffed her, drove her to an undisclosed location and then gave her the ol' Rodney King!!

(Nothing against Rodney King mind you, he's actually incredibly cool!!)



Okay the people cheering for the officer seem to all have the same argument, that she broke the law, acted aggresively and deserved it. Well i don't think that anyone here is disagreeing with the fact that she broke the law and should be held accountable?! The problem is with the taser, as someone pointed out these are supposed to be a substitute for a gun, a last resort. They are extremely dangerous and have killed numerous people. I don't care if it was a grandma, a child or a hot 18 year old virgin dinosaur, the taser is a last resort! Clearly this woman could have been subdued by more conventional means. Baton, pepper spray, arm bar, swift kick, yes i would have rather she broke a hip.

Google says:

"10001110101 converted into decimal is 1141, which in unicode is ѵ, the izhitsa, a russian version of the greek letter upsilon, which in particle physics is a flavorless meson formed from a bottom quark and its antiparticle is typical in a warp drive on Star Trek where Captian James T Kirk is played by william shatner who was in the TV show boston legal where he played with actor James Spader who was in a movie with Kevin Bacon...."

I might have embelished a little...

It's a Clutch song, STOMPY.

Let's see....if anyone else were so confrontational about all this they'd have been taken down LONG before then. He even WARNED HER that if she didn't step back she'd be tazed. What did she say right after? "I dare you" that's what. The lady got special treatment for NOT being taken down earlier. She got what she deserved. Yet I have to thank her for giving me yet another reason for petitioning for seniors not to be able to drive.

Gordon, I use to think you were lame but after the Clutch reference, you're cool as sh!t mister.

next person to post likes monkey balls in their mouth...

She had it coming. Good job, cop. Lawful AND entertaining!


This is a complete photroshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly klike that cene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max was helping Baja look for something in a dark room, and he took a light bulb out of his pocket, put it in his mouth and it lit up. Later Baja helped ease his headache by putting his head in a pair of wood clamps until she heard a POP.


If Neal Fallon is cool with robots, so am I.

She deserved what happened. Yes, the officer could have handcuffed her but you know she would have resisted and then claimed he injured her when he grabbed her.

Being tased doesn't do any lasting damage, just knocks you on your ass. That stupid lady thought just 'cause she's old she could do and say what she wants.

The best part is before this video was released she claimed to have been polite and obeyed every thing he told her. After the news got this video they went back to her house and she refused to talk to them.

Daisy comes in at 143. Must be losin' the edge.

All people that post after this like to clean the peanut butter out of a hobo's bumhole.

Yeah, awesome song. 10001110101. Clutch is incredible live!

Why am I leaving a comment?

Heh, good question 149. Seriously though, why are any of you shocked at this? Even if cops are given other means for detaining an individual, they rarely apply them, because tasers are much, much easier to use.

A buddy of mine was arrested for a "DUI", it was dropped because the dash cam proved that he wasn't doing a single thing wrong. He was pulled over making a phone call and the cop made a statement saying he was weaving, tailgating and blew the sobriety test when it was all a blatant lie. So why are we stunned to learn that one of them would do this to a n ornery old granny?

Pigs must hate YouTube

that being said, he should have clubbed that old pile of laundry in the mouth

for the people that think thats ok, try watchin police camera action (uk police) they manage to do an amazing job without guns and tasers, very occasionaly using pepper spray on young healthy people only when posing a seriouse threat, its amazing how many vids we see of american cops doing this shit, its not hard to restrain somebody without the use of weapons, crazy

Ok sure she deserved to be detained, but not Tazered! The officer obviously had strength on his side, he pushed her and she freakin flew. He just wanted a reason to use his tazer gun finally for fun. You know he enjoyed it because he yelled, "tazered!" after he did it. I would say that's the same as Got Ya bitch haha! If she had a pacemaker or any other heart issues this could have killed her. The guy is just a cop who enjoys his empowerment too much and wants to feel like a big man because he tazed an old lady. He could have with ease just pinned her with one hand against the truck and hancuffed her. this cop is an idiot and now everyone can watch him want to be a boy again and play with guns.

I just love how most of the people posting know the training a cop goes through to become a cop. (heavy sarcasm). First of all, cops know what it is like to be tazed, because they actually DO have to be tazed before they can carry one. My buddy is a cop and I watched him get tazed during his training, pretty damn funny lol! You don't think they give cops a psych evaluation before they are allowed to become one??!?! WRONG!! I'm not denying there are bad cops out there. Unfortunatly, the system can be fooled. For those of you who don't know what happened, on the news it said the lady was pulled over for going 20 above the speed limit in a CONSTRUCTION ZONE!! She could have killed countless innocent road workers because she was a total idiot! The officer didn't even ask her to get out of the car! She did that by herself, proving just how stupid she was! This lady is the perfect example of who you SHOULD taze, regardless of age!! She chose to be an ass, and look where that got her. Seems like common sense isn't so common anymore.........

I forget to mention (it was actually stated in a previous post) they are trained to yell "Tasered" when they use it so that anybody else around knows to stay away. Anyone touching the person being tased could also recieve a good shock. He didn't yell that because "he enjoyed it" dumb ass commenter 153. This would be a much better society if people didn't speak unless they actually knew what they were talking about.

How come people just assume she isn't posing a threat to anyone? She was probably intoxicated, in which case she did not need to get back in the truck. What else is he going to do? Tackle her? Break her shoulder? Being tased isn't that bad, it's more shocking(no pun intended) than painful. Seriously I play with my friends taser all the time.

How the hell is that acceptable? She could be suffering from dementia or perhaps she is diabetic and was having an episode? This is nearly as bad as those cops who tasered that naked mental patient when he was standing on top of an alcove. They shocked him, he fell down and and suffered severe head inuries and died. They shocked him becuase they were worried he would fall! The idiots never thought that maybe they should put some padding underneath. He needed claming down, not electricution. They might as well have put a gun against his head and executed him. Surely an experienced cop should be able to tell the difference between a guy who's gonna put a bullet in an innocent civvie/fellow officer and a potentially vulnerable person? OK so she broke the law but they should use reasonable force in regard to the crime being committed. If he didn't want her driving off all he had to do was take the keys. Hell if it helps him feel more like a cop, shoot the damn tyres out.

Whether young or old, the hard-asses at the local police station will bring your ass down! Either way, he had all of her information. The respectable thing to do, in my opinion, would have been to just let her go, and then get her on some other charge for fleeing from an officer or something like that. She's an old woman! I understand that's not how the police force operates, though. Though, there is absolutely no need to use that kind of force, and it just goes to show how the American police force is turning this country into a police state. There is no escaping the police, and if you try, you will be harmed and jailed. Maybe you'll think twice about breaking a minor law next time you crazy old woman!
It seems that police investigating a crime scene are less likely to be violent than those who make routine traffic stops. I guess when you actually experience the effects of violence, you're not as likely to act in that manner unless it is absolutely necessary. Traffic cops, on the other hand, are just fed up with how boring and meaningless their jobs are...hence why this woman was treated in this manner.
Either way, fast food eateries are not the only things making America stink of bacon.

Anyone else find this particularly erotic? fapfap!

Why hello there. It's me, common sense. Perhaps some of you know me, but sadly most of America doesn't anymore. Common sense says that if you don't break the law, you don't get tazed. Even in retard states like Texas, otherwise known as the state that still has a working economy, they know this.

NO WAY COMMON SENSE! We're supposed to be able to break the law and not suffer repercussions! I don't care if I was putting other people's lives in danger! I don't deserve to have NON-LETHAL force used on me! Just let me go free! It's the humane thing to do! I have more people's lives to endanger after all!

Tasers are safer for both the officer and the recipient. Also better for laughs than if he would have pounded her into the ground and forced her arms behind her back. There are several easy steps (as mentioned by others above) that you can take to not get tased.

Plus a 72 year old with a hidden knife is as dangerous as a 20 year old with a hidden knife.

she should have asked if she was under arrest or under investigation for/about a felony... she probably would have found out that she wasnt, and she could request to leave. only then is the cop required to either arrest or let the person go. Unless you're on private property, and then you can just walk away or into a house and lock the door behind you. nothing they can do without a warrant or a subpeona.

She was probably just abusing her prescribed pot before he pulled her over and all high people are paranoid of the government. She's probably like "oh no, its the po po!!!"
Then of course she is old so she probably can't hear a damn thing esspecially through those bushels in her ears.
So then the cop considers that resisting (which she really is cause she's high) and he tased her... Really... Quite easy to figure out. I can't believe none of you thought of that...

@164 I am about to abuse my prescribed pot

The only thing I found more shocking than this video is the amount of people supporting this idiot officer.

Tasers are supposed to be used instead of a gun people!! If she had of been shot would you consider that acceptable??!!

The problem is that these cops rely too heavily on their weapons and have no idea how to deal with people without using violence. They talk to people like dogs and when they object, threaten to shot them like dogs. If you want people to do as you say this is not the right way to go about it. Officers should be taught how to deal with conflict situations non-violently and ways to comand respect without drawing a weapon.

Listen to the cop talking, he's scared, he doesn't know what to do, he steps back, he throughs his book down and fumbles trying to get the womans arm. He's frightened and has no idea what to do. I don't care who you are, or where you come from, you don't respect this in an officer and there are unfortunatly a lot of people out there who will take advantage of this.

Its also shocking to see how many people think this is safe!! look at the numbers of people who have been killed by taser! Your just regurgitating the b.s your governments want you to believe. America seems to have lost the ability to question the decisions of its leaders and those that do are sadly just labeled liberal nuts

To all the people defending the cop, you're tools...just letting you know.

A 6ft, 220lb cop can't keep a 5' 8" 150lb 50-60+ y/o old woman under control except by using a taser on her that has documented evidence to kill healthy young adults on occasion.

Was she being 'disobedient"? without a doubt...but if you people are so idiotic that you really believe that this woman couldn't be handcuffed without the use of extreme force..then i don't know what to say except...wow you're dumb.

Also notice when "Mr. defending us against the bad old people" just has enough of her and throws his book to the ground and becomes hostile to a woman who is leaning against a truck.....yeah, that wasn't the least bit unnecessary or crazy at all *rolls eyes*

In closing, it's a typical cop on a power-trip because somebody isn't "respecting his authoriyah!!!" and as usual there will be morons who defend his actions.

Well, yeah, ok, she was being a belligerent lil cow, and yes, she kinda had it coming.

Having said that:
Where I come from (New Zealand) the general idea seems to be that being a cop doesn't mean just enforcing the law, it's working with the public for the betterment of society as a whole. This means using social skills, reading people, knowing how to keep them calm. If the cop had these skills, then I sincerely doubt that he would have had to tase the granny.

Just putting it out there.

i don't know how someone could do that to someone that probably has a heart condition. i bet he got beat up a lot when he was a kid.

Damn everyone is being serious with this, its probably fake anyways.
In other new TASERS, AWWW HELL YEAH!!!!!!111

@165 nice... You guys take all of this nonsense wayyyyy to seriously.


As if he needed to tase her. What a wanker. I can see she was being aggressive, but you don't see why she was being pulled over. Suggested by the unnessecary force he was using, he was having a shitty day. He could've easily over powered her without using the damn taser.

What a moron.

Wow, people must really love this site. Look at all these comments! You people with your opinions.

Point of fact. Our system is not perfect. But we have courts that are pretty well rounded in fairness. Not COMPLETELY fair, but good enough for society to maintain order without dictatorship. I also an reserving judgement in this case until I hear more about the situation. To make snap judgements based on seconds of video means absolutely nothing. I bet many of you have had one experience (or knew someone) that had a run in with the cops. I myself have as well, but I don't automatically think that ALL cops are facist pigs. Even if I feel wronged I can settle it in court. And in prospective I was wrong. The cop was right. It took losing in court to show me that. So please, don't think that you can judge this situation with limited information. Please do your research.

Technology makes for a lazy, dangerous bunch of pussy cops. We gave them guns and then the night stick became an accessory. Gave them cars, and they stopped walking a beat. Now they have tasers, so negotiating, arguing or getting physical with someone they out weigh by 100lbs is just a waste of their time.

Okay okay okay!!! Look at it this way... watch the video again but don't think of her as a old woman. Picture her as a 23 year old male. Would all these comments be posted against the cop if it was a young man acting that way? "Justice is blind" means that you shouldn't treat someone differently because of age/race/gender/religion. Yes, the cop acted a bit hot headed, but that's what the video is meant to portray. If you saw the video start to finish, you may have been like "TAZE HER ALREADY!!!"

TAZERED now get on the ground. Fv(|< yea!

I'm surprised cops don't get medals for this kinda excellent work...

And it's not like this happened in the middle of nowhere, this happened here in Austin, TX. Everyone here is pissed about this, and the police say they are justified! WTF?!

She acted really pig-headed,gram or not,she as well has to listen to the law.

she might be glad she didn't get beaten up!

Is that an oldtimer she's driving? This old bitch even doesn't care about the environment!


This old lady had to do what the cop told her to do ...

she does not, because of her retarded mind, and she gets tazzed.

That seems quite normal to me xD

Kill the weak-minds !!

she's white so it's ok. also, the cop is a pussy of the highest order. and, i enjoy hearing some self righteous posters talk about "the law". i'm sure they are 100% law abiding.

With her attitude? She had it coming. You don't mouth off to cops just because you think you're somehow immune. You find out very quickly that you aren't.

Well, the problem doesn't really seem to be the tazing, but the fact that the cop just seems to snap all of the sudden (0:27). Up until that point, everything was civil from both parties. The lady was a bit of a moron but did step back when told to. Then a couple seconds later, he abruptly throws the clipboard down and starts ordering her to assume the position; that's where she starts resisting. Aside from resisting arrest, WTH was she to be charged for to make him flip out suddenly like that. "Put your hands behind your head!" is one thing, but something clearly set him off beyond getting the alright, arrest her. Does he do this for all speeders?

She deserved what she got. It doesn't matter what your age is. She was warned, and bolted for the road anyway. So, his choices were to let her get splattered by a car, tackle her, possibly breaking her hip, or tase her shriv ass. She was irate from the get-go, was exceeding the maximum posted speed limit by a long shot. She not only got what she deserved, it is all on film for us to enjoy.

By the way, any moron on here who has not been a cop should shut your pie-hole. You have no idea about that area's policies regarding the taser, not to mention the fact that he could have been sued for letting her get hit by a car.

Oh Michael, what a little moron you are...where do i even begin?

First: Yep she broke the law...you think she is the first to get pulled over because of speeding through a construction zone? Oh i very much doubt it....but she broke the law so that makes excessive force just fine in your little book of stupid.

Second: When Mr. defender lost it she wasn't "bolting" she was leaning against her truck, that's when he decided he had enough, threw down his book in a fit of rage and zapped her...was she acting unruly before then? no doubt, and once again i have to point this out to idiots such as yourself:

A 6ft, 220lb cop can't keep a 5' 8" 150lb 72 y/o old woman under control except by using a taser on her ? Bullshit...pure Bullshit, he lost his temper with a perp and without even trying to handcuff her just whips out his taser and stuns her...no thought whatsoever to the possibility of her having a pacemaker or other heart problems..and yes it's been confirmed that she is 72....you're telling me a man twice her size/weight can't peacefully restrain a 72 y/o woman?!?

You talk all high and mighty about 'people not being cops to shut up' yet you fail to talk about how cops are supposed to maintain themselves even under stressful situations...and he failed.

Take your own advice dude and STFU.



He warned her HOW MANY TIMES?! Jeez lady!!

His reaction may seem a bit harsh but sorry, no sympathy from me. If you are in the wrong and a cop is asking you to do something fairly straightforward (AND threatens you with a taser if you continue to be a pain), just LISTEN TO HIM ALREADY! It isn't like he was telling her to strip or something! How hard would it have been to just do as he was asking?!

and Giggidy FTW

What a douche! needs to be fired And burned at the stake!

You guys seem to have really wired cops over there.
Real Cowboys :D
I feel pitty for that grandma, if this would be ine i would tease the balls out of this cop...

I really don't think this is about whether or not she deserved it. Cops are given tasers to non-lethally stop a criminal threat. Now this woman was a criminal, but my no means was she a threat. This officer could have easily told the woman he was arresting her, cuff her and move her, forcibly if necessary, to his car.

It was just so unnecessary.

It's funny have people assume that cuffing a 72 year old woman is no problem.

It's also funny how people assume that the tazer is the most inhuman tool in the world, next to the gun.

I'm curious to see how everyone who is rooting for the old lady would have handled this situation.

Here's a patter i noticed in their arguments:

1) The Police Officer could have talked to her.

2) Police Officer is huge! He's a pussy Cop for not using his own hands to subdue her.

3)Police Officer was on a power trip.

4) Old lady not a threat. Taser guns only used on people who are a threat.

I guess here's my answer to all those arguments.

1) She wasn't listening. She did not listen to him when he asked her to stop. She did not listen to his warnings. SHE WASN'T LISTENING

2) Plenty of people argued against the whole using his big muscly arms and being a man, but I shall reiterate. Trying to force someone into handcuffs while they resist is a tough thing. There will be bruises, and cuts, and in the old lady's case, probably a few broken or bruised bones. Yes, but apparently that is muuuch more humane.

3) I don't know where you got that in the video.

4) Hm... this is an odd sentence. Let's assume that you were in that position and just slowly started walking away from the cop with the intent to leave him. You're not being a threat, but you're just leaving. Are you saying that the cop should just...let you go? I didn't know it was that easy. I would really like to see you guys spend a few weeks as a cop.

It seems that everyone lives in an ideal world about how the police should be run. You see one minute of a clip and you assume that the cop came to an easy decision.

Next time you'll remember to renew your tags, Senile old bitch.

@ Babbleon:

Please join Michael in the land of stupid...oh wait, you already have.

You see my little ignorant nimrod, there are police on the beat who handle this exact situation everyday...and with much more restraint, why don't we hear about them? well it's simple..they did the job properly.

But yes you're right, why settle for a few bumps and bruises cuffing a 72 y/o perp when we can roll the dice on tasering this 72 y/o perp and see if we can't stop their heart....what a practical solution.

You're a moron.

She should have had a shotgun.
I can hear it now, a suddenly random voice as she blows his head off...


Pew Zap Pew?

Btw chris you would also hear Overkill...

They should tase thoughs cops in the jolly baalls for 12 hours each. I didnt get picked on in high school but most cops did and there out with something to prove. Its been said many times but Fukc the Police.

most of you ppl are slow. I have been butt naked being transported to the holding cell and mr big shit thought itd be funny to fuk round. so he could flash his power. he threatend to tase me multiple times when I was actuallly being more than cooperative. Now I know all cops arnt like that. just 9 and a half out of 10.

Always stuns me the lack of intelligence these taser happy cops show when they say "PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK!" while zapping the poor bastard with a gazillion volts/amps. Have any of these fat pigs ever tried putting their hands behind their backs while being fried like KFC? IT'S FECKING IMPOSSIBLE!!!! especially for a 72yr old. I hope someone hunts this sack of sh!t down and straps a truck battery to each of his nuts flicks the switch and yells at him to put his nuts behind his back as they shrivel and burn....... or is that too far?.... naw he'll be fine.

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