Jun 29 2009Sadness: Superheroes, The Golden Years

old hero 2.jpg

This is a little gallery of superheroes past their prime. They were all drawn by Italian artist Donald Soffritti and made me sadder than hell. You know, because they got me thinking about growing old and shit. Too profound for you? I'm deeper than an ocean trench.

Hit the jump for some of my favorites, then the link for a whole bunch more.

old hero 1.jpg

old hero 3.jpg

old hero 4.jpg

old hero 5.jpg

old hero 6.jpg

old hero 7.jpg

old hero 8.jpg

Superheroes - The elder years [toomuchfreetime]

Thanks to Stephen, who won't ever grow old but will wear tights.

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Hey, now I look like Superman!

I'm a super hero

wth wolverine doesnt age!

this is almost as the super hero yesuv
ALMOST as good..

This made me laugh and cry at the same time.....but the way they're capitalizing the comic franchises now, we may one day see a movie with these guys *sniffle*

that is kinda wat syd did. he shows through art how depressing old superheros r. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2YLmWFsBXg

@6: there are so many movies comming out within the next few years, we will want to stop seeing them soon

Apparently this artist is great at looking at other people's work and aging it- too bad he obviously hasn't read any of the actual comic books or even seen one of the movies.

HA to funny, even though aqua man is THE lamest super hero he is the funniest senior hero.

@tristan - X-men: Days of Future Past, Wolverine: The End, or Old Man Logan. All three comics show an aged Logan.

Don't fret GW, we'll have you put down long before you get this bad.

Call me guys 631-708-4240 I wanna have sex


I srsly wanna know who you hate that much to post their digits on the web.

probably some girl who was impervious to his rufies....


Don't you hate when that happens...

Thor looks like me ;O


I heard the hero is died?

Batman looks awesome!

Anyone else have to stay effing late for work and are bitter?!

Sweet, looks like GW is ALL MINE!!! muhahahah..........cricket cricket..... sniffle sniffle....

I had to work late, but now i'm enjoying a great beer and great cigar - - good times

ohhh, I would totatlly go gay for a scotch and a cigar bout now...

Superman and Wolverine never get old


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max retired from baseball after getting his 3000th hit. Later 2 of his hits were disqualified, so he had to return to the team.

Superman ended up with huge moobs in old age.

Big deal. MAD magazine covered this at least forty years ago.

Barney BJ!!!


you're gonna love his nuts!

It's not super late here - only 4:30pm in NZ. All the oceanic readers visit the site while the americans are in bed. Or should be in bed... :P

Ya, I figured I'd be running around with a different crew at night...

haha, catwoman after the jump had me laughing


I should probably be in bed....but instead being a nerd on my computer

and the catwoman atj was GREAT!



wow me and the geekologie writer would never grow old cause thats how super we are oooo.... lol

bring it


argh, I'm surrounded by Brutefags...

This kind of reminds me of the WATCHMEN movie, ya we all hate getting old. our life is as the path of the sun across the sky, the most important thing is to shine very bright at NOON!

you fools comics win always die bart die

Just funny enough to bring a smile, but not a laugh.

Just Funny to see

Ahhh, four hours of sleep and back at work. GW, I'm expecting top notch work from you today!

Good morning☺

STOMPY WTF do you do employed as a slave?

@naas, don't tell agent mark but I'm actually a hitman... Ya the hours can suck at times but when you are doing something you love, its worth it!

Nice, STOMPY. Don't worry about agent mark anymore, we bumped him off if ya know what I mean

Can never be too carefull though, agent mark can clone and spawn other agents marks


Koo koo...

Not anymore my friend, he was reprogrammed & made over on jenny jones



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell uitts a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max fell in love with a girl who had a beer tap installed in the left breast. Unfortunately a woman who can dispense enough beer to get MAx drunk looks like a walking beer keg, and all his friends mocked him. But he didn't mind, he got to drink beer while sucking on a titty.

Good morning friends and douchenozzles!

omg. Thor looks like me! And not just the beer in had and big belly. I'm talking about the winged helmet, cape and spandex. I think i might have some issues to work through....

GW is running 45 minutes late. Quik! Somebody give him a news tip!

I think he was up all night watching the desperate housewives marathon..... I dvr'd it otherwise I wouldn't be here either

Morning Thumper, Naas, GFS, LSDiesel, all the other regulars I missed. STOMPY is starting to stick around and join the cool kids club. Keep up the good work.

I brought punch and pie.

Why are people saying the Shadows are wrong? They look perfectly right to me.


How's the weather?

@56 I don't get it either, I agree this all looks fine

mornin Ollie - you staying dry today or what?

great minds think alike shumway, great minds....

but mommy *sniffles*
I thought super heros never diez
*sniffle sniffle*

Daisy, that is your second post on this.... or is there an imposter Daisy again?

I think I'm about ready for a new and exciting post. Something to make me say "wow! that's new and exciting!"


We've been forsaken. Or is it foreskin? I donno.


GW why have you foreskin me?!?

riiing riiing.....................riiing riiing..........................riiiing riiiiiing................

"Hi this is GW and thanks for your call. I am currently away from my phone right now so please leave me a detailed message including your name, measurements and when you'd like to stop by for a drunken dinosaur orgy after the beep. I don't have enough beer for all your cute little cosplay friends so yes, absolutely stop at the liquor store on your way over....."


Dr. Octopus is not a superhero, he is a super villain. If you don't know the difference, you should probably avoid writing about the subject.


Way to bring down the mood. Asshole.

"Hi GW, this is naas - a loyal, self whoring geeko addict who can't go this long without an update.... What are the chances you could take that self pleasuring dino-helmet off & wake up good sir? We're starting to get antsy & these superheroes aren't looking any prettier. I'm getting some work done this morning & not used to this much progress, so I am going to keep calling after this message until you wake up" *click

@55, I didn't take to read other people's comments this morning. I was just concerned about what I wanted to say with little regard for the effort of other people's words.

Good Morning. STOMPY is getting to be a regular. We must ceremonially piss on his face.


Hit my mom up for all the pissing pleasure, she gets off on that the little whore.

I'm going, going
back to back
to Cali, Cali
on Friday!!! YAY SUNSHINE!

Hey, remember that time when GW posted that link abou the aging superhero's and we sat around the next day like crying babies with full loads in our pants for some more GW... ahhhh those were the days....

@72 I'm going to cali too this weekend & through all of next week - we're so going to fight now

@71, Oh my Dear little STOMPY. You miss the point. It is custom that when a geekologie commenter comes of age, that the other regular commenters must 'bless him' by urinating on his face.

At least, that's what Thumper told me, back in the day. I was blindfolded and heard lots of giggling, and someone was asking...where....the record button was.....

Oh God.....

74 - Are you following me? I'm going to be there from 7/3-7/11

LSD - sorry hun! But that was the number 1 video on youporn for about a week straight! Your pain bought me a BMW.

apparently now I am... 7/2 to 7/13 (cheaper plane tix returning on monday)

hrm... I'm a bit creeped out... and... aroused... that's weird.

Okay, so I was going to wait to see if GW posted this but its a cool vid to start off the morning, sorry FAH-Q, its a video,


STOMPY - you tease!

@79 Yes that is weird, I normally creep myself out just for arousal & used to think THAT was weird

zomg stompy...... "Hooters, cooters, tutors, computers......" hahaha

My ass feels like a bubble bath and you guys look like you're made of cotton candy.


Stompy has definitely earned himself a urine bukkake, welcome aboard & great job

That is some great stuff!


Today is not raining sideways, nor is it space weather. Clear sky and a high of 80 here in good old Portland. Why, that's just a hop, skip, and jump to Cali. Naas, Thumper? Can you say orgy? I knew you could.

By the way. Does anyone else look through the fan list of Geekologie and guess who is who? Just me? Well f*ck you guys then. :(

PS- I'm the sexy mofo with the green eyes.

Fan list on Facebook I mean. I need to stop drinking on weekdays. Hah, who am I kidding.

@88 I used to until we found each other, now I can never go back (or never back down) whaaa


Ya, I need to get that whole facey spacy thing set up one of these days...


I'm the fat one with the black dog.

88 - I'm the kissy faced one... Oh wait, now I'm the "Where is their vote" one... muahahahaha joo donno what i look like...

Naas knows who I am. ;)


I've seen your underwear

@94 I do, and my secret identity is no secret to you. This is good though, because now we can keep an eye out for each other at the bar. I hate getting dragged outside by the police alone sometimes

Twitter is steph11340 hotties call me 631-708-4240

I'm a hero too


Cracked magazine did something similar when I was like 9...still sad

These pics are pretty depressing.But all these Superheroes are still alive.

back to #23 "Superman and Wolverine never get old"
how does anyone come to that conclusion? so they were born full adults? to my recollection Superman was born a baby on krypton and wrapped in his blanket that had his superman symbol on it and sent away before his planet exploded. and for Wolverine I can just say there's no way he don't age.

ah its aight most peoples heros are already old and wack from byakugan to south park who the hell knows wats next

@23, Wolverine does grow old, just V-e-e-e-r-r-r-y-y-y-y slowly. That has to be 8005.

Good Picture ...
Superman super hero


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I can just say there's no way he don't age

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