Jun 24 2009Robot Displays Emotions, Doesn't Have Any

In an ironic twist, an emotionless robot has been programmed to physically display emotions using it's face and body. It is one of the scariest looking robobastards I've seen and IT DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT ITS ACTIONS MEAN. It's like asking a robot if it knows what love is. You know what they say? Human blood.


Thanks to Taylor, Julian, Vicki, FDSY, andrewk, Dr. Thrasher, Romeo and Matthew, who know it's okay to eat robots 'cause they don't have any feelings.

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first bitch

Uh.... yes that is a bit creepy BUT THANKFULLY NOT ALL PINK & GAY like that poor gundam a few posts ago

0:31 - 0:36 = the look of death before being attacked by a robot

Lame. Its a robot with a bunch of motors and people decide what these "emotions" mean by giving it poses.

While real scientists are developing robots which learn emotions on their own and don't have to do ridiculousness as this one.

The only emotion I want robots to display is sheer terror as I abruptly disassemble them with a rocket powered sledgehammer a la Battle Angel Alita.

what emotion does it have when asimo breaks up with it after dating for 2 years?

Its a good thing GFS has the day off or something, otherwise he would be yelling at us for our anti robot posts!

As far as teh video is concerned... oh wait thats right, i can't watch videos at work.... DAMN YOU INTERWEBS!!

at point :42 "it has a long way to go before being released into people's homes"
!!!!!!WTF !!! There you go they're going to RELEASE this thing ito your home and it will look really angry and sh!t just as it attempts to kill you.

My neighbors aren't creepy enough, I need this thing living next to me too?


It has no genitalia & it's hips move a lot.

Oh and I forgot...Yes @1 YOU can be the fist bitch all you want.
He sure seems to be proud about it.

its not it's

I hope it can perform CPR (with a smile).

wtf emotion was that at 20sec


I'm here. I usually only yell at GW for his robo hate. Mostly because he is a hypocrite. On one hand he loves Transformers, C-3PO, and R2-D2. On the other hand he hates any real life robot that may yield us a Transformer, C-3PO, or R2-D2. Also, sex-bots. Flesh and blood women don't do it for me anymore.

I think the emotion at 00:20 is an appalled Southern Belle, because that is necessary in inter-robotic communication.

This is officially creeping me out...



Are you for or against Sex Bots? Me and GFS want to know.



Is this the new bionicle-look-a-like for Marilyn Manson or Michael Jackson?

You know what.


YES!! I AM!!

Because blowing those bastards apart in the coming Robopocalypse would be so much sweeter knowing they could FEEL IT.

Oh my God! That's the first time I officially feel like shooting a robot with a shotgun. The first machine I ever wanted to shoot was my Windows computer, but I digress.

Matrix anyone?

that is creepy on unimaginable levels, no joke.


I'm a bit scared of it


Personally, I'm all for using robots against the elderly...

im going to bash my head on my keyborad 3 times:
67t6 jt6 t6

GFS - Don't lie, I totally do it for you.


The best comment all day. You win the internets.


Only if you wear this tin foil hat.

♪ What is love
♪ Oh baby, don't hurt me
♪ Don't hurt me no more
♪ Oh, baby don't hurt me
♪ Don't hurt me no more

Can't see link... blocked =(
Can I just wear a pair of rabbit ears instead =)

How about this?


I'm not clicking any link with the word 'panties' in it while I'm at work - but I'll check it out from home.

Well, now that the end of the human race is even closer at hand, I would just like to say "Thanks to geekologie for keeping me entertained on so many a boring day."

It's "pan ties" Mr. Connery


Your father invented his fair share of robots, douche bag.

excellent, it displays emotions, so right before it slashes your throat, you can know that somewhere deep in its facsimile of a brain, it feels a little sorry.

or it looks like it.

which is really the same thing.

Where's the orgasm emotion?


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where max went into space and landed on a remote planet with Frank Drebin. The landing party was attacked by monsterous creatures, and it turns out these creatueres were the product of an overactive imagination.

I dont KNOw GEekologie Writer, i know of your fear of robots, but, seeing this clip, it makes me wonder if robots can be good, and instead of fighting, be our allies and be able to live with us when they become self aware,

Why IS IT ThaT RobOTs have to Be BAd???

Why CAnt ThEy be good? be Our friends? and maybe we can build a Future Together!!!

just like the horribly matrix revolutions taught us robots can love, and believe in karma.

And it's that kind of talk that'll get you killed in the coming Robopocalypse.

Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.

I think it's "I, Robot" where the robots help people. For a moment, I thought I was watching that movie....

I am scared.

OK, so the scientists allegedly taught the fugly robot to display emotion. Who taught the scientists about emotion, then? Who? And how, exactly, is being able to fake emotion going to help the fugly robots to work in the homes of the elderly, anyway? I'm with Daisy on this one, it's totally fake. Daisy, I wanna be your sexbot.

well, at least it's not as creepy as those face banks

That robot looks like Mrs. doubtfire



This is a NOT a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a real because the shadow's are all right.

This is exactly unlike that scene in the movie Never Back Down where max went into space and landed on a remote planet with Frank Drebin. The landing party was attacked by monsterous creatures, and it turns out these creatueres were the product of an overactive imagination.

Why did they program it to be gay and then not build any joystick for me? I'm seriously dissappointed. Also, that face lift looks nearly professional.

This is a very theatrical robot.Some elderly could be tired of that.

I was never scared of robots, but now i want to chainsaw this robots nuts off!!!!!!!!

#20 is the best comment here

Just when you think you've imagined the worst. We are going to die to robot mimes. Fraking french.

Robots can, in fact have emotions. Biological creatures aren't special, it's the same principle.

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