Jun 1 2009Prison: Don't Drop The Soap Knuckles

soap knuckles.jpg

This is soap shaped like brass knuckles. It's equally suited for punching yourself in the taint or fighting off would-be lovers in the prison shower. Which, miss you Big Bear.

Brass Knuckle Soap Allows You To Punch Up a Good Lather [gizmodo]

Thanks to pstone, who made me his bitch.

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huh...I always thought it was "chode"

Sorry to hear your somebody's bitch GW, a laborious task for anyone missing a shoe. Soap knuckles? I dunno... I don't even want to fathom the idea of how I'd make a punching bag out of someone's sackage hanging behind me when I might need to use these, hopefully I'll just have a gun

bet itd be good for one solid punch before it shatters....

...unless its wet then it would squish like nerf

new at toys r us .. nerf knucks


way to sub "taint" for "chode" GW...

...when are you gonna change the "as" to "or"

HEY, you could use those to box eachothers sac with while bathing...... you can never get bored in the shower in jail with that!!

What a brilliant idea. More brilliant than those "grass slippers" I've seen in this site a long time ago. This is my favorite. I'm probably going to be needing this since I'm going to prison tomorrow for assault and battery.
I haven't committed the crime yet but I'm gonna turn myself in after beating the crap out of my wife tonight. SHE IS SUCH A WHORE!!!
She said that the trajectory of the moon caused her to "accidentally" fornicate with my neighbor, the town's idiot. How the hell does the moon do anything with her sexual desires!???!!! I don't effing get it. I just can't understand why she's blaming it on the moon, it's ridiculous.

Big Bear...I didn't even know we were calling him that!

Does it smell good?

How FU%^^$*&%^CKING effective can 'soap knuckles' actually be.

They probably turn into a gooey mush real quickly, and there doesn't seem to be plenty of soap there to start with. These are as useless as those big-ass 20$ candles that only burn in the FU%^%$CkIN' middle.

This is 'safe for prison' soap,even slippery it remains steady in your hand.

beefytee, a chode is defined as a short, fat dick. Ask any 9th grade slut.

geekaloogie master. you make my day/night/meth trip

I could have used these in juvie. When the guard asked my why I was hitting that narc, I could have just said I was "cleaning his face". It was dirty with all the blood.

Must See!!!



@11 If they burn down the middle they don't get wax on your shit. And if you are buying $20 candles you probably have nice shit you don't want wax getting on.

Plus, you know you love this soap. You'd have it in the shower trying to put your little nazi in the finger holes.


Ya, you're right.

Ahaha, Big Bear?

Oh, homosexuality is so cute!

@ 16

Hey! Some of my favorite love toys are made of soap. Don't knock it. (unless your into that)

They're a bit expensive ($15 for a set of 2) but my boyfriend wanted some and I bought them. One of them was barely enough for one shower usage. Still effin cool though haha

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