Jun 16 2009I'm On To You: SNES Really A PC In Disguise

snes pc 1.jpg

It may look like a Super Nintendo, but really IT'S A TRAP! PC. I particularly like the CD slot.

...here is a cool case mod by quangDX and DuPPs. Using the Super Nintendo and the Acer Aspire One A150, they have created a SNES PC Case Mod. The controller ports have been converted to USB adapters (via a faux controller cable), the cartridge is a CD drive and the cables are plugged in through the back.

Now as good as it does look, I must admit to being anti-stuffing one console into another one's body. It leads to identity crisis -- and identity crisis leads to hookin' on the street corner for pirated software. And if you're reading this: please come home my little MacBook Dreamcast!

Hit the jump for several more shots of the trickery.

snes pc 2.jpg

snes pc 3.jpg

snes pc 4.jpg

snes pc 5.jpg

The SNES PC Case Mod [gossipgamers]

Thanks to Margo the Jeweler, who would ruby-fy the shit out this thing.

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Reader Comments

I'd totally hit that...

Whoa awesome.

So close at being first, I'm still a virgin at that.
Anywho, thats pretty impressive. I wish I could... Do things.



id prefer the original SNES

I'd like an original NES PC...

They updated the SNES? Why not update Mario's transportation? Mario should be riding pygmy jerboas or velociraptors instead of Yoshi.

Too much work for something cheese.

Bastard killed a SNES :(

My PC case mod looks like an Atari 2600. It even plays the old Atari games and uses the classic joystick.

ok ok, I have an Atari. Takes forever to get on the internet.

@3. Save your purity. If you ever do manage to be the first to post. Do it with dignity. Just post a normal response. That way you will be silently honored as first without looking like a firstard.

lol. in the first pic. it's not plugged in, but the monitor's on XD

could this really be a Daisy ?

sorry saw some grammatical errors in my post, here's the fix:

Lol. In the first pic, it's not even plugged in, but the monitor's on XD.

Could this be the work of Daisy?


This is the internet, an interconnection of wires connection people via electrical pulses decoded to present a visual to the user. This particular internet is called geekologie.com....

sorry, i had to be a arse, its in my nature...

shes a little run away...

Spy Hunter 09

The Apple keyboard is a nice touch. Classy as balls.

It was a good idea yes, but the result isn't as attractive as originally thought to be. It looks a little like the apple II

Nice work folks!


Wtf is with all this "mybrute" crap?!?

I'd want to play SMW3 every time I saw my computer if I had this...?

Super Nintendo! More than meets the eye... Super Nintendo! PC in disguise...

Anyone else notice the legos used on the 4th pic? Think they where thrown in for good measure? What case mod wouldn't be complete without some legos?


why not disguise an external harddrive as another controller?
(ya' won't have 2 worry much about space4space)


wow, that's very impressive indeed. they obviously took a heck of a lot of time to build.

Where's the cooling down system? Any fans?

Just put a fan next to it to cool down.

Lol very inventive,well done!

i want it.... just like i want you.


look at is and ull see... heres the link


HEY, I totally have the same pair of orange scissors! TWINSIES!

ha diggin the LEGOs!

And your mother wonders what you do with all your time in the basement.......whew! No worries mom!

thanks for all the comments on my Case Mod,
good and bad, I take it all as constructive criticism.

11.jaja - the plug you can see is actually for something else, not the monitor.

21.jack - I was just using the Mac keyboard in the setup shots as it was the nearest USB keyboard I had. The Mac keyboard was not harmed in anyway during the mod.

25. If you read the write up of the Mod at http://www.asobitech.com/remix/aaSNES1/ you'll see I used Lego bricks for all the supports, it doesn't conduct and it's easy o build into whatever shape I want.

26.Ciao - that's not actually a bad idea. wonder if i can fit a 1.8inch HDD into a snes control pad.

29.Darth - there are two fans in the system, one in the top half at the back left, and on for the CPU in the bottom half. But it is an Atom 1.6ghz, so it shouldn't get that hot.

videos now up of the aaSNES1 in action.
also i've stuck it on eBay for those of you that want to own it.

dOOd that is sexxxxeh


Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:


The game takes less than 5 minutes to play!

what're the legos for?

sry, besides completeness, duh, nvm

awesome stuff man!

@21 WOW! Mac suck dick lol. more of a "waste of not blowing up a mac keyboard".

who honestly could sit on a mac for more than two hours?

Not I...

not i...

Pretty cool.

Did anyone else notice the legos used to plug up the rear slot? I wonder why he would do all this custom work and then use legos instead of, oh, maybe some grey plastic?

great. As an old SNES Fan, this is simply hilarious.

So Freakin Cool

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