Jun 9 2009Han Solo, P.I.: Star Wars/Magnum P.I. Mashup

These are scenes from Star Wars set to the Magnum P.I. opening theme with amazingly accurate scenes to match those from the television show. Which leads us to an important question: who would make a better lover, Han with his laser blaster or Magnum with his mustache? If you answered, "The Geekologie Writer and a rack of pork ribs", congratulations, you've won yourself a date. I'm thinking the museum of natural history -- pick me up at seven, I don't drive.

Hit the jump to see a video of the mashup without the comparison shot.

Han Solo, P.I. Is One Pitch-Perfect Mashup [gizmodo]

Thanks to meeotch, who answered "ménage à trois".

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Reader Comments

Naas and Gordon I should just admit I am an uncool A$$hole





BOOM!!! kiss my sack


@1 We don't have to, you've done it for us

Just start off every post like that...


if it was ever done itd still be a billion times better than the starwars holliday special

I hate it when I can't watch videos. Magnum P.I. is the whole reason why I wear hawiian shirts and a big mustache. Of corse, my helicopter is a little different than his. (see: my penis)

that mustve taken some time to find the right scenes and stuff

too much time

WAAAAY too much time

you're about as cool as a knight rider remake


Hangovers....I love them!

you can fap fap my sack

wow...so accurate..i need to rethink my life after seeing this video...will sync the Wizard of Oz to PF Dark Side of the Moon

BTW @1 yes you are, i am glad that you are aware.

Me too shumway, me too

I do think you sport some pretty killer hawaiian shirts though, especially with that giant stache


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver BAck Down where Max and a bunch of midgets were being chased by the devil, and when they finally defeated him, and collected him onto a bin, they missed one piece.

No-one can see your penis.


Do you really want to?

Han Solo could kick Chuck Norris' sorry ass

LOL That is the best thing I've seen all day!


You "hung" over again? And no it doesn't count if you hung your unit up and behind your shoulder...

I was giving serious thought to be hung over today. But decidied it could wait till tommorow...

You're right, I should have put "thank GOD no-one can see your penis" :)

@Daisy - Time Bandits was and still is a great movie☺


@1 Finally admitting it, about time.

I like the black guy = Chewbacca comparison.

Fun fact, Tom was supposed to play han solo, but couldnt get our of his obligation to play Mag PI. So this works on so many levels

@26, I shudder to think of anyone else being Han Solo

LOL Chewbacca.

Two great flicks that go great together, just like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!


Umm, WTF... why did the black guy have to be Chewbacca? What was wrong with using Lando?!?

As shole....

Must See!!!



i liked this, but i feel a little shorted because there is no actual episode. i'd like to see someone put together an episode, somehow. perhaps i shall do this, with my mad video editing skills, over break.

I think there's coincidentally resemblance.Good job!

Good job! I'm a fan of Star Wars and Magnum P.I.!

I love dressing up as Star War characters and going to conventions, YEAHHH! STAR WAR FANS! Screw Star Trek, doesn't have anybody in there that resembles me unlike Star Wars where I have Jabba the Hut.

@ 35

Agreed! F*ck Star Trek......peace be with f*ck all.


Wrong. I like dressing up like Magnum P.I. and playing heavy metal. That's how I roll.

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