Jun 23 2009Halo On The Dallas Cowboys Video Wall

This is someone playing Halo for the XBox 360 on the Dallas Cowboys stadium video wall. It is fairly large. Not as big as my TV, but close. Per tipster Mike the Robot Destroyer:

Long time follower of your site. I check it about 400 times a day to keep apprised of all activity pertaining to robots and their very disturbing evolutionary path towards the ability to kill all humanity. We both know they are already self aware and feel the urge to kill us, they are just waiting for us to give them the tools. I'm convinced robot scientists have been hypnotized by mind robots - either that, or robot scientists are really just future robots sent back in time to invent future robots..... hmmmmmm

No idea what that has to do with playing giant Halo, but at least he's got his head in the right place.


Thanks Mike the Robot Destroyer, now get out there and make your Geekologie Writer proud!

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Reader Comments

unfreaking believable


i'm not even there and my neck already hurts from the angle they're at. :/


Big screen. But no sound system? I'm sure that stadium can pump out some tunes.
They have to keep their fans entertained somehow while they lose.

BTW, Whoever is playing needs to sit a little higher.

friggin sweet, I'd love to game on that thing - but it'd make sense to sit on the other side of the stadium to see it all

Ummm, it's the Jonas' Brother video guy playing after he sets up shit/before they play their shitty music.


Mike the Robot Destroyer is a tool. I hope you choke on a roomba.

Gordon and Robots sittin in a tree....


the quote had nothing to do with it...but I want to play The Conduit on that screen, lol

@9 have you seen the video from the pic? They make a hummer you know....


No, actually I just image google robot kiss and that was one of the first images...

dude you f-ing site is infested. get rid of it.

STOMPY the vid is FTW, maybe GW will post it

@13 infested with GREATNESS SUPREMACY!!! It used to be infested with firstards but we've been starving them off (sadly only a few remain, they're not extinct yet)

Bob, get rid of yourself



Set up was done by stadium Video Staff via fiber tie. Player was mid way up in bowl seating so no neck strain. Picture was breathtaking.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell tis a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene int he movie Never Back Down where Max brought a gun to the video shooting arcade, and ended up shooting a bunch of holes in the projection screen.

daisy, i want your hairy muff in my FACE!!!!

They player's a noob. You dont freaking walk around with 10 shots left and not reload. Reloading is like the first thing you learn about the game, maybe after how to go forward.

I've been lucky enough to see this in person ... and to say it's massive is an understatement ... I believe (as the field was covered by seats for the first concert there) it spans 60 yards and is approx 150 feet tall ... high def.

it's pretty amazing and crystal clear ... and to be on eye level with that ... you have to be in 300 level section ... (as the stadium being around 30 stories high ... 300+ seats you might as well be at the house)

I took a video of the total stadium (from my seat) on my camera phone and will post it as soon as I can (that is if anybody is even interested...)

Thats pure win.

it's not halo

all it needs is sound! that was cool!

@14 me means infested with douche bags like you, naas you suck, hard stop being an absolute power nerd and let GW do his thing, you dont know him or are friends with him, he is cool yo are ot face and move on, also get some poon for once

thats the best game they could think of to play? lamers

@4 you spelt 'fourth' wrong, fourthtard.

@ 24

I'm gonna take a wild guess that "Bob" and "Next Directory" are the same poster. Way to stick up for yourself with another name! That should show unilateral opposition to that mean old naas. I mean, come on! It's not like he is a REGULAR COMMENTER WHO POSTS HIS OPINION AND DOESN'T HIDE BEHIND DIFFERENT NAMES.

BTW: naas IS friends with GW. So is GFS, Faq, Daisy, Stompy and Pew. We were all there at his funeral when his twin brother vowed to take on the GW mantle. It was very touching. Plus....open bar.

im not bob, i never would be robert is a disgusting name, plus why would you think im that much of a puss over the internet i couldnt care less ill tell you how it is whenever you want mate, fact of the matter is you lot take geekologie way to seriously and it is borederline hobby which is quite strange its like watching the hills, get your own life. also its not that i dont lioke this site believe me its immense its that you guys consider yourself royalty and have these lame inside jokes. and nobody and i mean nobody can take the best rapper alive nas's name in vain and that includes some geek over the inter webs.

also jokes about people dying, yeah not funny in any language country or any galaxy mmkay.

I'm predicting a lot of whiny kids in the near future!

Remember that game that really fail'd?
Oh you do? *listens intently*
..Halo 3?

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