Jun 7 2009Geekologie Reader Makes Death Star Grill

death grill 1.jpg

Geekologie Reader Bryan, inspired by the post on rejected Star Wars products, went and made a Death Star Grill (complete with Star Destroyer handle!). And I, for one, would slap my Rebel meat all over it.

I started with two Weber grills and used the bottom portions because they were fairly spherical. I welded up the stand and fabricated the vent systems (there is a vent on the bottom also). The inside is painted in barbecue paint so it is safe to cook with. The outside is painted in engine enamel so it should be good to 500 degrees. I know it isn't perfect but it was a fun project. The grill is now up on eBay.com so check it out if you'd like your very own Death Star Grill!

Bidding starts at $50, and the grill is capable of cooking both Endor and dinner. *pew pew* Take that, tauntaun chops!

Hit the jump for another shot and links to Bryan's website and eBay auction.

death grill 2.jpg

death grill 3.jpg

eBay Auction
Death Star Grill [bryanatate]

Thanks Bryan, I like my meat a little on the Dark Side. Dark Side, get it? I'm into black women.

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Reader Comments

i would grill my frank in that baby

Cool, but $157 shipping?

OHMG i want one!!!
and THIRD!!

@2 I just noticed that... Shipping would be $160 for me.

sweet. And I live close enough I can pick it up. Just placed a bid. Don't any of you guys over bid me!

That's great, love it! Now he just needs an R2D2 mobile cooler, a light saber rack next to the door & a jabba burger (10 hamburgers molded into one giant disgusting worm shaped patty-thing wrapped in bacon of course)

All complete with a "Number one cooker I am" apron

@7 ha indeed.

jabba burger (looks like http://www.geekologie.com/2009/06/need_a_terrible_jabba_the_hutt.php#comment)


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max befriended a superhero who had image problems and ended up yalking the superhero into going to jail until the city decided they need him.

OOOH Daisy, slow down on those beers.

daisy and gw are the same person...

also...talking....the word you're looking for daisy is 'talking'...not yalking...

Id take one grilled planet please!!


As the guy who wrote the original blog about these (and also designed some of them, but not the grill) I have to give you mad props for carrying out our idea! Wish we could have gotten these made as actual items.


Gonna blog about another set of unseen designs soon, too.

I find your lack of franks disturbing.

Jason Geyer blogged about these first. He's gonna blog about some more stuff later, but he wont buy your grill.

He just wanted you to know that.

STAR WARS GRILL!! I want it soooo bad. But GRAMMARNAZI won't let me have it. He says it doesn't match our drapes. HA HA, no seriously....he won't. bastard......

We can't repel hamburgers of that magnitude!

Super cool BBQ!

Regarding ebay, a lot of people price the item low and then pad a LOT of money in for shipping, and thats where they make their money. I'm not sure if this is for tax evasion purposes or they just think people are that dumb they can't add the 2 figures together.

Looks good to me.Is there anyhting on the grill cooking?

Must See!!!



Hmmm..... I sense much beers in you...

That's not a moon... it's a space station grill!

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